GWRPC is currently preparing Community Development Block Grants for the upcoming grant year. The CDBG application deadline is November 2, 2018. The grant ceiling is $500,00.00.
One of the objectives is to improve public infrastructure and eliminate conditions which are detrimental to health, safety and public welfare.
The project area must have a 51% or more of low-to-moderate income population, and there must be a health and safety concern.
Health and Safety concerns would need to be documented. 

Documentation to show a health and safety concern would include, but not limited to:
1)    Well water tests
2)    Pressure tests (PSI <20 is considered a threat).
3)    Photographs showing line breaks or other damage
4)    Boil orders, map of line breaks with dates, and IEPA reference
5)    Surface water tests with map
6)    IEPA or US EPA violation letters or documentation
7)    Newspaper articles
8)    Current resident complaint letters
9)    Water and/or sewer break log with map.

If you have a project you feel could qualify please email David Savage, our Grant Administrator, at this link .