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Aaron Scher Bar Mitzvah
with Josh Kleyman and
Judd Grossma
Saturday, Aug. 17   10 a.m.
Chapel at River Crossing, Rafter J
Issue No. 8
August, 2013
Judd sings some S'more-making tunes at the BBQ Shabbat with
Rabbi Mike Comins in July.
Don't miss our annual 
Jews in Canews
with Al Zuckerman
Sat. August 24
Join JHJC president Al Zuckerman for an kayak, canoe, or paddle board outing on String Lake and Leigh Lake. 
Must register by Aug. 22. 

Meet at String Lake and do a short portage to Leigh Lake where we will paddle around and have a shore snack. Bring food, water, foul weather gear. To register or for details and/or questions call Al Zuckerman
at 307-699-1091.
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Keeping up with Uncle Moishe 
by Al  Zuckerman


When I last talked to Uncle Moishe they were having a terrible heat wave in New York. His air conditioner wasn't working for a few days so he and my Aunt were staying out on the Island with his brother Benny. At least there was a breeze off the ocean at night, he tells me. Anyway. 

 Unc told me about an experience my cousin had in Tel Aviv on a recent family trip to Israel. Maybe some of you have had the same experience in Israel and can relate. Cousin Barry was riding in a taxi in the city when the cabbie drives right through a red light without even slowing down. Surprised, Barry says nothing as he figures he's a guest in this country and doesn't want to make waves. Then at the next intersection the light was green and the cabbie brought the taxi to a grinding halt. Unc said this was too much for my excitable cousin and he shouted at the cabbie, "Listen, when you went through the red light I didn't say anything. But why on earth are you stopping at this green light?" The taxi driver turned and looked at Cousin Barry as if he were deranged and shouted back, "Are you crazy? The other guy has the red light. Do you want us to get killed?"

P.S. Uncle Moishe is always interested in hearing news about the JHJC. I was talking to him about how our membership numbers were down last year and that we've had to make some budget adjustments. I told him that the Board thought one of the reasons is that people's lives are so hectic that many of them simply forget to renew their memberships. Unc said, "Allen, my nephew, I don't understand from dis tinking. Vat could be more important then supporting the Shul?" 

Swingin' Sabbath 

with the Richard Brown Orchestra and 

chazzan Judd Grossman


6 p.m., The Scher Residence

 Don't miss out on the JHJCC's biggest party of the year, Swingin'' Sabbath. Start out with a soulful, musical Shabbat service with Judd Grossman, backed up by Richard Brown and Friends. Then party down afterwards with Richard's full band, wine and noshes. Bring the whole family. Free but donations graciously welcomed. Please email if you need directions to the Scher residence. 

Upcoming Events in August
  • August 2, Friday, 6 p.m.: Swingin' Sabbath with the Richard Brown Orchestra. The Scher Residence, free. Please email or call for directions. 
  • August 5, Monday, 1p a.m.: AIPAC meetings with Senator Mike Enzi at his office above Cafe Boheme on Maple Way. 
  • August 5, Monday, 3 p.m.: AIPAC meetings with Rep. Cynthia Lummis. River Crossing in Rafter J.
  • August 6, Tuesday, 3 p.m.: AIPAC meetings with Sen. John Barrasso. River Crossing in Rafter J. 
  • REMINDER: Get your name in the JHJCC Membership Directory Now!
  • August 17, Saturday, 10 a.m. - Aaron Scher Bar Mitzvah. River Crossing at Rafter J. 
  • August 22, Thurs. - Deadline to sign up for Jews in Canews. Call Al at 699-1091. 
  • August 24, Saturday - Jews in Canews. Call Al Zuckerman for details. 699-1091. 
High Holidays 5774
Carl Levenson and Judd Grossman
St. John's Episcopal Church

Wed. Sept. 4 - 7 p.m. Erev Rosh Hashanah Services. Childcare provided.
Wed. Sept. 4 - 8:30 p.m. Rosh Hashanah Chinese New Years Party. Chinatown Restaurant. $25 adults/$18 kids. Includes dinner, drinks and party favors. Reservations mandatory, email or call the JHJCC. 
Thurs. Sept. 5 - Rosh Hashanah Services. 9:30 a.m Children's Service, 10 a.m. regular services. POTLUCK luncheon to follow. Bagels and cream cheese and drinks provided. Please bring a maid dish or side dish to share. Tashlich to follow. Childcare provided. 
Fri. Sept 6 - 10 a.m. Second Day Rosh Hashanah. NOTE: services to be held at the JHJC Center at 150 Scott Lane. NO childcare. 
Fri. Sept. 13 - 7 p.m. Kol Nidre services. Childcare provided. 
Sat. Sept. 14 - Yom Kippur Services. 9:30 children's service. 10 am. Shacharit, 3:45 p.m. Yizkor, 4:45 p.m. Mincha/Torah Reading, 6 p.m. Rabbi discussion, 6:30 p.m. Ne'ila. 7 p.m Community Break Fast Potluck. Bagels, cream cheese, drinks and dessert provided. Please bring a main dish or side dish to share. Childcare provided.

