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Hi! It's us!

Sarah and I recently had the opportunity to exhibit at the APMA National Conference in Denver. We were so glad to be back in person to see all our friends and colleagues!
You may have noticed that Sarah and I always try to focus on the positive and steer clear of negativity no matter where we're at. So, it's my goal to practice what we preach. While on the sales floor, we heard many of the same comments we hear at other shows, including complaints about the number of attendees, hall traffic, and exhibit hall hours. I always try to turn these conversations around to focus on what is working and what we are excited about (like being back in-person!), but on the flight home, I got to thinking about WHY our exhibitor colleagues were frustrated.

Are you curious about what others are saying about this year's National? Here's a few we pulled out of the pile:

“Great to be back in person. Vendor hall hours were too short leading to a lot of downtime.”

“Attendance was as expected for the first big meeting back. Low but quality. Good to be back in a vendor hall.”

“Would have loved to have had more events in the hall to drag people in more frequently.”

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Voice of the DPM
An Interview With: Alton R. Johnson Jr., DPM, CWSP
Alton R. Johnson Jr., DPM, CWSP
Clinical Assistant Professor, Podiatrist,
Podiatric Surgeon, and Wound Care Specialist

We thank Dr. Johnson for taking the time out of his busy schedule to chat with us!
Speak Up, DPMs!
Formally known as the DPM Vote-N-Go
Last month at the APMA National Conference, we launched our newest tool for DPMs to maximize success at their continuing education meetings and events - MY MEETING WORKBOOK.

We gathered some great insight to make this an even more effective tool for you. Since the Conference, we have made some significant enhancements that will allow us to provide our workbook FREE OF CHARGE to DPMs attending any type of educational event.

Our timeline for distribution is still a little, "up in the air," however, we are needing an estimate of demand! SO DO YOU WANT ONE?

Let us know if you would like a FREE WORKBOOK, so that when we are ready to unload, you will be on the list!
Provide Your Answer Below:
Yes, I would love a free workbook when you are ready to distribute.
No thank you, but I love you guys anyway.
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Specific Tools to Build a Successful
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Dr. Bass leverages his 30 years in practice to key in on the following:
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  • Cost versus investment
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Tricks of the Trade from Ann & Sarah
Making Changes You Choose
This month, Ann's tip for meeting planners got my brain in gear about the same topic. She stated, one of the phrases she and I love to hate is, "we've always done it that way." If you want to see my unfiltered eye roll, that's one of the phrases you can use in front of me!

This can go in several directions, but we're talking meetings - so how does this apply? We've hit on this concept before with No More Going Through the Motions. This year forced us to change in several ways (i.e. we are all now experts at Zoom and GoToMeeting!)

But like our "No More Going Through the Motions" tip, I want to reinforce the concept that we can't keep doing what we've always done at a meeting and expecting to get more out of it. Learning how to use the tools that allowed us to attend meetings remotely was definitely a change we had to embrace - but now I'm challenging you to make some changes that you determine... not just those that are forced upon you.

So like what? Well, there are several ways to enhance your meeting experience (that you can control), but here is a shortlist of ones that come to mind for me:
  • Bring a member of your staff who's never been to a meeting before; or who has never been to a meeting with you. It's astonishing how much brainstorming takes place when you have someone to bounce ideas off of.
  • Demo a new product. Even if you have no intention of bringing on new products or services to your practice, just see what's out there. You never know how you may feel after and what something new can do for your patient outcomes and your practice revenue.
Copying/pasting is often an easy way to go when you don't have time to plan, but actively work on carving some time out to reflect how you've experienced meetings in the past few years (with the exception of 2020) and jot down some ways you can embrace changes that you choose.

TIP FOR: Vendors
Ya Git What Ya Git and Ya Don't Throw a Fit
"Tough Love Sarah" is coming at y'all right now, my friends! But it's all in the spirit of positivity and growth. Just please don't T.P. my house after you read what I have to say.

Here we go...

Over the last year, while we've had virtual exhibit halls that didn't seem to provide a wealth of ROI, there has been the continuous discussion regarding in-person meetings; and that if we could just get back to in-person meetings things will be better; we'll be able to make sales again and get back on our feet.

