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  • A large construction project, such as a major-league sports stadium, can include significant expanses of runoff-generating hardscape. 
  • A venue capable of seating nearly 70,000 people requires large parking areas and other impervious grounds.
  • If rainwater can turn a football field into a muddy swamp, it can also turn a parking lot into a system manufactured by Oldcastle Precast.
  • Today, six biofiltration systems naturally treat and manage stormwater runoff from the parking lots and grounds immediately adjoining the site.
  • In total, about 2,500 linear feet of BioMod cells, or approximately 14,000 square feet of bioretention area, currently treat stormwater runoff from the complex.  
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Pike Industries Inc., (an Oldcastle Materials Company),  Belmont, New Hampshire   
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 "NAPA members strive for excellence in constructing high-quality asphalt pavements and in every aspect of their operations," says NAPA Chairman Dan Gallagher. "The awards categories recognize a company's commitment to operational practices that make them good contractors, good industry ambassadors, and good neighbors."  

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