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August 2016
Dashboards, Reports, and Case Studies
Plisko Sustainable Solutions (PSS) is thrilled to have heard from so many of our supporters since launching the PSS newsletter in June 2016. Our network of partners and collaborators continues to grow, as does our engagement in project work. Please reach out with questions, potential collaborations, and general inquiries. We look forward to connecting!
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Strategy: Strategic Dashboard
Need to create an easy to understand, strategic outline of your organization's vision, mission, and goals? Check out this template used by organizations such as Maryland Hospitals for a Healthy Environment and the Maryland Hospital Association. Currently, Plisko Sustainable Solutions is utilizing the template to guide The Pearlstone Center Community Sustainability Program. Contact us for assistance or details in how to engage your team in developing a strategic dashboard.    
Integration: Safer Products and Practices for Disinfecting and Sanitizing Surfaces
Are you interested in the health and environmental risks, efficacy claims, dwell times and surface compatibilities of a diverse set of disinfectants? Look no further than this informative report written by the Responsible Purchasing Network, the San Francisco Department of the Environment, and the Green Purchasing Institute. 

The analysis includes a review of the available information on active ingredients themselves as well as an evaluation of specific products.  The analysis also identifies examples of safer products (those with a relatively lower toxicity profile) that are registered as effective non-food-contact surface sanitizers and disinfectants. 
Results: Stormwater Planning Case Study
Learn how one Maryland hospital developed a stormwater management master plan. With funding from the Chesapeake Bay Trust, Plisko Sustainable Solutions, in partnership with Blue Water Baltimore, completed the project in July 2016. Here are the steps we took, which are detailed in this summarized case study:
  1. Met with hospital executive leaders
  2. Conducted value-based assessment
  3. Conducted site visit 
  4. Created decision matrix
  5. Developed green master plan
To develop a stormwater management plan for economic, environmental and social outcomes and to read the case study in its entirety, contact Joan Plisko
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