Yizkor Book Listings

Please send names for this year's Yizkor book to Mary Grossman at the office no later than August 25th. Call 734.1999 or


Pastoral Counseling during High Holidays

If you would like to meet with the Carl Levenson during the High Holidays please contact our office to schedule an appointment

It's Membership 
Directory Time
All right we'll give you one more week!
Deadline August 7, 2013

If you want to be part of our annual JHJC Membership Directory please fill out the online form HERE. JHJC members are NOT required to be part of the directory but are encouraged to do so. Copies of the directory will be available during High Holidays services. Free to those who participated, $5 to others. 

2012 Family Campers and dogs
JHJC Family Camp Set for September 20 at The Hatchet Resort
The Jackson Hole Jewish Community's Family Camp is a way for Jewish people who live in the Valley to meet and socialize with other Jews at a non-religious, completely social function.


This summer, the second annual Family Camp will take place on Friday, September 20 at the Hatchet Resort. The Hatchet Resort is north of Jackson, towards Dubois, about 40 miles. Here is a link to the The Hatchet Resort. Come for as much or as little of the get together as you can.


We will have dinner on Friday evening (possibly followed by a campfire with marshmallows in the adjoining campground); breakfast on Saturday morning and then we can do something together (e.g., hike, bike, kayak, canoe, raft, horseback ride, fish or simply sit around enjoying each other's company and the scenery) as a large group or we can break off  into smaller ones. We won't have a Friday night Sabbath service; instead, we will try to have a Saturday morning gathering during breakfast with chazzan Judd Grossman.  


If you would like to make a reservation, request information on the group room rates for the Camp or other have questions, please email Sandy Ress HERE.

Scenes From July
Isaac in control of the grill.
Potluck BBQ Shabbat.
Judd and Mike lead services.
Oh yeah. 
She's up to something.
They must be up to something, too. 
Spirit of the Mountains Summer Camp 2013

Oneg after March Shabbat at the  
new Center.
Yep, if you build it, 
they will come!
  The JHJC is continuing to make improvements on our new space. Last month we had an amazing Shabbat service. So many people attended we ran out of chairs! The space provided for a warm and soulful service led by Chazzan Judd and the Bet Sefer teachers, Josh, Eliana and Allie. Please consider supporting our new center. 
  • Furniture $4,000
  • Window treatments $1,000
  • JHJCC sign  $450
  • Bathroom remodel  $375
  • Moving expenses $1,000
  • Lighting $1,000
  • Kitchen $750


Many Thanks

  • Mitch Dann for hosting Rabbi Mike Comins
  • Isaac Grossman for helping roasting hotdogs at Shabbat in July.
  • Rabbi Mike Comins for leading a wonderful Shabbat service in the park.
  • Christine Schuller   for donating fire wood and for making rockin' rugelach with the camp kids.
  • Sydney Daniels (camp director), Kalen Kleyman and Zoe Novak-Miller for leading Spirit of the Mountains Summer Camp 2013.   

Get Well Soon

  • Aaron Scher on the mend from a dog bite. Ouch. 

    Larry Rieser 
    is on the mend 
    from a fall. 
  • Keep David Goldfarb in your thoughts.

 Please send us your Mazel Tovs, Condolences, Kol HaKavods, Get Wells and photos of your 

2013 Board of Directors
Al Zuckerman, President

Josh Kleyman, Vice Pres.

Andy King, Treasurer

Andrea Mazer

Mike Scher

Christine Schuller

Mary Grossman, Ex. Dir.

Join our 

Minyan Tree

  From time to time the JHJC is contacted to provide a minyan for either a local or visitor wanting to say Kaddish for a loved one who has recently passed away or whose yahrzeit they are observing. 

   Such was the case several weeks ago when a visitor from NY staying at the Village needed a minyan so he could recite Kaddish for his mother. A combined group of his friends, several members of Chabad and several members from our congregation gathered together to form a minyan to help him. 

   The reason I'm mentioning this is that I think it would be a good idea to form a "minyan tree", or a list of congregation members that would be willing to be part of a minyan when it is needed in order for someone to say Kaddish. It is a wonderful mitzvah to be able to help someone in this way. 

   If we had a list of even 15 or 20 congregants  that we could call to see if they are available to help form a minyan it would be of great service to the Jewish community. If you are interested in helping in this way when we are asked to put a minyan together please email or call Mary at the office so she can put your name on the "minyan tree".   

עליכם  השלום     

Jackson Hole Jewish Community