August 2016 Newsletter
~ August 2016 ~
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Calendar of Events
August 20-21 - Maine Huts Weekend
August 23-27 - Victory Chimes Cruise
September 10 - Paddling on the Saco River
September 11 - Board, Member, Activities Meetings, lunch
September 24 - Pemaquid Paddle
October 8 - 10 - Homecoming Weekend
October 21-23 - Bar Harbor
Jan. 26 - Feb. 3 - Telluride Ski Trip


May 15 - Sunday Trap Shoots Opening Day
September 4 - Trap Shoot Fundraiser - Animal Shelter
September 25 - Turkey Trap Shoot
Future Events & Adventures
Saco River Paddle
This isn't on the Saco, but it got your attention!

Saturday, September 10
WHEN: Saturday, September 10
WHAT: A gentle 5 mile paddle along the scenic Saco River
WHERE: From downtown Saco to Camp Ellis
An end of the summer show and go event. The tourists have gone ... the river is ours!

We'll be putting in below the dam in Saco and paddling with the current to Camp Ellis. There, we'll have cars posted to get you back to the put-in ... or you can enjoy lunch, wait for the tide to change and paddle back.

Optional breakfast before the launch at the New Moon café in Saco. Optional lunch at Huots after the paddle. Optional swimming at Ferry Beach after lunch.

Let Nancy know if you're interested (
Complete details in the September newsletter.
~ Nancy Perry, Paddle Leader
CVOA Meetings on Sunday, September 11 
At the Adaptive Outdoor Education Center
in Carrabassett Valley
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for more info.
Sunday, September 11
-- Join us for the quarterly board meeting. All members are welcome.
  • 10:30 am - Activity Committee Meeting
  • 11:30 - tour the Adaptive Outdoor Education Center
  • Noon - potluck lunch
  • 1 p.m. - Quarterly Board/Member meeting.
The Adaptive Outdoor Education Center is located on the road to the Sugarloaf Outdoor Center. 
~ John Morey, President

Pemaquid River Paddle
Sunday, September 24, 10 a.m.
September 24, at 10 a.m. launch your canoes & kayaks at member Mary Berger's home on Biscay Pond - 163 Fogler Road - in Bremen (near Damariscotta). Paddle begins at 10 a.m., and no reservations are necessary.
Attendees may paddle southward down the Pemaquid River to Bristol Mills or northward through the Pemaquid River into Pemaquid Pond.
Bring a picnic lunch (a BBQ grill will be available), and swim before or after lunch.
By the way, September 24th is the last date of a Pemaquid Watershed Association's scheduled 2016 paddles and the final day for completing the PWA Kayak Challenge. ( )
Please call 207-529-2093 or e-mail Mary Berger, ( with any questions or for directions to the launch area.
~ Mary Berger, paddler and host

Januray 26 - February 3, 2017
We have 68 people signed up, with 10 plane seats left. We have a variety of accommodations available. Don't delay if you are interested in joining the group.

~ Cindy Foster, Trip Leader
Range News
Range hosted Stratton Rec Camp

July was a relatively quiet month for the Range.  We had a few rainy Sunday's and some beautiful ones.  We had new members and guests trying their hands at trap shooting.  One guest came all the way from Russia!  It was a windy day, but she still managed 10 clays out of twenty five.  Not bad for a first timer!
Rick Rogers from the Maine Dept of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife
The Range also hosted the Stratton Recreation Department and twenty four kids.  Rick Rogers from Maine Wildlife and Inland Fisheries brought kid sized Archery equipment and rod and reels for casting practice.  The Range supplied cricket 22 rifles.  The kids had a great time, and their teachers jumped at the chance to shoot some Zombies while the kids ate lunch. 
Come join us at the Range this month, it should be a humdinger! 
~ Diane Stone, Range Secretary 
Treasurer's Report
CVOA Gives Back....
2 charitable contributions 
Maggie Swain at North Woods camp
CVOA recently responded to two requests for charitable donations:
CVOA was pleased to sponsor a local young lady who was selected to attend the Camp North Woods camp, which was coordinated by IF&W at the University of Maine 4-H center at Bryant Pond. The program's focus is to learn lifelong outdoor skills as well as the importance of sustaining Maine's natural resources.
Maggie Swain sent us a note of thanks, and her appreciative parents Bill and Julie sent the photo.

Our second contribution was coordinated with the town of Carrabassett Valley to stock the pond at the Sugarloaf Outdoor Center with 5-6 inch trout. TThis project which has become an annual donation for our group. And they say the fishing is great.

If you know of someone, something or some organization in the area that fits our mission statement that could use some financial support have them contact our CVOA treasurer at to request a donation form. CVOA is glad to be able to give back to our community. 

~ Gail Miller, Treasurer
Past Events and Adventures
Day at the McFarland's Cove in South Bristol
Paddling through the working harbor.
July 16
What more could you ask for?  The traffic coming and going wasn't bad, the weather was perfect, the water warm (so to speak), the waves minimal for paddling (unless you were John Morey and ventured outside the island protection) and the food as always outstanding - and too much of it.
Several people came early to enjoy a morning of paddling, others came later after seeing the local sights, but all enjoyed the camaraderie of CVOA.
Our lobsters came from here.
A group of about 16 gathered at the Fosters for a lobster lunch - fresh cooked lobster from the South Bristol Lobsterman's Co-op - or for those meat eaters hamburgers cooked to perfection by Greg. Everyone contributed tasty sides or salads. Barb Luke's sister from Nebraska was able to enjoy a real Down East feast on picturesque McFarland's Cove and to meet several of the people from this adventuresome group.

