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Ann & Sarah's Monthly "Tricks of the Trade" was created and co-founded by Sarah Breymeier and
Ann Dosen. Both have spent nearly ten years in the podiatry industry, attending dozens upon dozens of podiatric meetings and trade shows.

Therefore, we want to put our experience to good use!
Below are some helpful "tricks of the trade" from us to you... enjoy!
Bring the Team Every Once in a While

Every company knows that the exhibitor expense must produce ROI. So you send your all-star sales team and hope they produce results!

Yes. Keep doing that. But... meetings also provide a unique opportunity to utilize the skills of other team members.

Often, once the sales rep closes an account, the points of contact become your customer service representatives... and they can build lasting relationships! So bring them along and let their loyal fans meet them in person.

Your happy customers will be excited to see the people they know and they may even bring their colleagues to the booth giving you an opportunity to gain a new customer simply by letting your current customer talk you up!

Simply put.. don't forget about the personal advantage you have at a conference. No communication is richer than face-to-face communication... so maximize the opportunity with your A-team!
Sponsorship: Everything You See is for Sale.

Have you purchased a sponsorship package for a conference your company has attended? You know the ones- a list of “benefits” that really do nothing for you, in an effort to have your logo listed among the other event sponsors for just a little bump in visibility?

Have you written the check that goes along with it? It’s not pretty.

Next time you consider sponsoring a meeting, enter into the conversation with more of a negotiating frame of mind. Come prepared with a few ideas you’ve seen and ask that they be switched out for line items that don’t mean much to you.

Maybe your goal is to relaunch your brand and so visibility is your #1 priority. Ask for logo floor decals, column wraps, rotating ads in the elevators and do away with the items you don’t need such as welcome bag inserts and ad space.

Sponsorship packages are not one size fits all. Consider a custom approach. You never know the possibilities unless you ask.  
Visit The Exhibitors... Even if You're Not Shopping

As an exhibitor and sales representative myself, I know how depressing an empty exhibit hall can be. BUT, it's nobody's fault! Sometimes there are meetings where physicians are not ready to put themselves in the market place.

I've also witnessed the "hard sell" exhibitor... you know the kind... the one who basically throws a lasso around you and pulls you into the booth space. Not fun. Plus it leaves an icky taste in your mouth... and likely deters you from wanting to visit the hall again.

However, I urge you to always take at least one strong, focused lap around the exhibit hall. First - it is possible to avoid the reps that are relentless; simply look down and keep walking. And then, when you look back up, you just might see something that intrigues you.

It may be a new piece of equipment... it may be a new, innovative wound dressing... it may be a company that provides practice management solutions that you've never considered before.

Until you're there... you don't know what you don't know. New, surprising products and services are always popping up. So put yourself in the excitement of it all and see if there's something you didn't even realize could take your practice to the next level!

P.S. There's also usually yummy treats in the exhibit hall too.... so BONUS!!
Mix It Up a Bit!

We know you typically attend the same podiatry conferences each year. It’s nice to catch up with old classmates or colleagues and friends you’ve made along the way.

But- consider attending a new conference that you haven’t been to yet. Pick one that focuses on a specialty that interests you: practice management, wound care, sports medicine, derm, MIS, etc.

Not only will you meet a new group of people, but you will also learn new content that you may not have been exposed to at the other meeting. Ask around for recommendations or check our meeting calendar to see what’s available.  
90-Day Meeting Outlook
Goldfarb | 14th Annual Montana Meeting | Missoula, MT

The Running Clinic | New Trends in the Prevention of Running Injuries | Delaware, OH

Wild on Wounds | National Conference | Las Vegas, NV

AOFAS | Annual Meeting | Chicago, IL

TPMA (Texas) | Fall Conference | Frisco, TX

IPED | Fall Meeting | Pittsburgh, PA

Podiatry Institute | Focus on Forefoot & Reconstructive Surgery
Overland Park, KS

Top Practices | Marketing & Management Summit
San Antonio, TX

Podiatry Institute | Reconstructive Surgery of the Foot & Ankle
San Diego, CA

IFAF | Annual Seminar | Las Vegas, NV

AAWP | Scientific Seminar | Scottsdale, AZ

AAPSM | Stand Alone Meeting | Cambride, MA

PRESENT | Residency Education Summit Midwest | Oakbrook, IL

CME Online | Long Island Practice Summit | Stony Brook, NY

CLICK for events calendar and specific date details.
International Aesthetic Foot Society | 2019 Conference | New York, NY

