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Homemade German Bratwurst!

By Martin Rybak, Manager
Piast Meats & Provisions


Hi Everyone! 

I hope you are managing to stay cool and comfortable this summer! Here in the NYC area, it's been a real scorcher, with several days of 100F heat. If you're like me, you probably appreciate the relief brought by the occasional thunderstorm!

I'd like to thank those of you who take the time to write to us.  If you or somebody you know is thinking of ordering from our online store, you might want to read some of these comments written by our customers.

Keep that Kitchen Cool

Tired of all the heat and cooking in a hot kitchen? If you live nearby, consider bringing home one of our traditional Polish homemade meals to-go!  We are famous for our wide selection of ready-to-eat hot meals... and huge portions!  

Visit our three New Jersey stores.  Every single entr´┐Że, soup, and side is created fresh every day, on-site and by hand, from the finest raw ingredients.  Meals are served from 11am until closing.  Curious?  Check out our daily menu that is updated every single day.  

Polish Festival Video

Were you able to attend the big Polish Festival that was held in Holmdel, New Jersey, in June?  Be sure to check out our new video from the event.  
Polish Heritage Festival video HD
Piast video of Polish Heritage Festival

You may recognize somebody you know!  We love going to festivals.  It's a pleasure to serve great food and to watch everybody enjoy their meals and the fun activities.   

Kielbasa of the Month

It's a new month and that means you have the opportunity to enjoy a new featured kielbasa!  For August, the Kielbasa of the Month is our German Bratwurst.  

This pork kielbasa is boiled (not smoked) and is flavored with our signature blend of salt, black pepper, paprika, marjoram, allspice, coriander, and garlic. It's a unique recipe that complements our smoked kielbasa, and gives your guests a taste of variety! Available in-store or online.  

Also, your guests and family might enjoy a bit of barbecue storytelling.  This video about the history of barbecuing will give you plenty to explain!

August Circular

The arrival of August means that it's also time for our new circular of in-store deals.
Piast circular for August HD with shadow

Piast in-store circular for August

It's packed with new products and great values on gourmet foods that we're excited about! Download the PDF file or pick up a copy in our stores.  

Grilling Cheese

One newcomer we've chosen for you is our brand-new Grilling Cheese. That's right: cheese you can cook right on the grill!  
BBQ Grilling Cheese

Grilling Cheese from Piast

We're really excited about this.  Talk about delicious: the cheese forms a luscious golden crust when grilled or pan-fried.  Serve as a side dish or toss it into salads!  Available in-store or online.  

BBQ Grilling Smoke

Speaking of grilling, if you're looking for a delicious way to go beyond the usual, check out our new BBQ Grilling Smoke. It's literally... smoke in a can! 

BBQ Grilling Smoke

BBQ Grilling Smoke from Piast

Just peel off the sticker on top of the can - it covers a small opening - and place the can on the grill next to your meats, sausages, or fish.  

Each can contains all-natural hardwood pellets and is designed to smolder the wood without burning it.  This creates a thick, flavorful smoke that accents your food with one of 4 delicious flavors.  Available in-store or online.  We've been told this makes a great gift!

Online Coupon

As a special thank-you to our online customers, enter coupon code SMOKE94YGD5 for a 5% discount off your entire order!  As part of this offer, you'll also receive a FREE can of BBQ Grilling Smoke for your grilling pleasure! 

We know Piast customers are passionate about grilling and family get-togethers, so we're sure you'll enjoy these offers.  Coupon valid from now through August 7, 2011. 

Oh... and if you're curious about ordering from our online store, you'll enjoy reading the customer comments at this Facebook thread.  We would love to see you online!  If you haven't already, be sure to Like our Facebook page!

Summer is in full-swing!  We hope that you and yours get out there and take full advantage of every weekend.


From our family to yours, 


     Martin Rybak
     Manager, Piast Meats & Provisions

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Letter from Us
Summer BBQ Special
Grilling Cheese
Classic Condiments
Summer BBQ Special
Summer BBQ Special

Here it is: everything you need to enjoy a delicious Polish barbecue with family or friends, indoors or out. 

With the Summer BBQ Special from Piast, we've done most of the homework for you!  Enjoy a range of our home-made kielbasa as well as authentic Polish condiments.

Feeds 10 to 12 hungry folks and weighs in at a generous 16 pounds.  Perfect for a family weekend.  And if you're having a large event with friends or co-workers, it's just as easy to order two or three of these specials!

Grilling Cheese 

BBQ Grilling Cheese  

If you like cheese, you're going to love this! It's a delicious new dimension in grilling.  And it's fabulous when sauteed in a pan, too.


This savory Mediterranean-style cheese is made with whole cow's milk and just the right amount of salt and seasoning.  Cut it into 1/2-inch strips and grill them at a low temperature, flipping often. 


Makes an outstanding side dish or a delicious accent to salads, potatoes, grilled veggies, pasta and more.  A truly memorable cheese experience!


 Order Now


Classic Condiments 

Condiment Sampler  

Sometimes folks ask us for advice on how to serve our home-made meats in just the right way. Our advice: be creative. Both traditional and modern are good.   


And if you're looking for a classic meal, our range of imported condiments and toppings is the perfect complement.   


When you click on the link below, be sure to visit both pages of condiments. Lots of people tell us that the beer mustard is a favorite! 


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