Well, we are dipping our toes in the water (wow, there's two puns in a row... kudos to me) in terms of on-site meetings and the reality is, it's not the same. You know it. I know it. Now what? Adapt and survive.

We were forced to make a lot of changes and I think many of us thought those changes were going to be temporary. They're not. But let's be honest, were we ever singing Exhibit Hall praises before the pandemic? I've been exhibiting in this profession for over ten years now and I don't recall any mass exhibitor satisfaction across the board. It's always been tough.

So if it's always been tough, and we keep doing the same things over and over and over, why are we surprised when we don't get the ROI we want? Why do we keep throwing money at conferences that we complain about and expect that the meeting planners are going to do more than they did a year ago to get more feet in the hall? I'm certainly not suggesting that you don't give that meeting another shot, but let's start controlling the things we can control.

I'm going to challenge all of us to be more accountable for the success we have on the tradeshow floor. We cannot have the mentality of, "maybe if I keep complaining about poor exhibit hall traffic and point my finger at the meeting planners, I won't have to be accountable for the fact that I did nothing in order to drive traffic to my booth on my own", like pre-show marketing or even glancing at the attendee list to see if I could make some pre-show sales calls.

Now that we have a clearer idea of what to expect, we need to be able to roll with it. I actually have some ideas of how we can improve exhibit hall traffic on our own, without relying on meeting planners to herd them in like cattle. However, I think these ideas would be best discussed with our exhibitor family and I would like to propose a discussion group.

Normally we do a SPEAK UP, VENDORS! (formally known as the VENDOR VOTE-N-GO) poll as a separate section of our monthly newsletter, but this segues nicely here. So give us your feedback below.

Provide your answer below:
Yes that sounds super helpful and I am interested in participating.
No thank you, I'm going to figure it out solo-style.
Let's get this! In-person shows are back(ish) and it's up to us to make the exhibit hall be an incredible experience for everyone and to make that bread!

TIP FOR: Meeting Planners
"We've Always Done it This Way" is No Longer an Answer
One of our favorite phrases to hate is, "We've always done it this way."

Sarah and I believe in change, in moving forward, in "rolling with the punches." While preparing the content for this month's newsletter, I read an article that shares these sentiments and warns about being hesitant to embrace what may be the future of events.

In the article, the Convene editors write and quote Liz Caruso, founder and CEO of the techsytalk conference, "'I think organizers have been stuck in the way they have always done things. The concepts have been around for a long time, and other industries have been using digital tools for a long time.' Planners might be able to get away with ignoring the transformation going on around them for a few years, 'but they won’t remain competitive,' she added."
Another interesting find is this pdf download, published by PCMA Convene editors, providing useful information on the future of event planning, as provided by actual event planners and event production professionals.

Whether we embrace change naturally or not, this last year didn't give us a choice. Now that we are getting back to a little of our previous norms with in-person meetings becoming reality again, we still cannot revert.
Embrace it. Roll with it. Find solutions.

Often we select a conference scheduled in the near future as our "Featured Meeting".

This month, we've selected the AAPPM Fall Conference coming up in November in Texas. We are drawn to the AAPPM conferences because their content focus revolves around practice management and provides impactful ideas you can implement in your practice right away.

Here's a little about what you can expect (provided by the AAPPM team):

We are excited to announce your next opportunity to attend and elevate your practice. Please join us for the AAPPM Fall Conference, November
11-13, 2021 in The Woodlands, Texas. We know you have all been faced with new and ever-changing challenges over the last year and a half and there is a lot we can learn from one another. Register TODAY and take advantage of the early registration rate.

AAPPM conferences are rated highly among attendees because of our informal format. Our speakers are friendly and approachable whether you want to learn more on the topics or want to make that personal connection as a future resource. With tracks for executive managers and podiatric medical assistants, there is something for everyone on your team.

Can you imagine the energy in your office come Monday morning? You'll be hooked! EARLY BIRD RATE ENDS OCTOBER 22, 2021

Exhibit opportunities are also available to Corporate Partners. Learn more about becoming a Corporate Partner by clicking here.
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