~ Barb Luke
A Book Review
"Maine Outdoor Adventure Guide"
by John and Josh Christie
Reviewed by Pete Weston

There are several things people who spend time in the Maine outdoors need to have with them.  These include Delorme's Maine Atlas, bug dope, and a compass.  You can now add one more item:  The Maine Outdoor Adventure Guide.  Fellow Sugarloafers John and Josh Christie did a great job putting together a guide to everything Maine has to offer in the outdoors.  They describe hikes, paddles, bike rides and even touch on technical climbing and birdwatching.  Each of the 47 chapters provides background information, how-to-get-there directions, and possible options for the suggested activity.   In other words, everything you need to find and enjoy the particular location highlighted in each chapter.
While some of the locations descibed are ones you'd expect to find in a Maine outdoor guide book, many are not.  Paddling Donnell Pond in Franklin, or hiking on Campobello Island are a couple of examples of off the beaten path activities described in this book.
John, a member of CVOA until his death this past May, and Josh are both experienced and accomplished writers, making for easy and enjoyable reading.  John put his usual personal touch in his writing.  In the section on hiking Bigelow, John writes about his trek up to Avery Peak on Columbus Day every October and his long love affair with the mountain. 
I just wish they had put photos of John and Josh on the cover!  And I wish John was still alive so I could tell him how much I'm enjoying this book.
I highly recommend this book to all CVOA members.  You will find it informative, interesting reading, and inspiring.  I now have a whole list of new places to check out thanks to this fine guide book.  The book is available at bookstores all over the state and from  At less than $20 it is a great deal.
~ Pete Weston
We welcome book reviews by our members!
A True Exchange of Emails
A few days in the life of the CVOA Secretary
It began with this cryptic email:
1976 Cosworth Vega

Sun 7/3/2016 6:34 PM
From: Valued Customer
Subject: has Donald Craighead's application been received
(there was no text)

Selected text is included in this story...
From: Cindy Foster, Sun 7/3/2016 10:25 PM
     Hello "Valued Customer" - are you inquiring about a CVOA membership? If you sent an application, please tell me how you signed up and how you paid so I can look into it.....
From:  Don Craighead, July 4
     I just want to renew my membership. My membership ended in 2012.      I sent in a renewal form yesterday and paid by credit card.  ... Also what does it mean when it says membership with range.  All I want is to renew my membership so that I may be able to list my cosworth for sell.      Due to medical issues I have to sell it.  I live  in   Missouri.  Thank you for help. 
     Don. Craighead
From: Cindy Foster, July 4
     Your membership information came through online, but the payment was 'abandoned'. For whatever reason, the credit card payment did not go through. ... you can send a check ...
     Once your membership is complete, you can send your ad copy to our webmaster at , or send it to me and I will forward it.
     The Range is our shooting range, and anyone who wants to use it adds a range membership on to their CVOA membership....

From:  Don Craighead, July 5
Subject: 1976 Cosworth Vega
     .....Attached is the ad for the Cosworth.  Can you please forward this to the proper people? ...
From: Cindy Foster, Jul 5
     Don, I do not see a payment yet. ...
     And will you send a photo or two to include with the ad? .....
From:  Don Craighead, Tuesday, July 5
     ...  I sent Mark Rock a copy of the ad along with some pictures. He also said that he would help get it in an ad.  Can you get with him I really do not know who actually handles this.  I am sure between the two of you it can be accomplished. .... I will have my daughter send you a couple of pictures tomorrow.   She is my computer brain...
From: Cindy Foster, July 5
     Don, now I am really confused. I do not see your name in our past history of CVOA members, and I have never heard of Mark Rock - he is not a member of CVOA either. Is it possible that you are getting our organization confused with another organization?
From:  Don Craighead, Jul 6
     I am also confused.  Please tell me what organization you are with. Thank you

From: Cindy Foster, Jul 6
     I am with the Carrabassett Valley Outdoor Association. In western rural Maine. We are group of 500 who enjoy the outdoors and a shooting range.
     Although we have a website, it doesn't get used much for items to sell. Our last listing was a year ago. Unless you are trying to hit every conceivable avenue of advertising, I really doubt you will get any response from our website.
     But you never know ....
From:  Don Craighead, Jul 6
     I am so sorry about all the confusion. I wanted to join the cosworth vega owners association and I picked up the wrong cvoa.  Thank you for setting me straight on what I did.  Please just shred my check and I will join the right one....
From: Cindy Foster, July 6
     Oh my goodness, Don, I laughed so hard when I read your note! From the beginning ....I thought why would someone in Missouri want to place an ad in Maine for a vintage car. But you said you had been a member.
     Well, the end of the story is good for you since you ultimately found the correct CVOA. Good luck selling your car, and I learned something about vintage cars.


By the Way - Don Craighead's late son developed Cross Breed (gun) Holsters; they have a large range in their back yard, so he doesn't have reason to join our range.
p.s. To learn more about a Cosworth Vega:
Photo of the Month
The outlet of Katahdin Lake, looking at Mount Katahdin.
Taken by Rick Young.
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