NMPMA (New Mexico) | Fall Conference | Albuquerque, NM

GraMedica | Didactic Hands-On Training | Macomb, MI

IPMA (Indiana) | Annual Convention | Indianapolis, IN

GTEF | No Nonsense | Key West, FL

SAWC | Fall Meeting | Las Vegas, NV

DF Con | Annual Conference | Los Angeles, CA

APWH | Annual Conference | Philadelphia, PA

Podiatry Institute | Mid-Atlantic | Hyattsville, MD

PRESENT | Superbones West | Las Vegas, NV

NEOAPM | Fall Classic | Cleveland, OH

IPMA (Illinois) | Annual Conference | Schaumburg, IL

Podiatry Institute | APMA Region 1 | Framingham, MA

CLICK for events calendar and specific date details.
IFAF | Arthroscopy Course | Mendota Heights, MN

Goldfarb | Clinical Conference | King of Prussia, PA

AAPPM | Fall Conference | Daytona Beach, FL

Podiatry Institute | Hallux Valgus & Related Forefoot Surgery |
Ft. Myers, FL

FIP | World Congress of Podiatry | Miami, FL

MPMA (Minnesota) | Annual Conference | Saint Paul, MN

Kent State | 11th Annual Southeast National Conference |
Orlando, FL

CLICK for events calendar and specific date details.
Voice of the Vendor offers industry suppliers a unique opportunity to showcase their products and/or services to their audience! Additionally, at the bottom of each product/service description, please take note of when and where you can learn more about our featured vendor.

August 2019's Featured Vendor: Zuckerman Future Technologies
Provider of The Remy Class IV Laser System
The Remy became available for podiatrists this year and is revolutionary given the features available at the incredible price point from Zuckerman Future Technologies.

First, The Remy allows podiatrists to customize wavelengths , providing elevated treatment for specific conditions. Patients can be treated for pain and fungus.

The Remy also allows for certain types of surgical procedures and physical therapy.

Wavelengths can be selected as a combination of four (650, 810, 910, and 980) or as a single wavelength of 810, 980, and 1064.

Another notable feature is the 7mm handpiece with a finger-switch. The finger-switch allows physicians to quickly change from pain to fungal treatment in seconds .
Time is no longer wasted with a less-convenient foot pedal.

David Zuckerman, DPM, founder and CEO of Zuckerman Future Technologies is a direct importer of The Remy technology.  Dr. Zuckerman has created a business model to keep the price point of this cutting-edge technology at an incredibly competitive rate . In addition to directly importing, Dr. Zuckerman has opted out of maintaining an expensive facility for inventory and upholds a limited staff.
“When I can keep my costs down, everybody wins. Podiatrists shouldn’t be expected to pay over $20,000 for technology that achieves results. When lasers are priced incorrectly, physicians must increase the treatment price for their patients, resulting in fewer appointments and lack of care. By keeping my costs down, podiatrists can keep their costs down and real results can be accomplished.

- David Zuckerman, DPM
Podiatrists who purchase The Remy are equipped with a complete marketing tool kit :
  • Collateral (practice posters, brochures, appointment cards)
  • Postcards
  • Advertisement templates
  • Videos to educate patients about lasers for pain and lasers for fungus

Contact David Zuckerman DPM
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Voice of the DPM
Greenbelt, Maryland

Throughout the year there are several meetings to choose from; and I select my meetings for different reasons.

I really enjoy going to The National at least every other year. The seminar portion is good and the different tracks make it interesting, BUT the vendor hall and the political information is even a better reason! Plus, I enjoy finding time to reconnect with a variety of colleagues/doctors.

I also choose some regional/local/state meetings for the same reasons as The National , but on a more local, smaller scale. 

Bottom line, I choose seminars that give me not only quality educational information, but also political- networking-practice management advice.

As far as lectures go, I enjoy those that present new and innovative ideas/items; whether it be a procedure, or a new drug/medical device, etc. I try to keep up with latest and greatest in podiatry - even if I may not use it in my practice… I still want to know about it.

I am always impressed with a lecture that gives me at least one "pearl" to take back to use in my practice . This is many times worth sitting in the dark hall and listening to the speaker. I also enjoy speakers that are personable and who relate to the general audience. Plus a sense of humor helps to keep the audience on their toes!

I don’t love it when meeting destinations are in warm locations if the scientific agenda is all day long. It’s just too hot. For example, if I’m going to a meeting in Hawaii it’s very difficult to sit in lectures all day. In these types of situations, attendance should be recorded four times a day and not all at different times (like when some are AM in and out; and then PM in and out.) 

It would also always definitely be helpful if conference chairs and organizers would communicate in a stronger manner who the speaker is and what the lecture is about in advance. 

Again, I thoroughly enjoy exploring the vendor hall. I like learning in more detail the new products available to use as practitioners, and looking at what I am using now to see if there are advances in how to use them, or if there is an updated version. 

Seminar specials are always welcome; many times this pushes me to purchase that item was previously only on my “Wish List.

In the last two years, I always tell my peers and colleagues to attend The National.  It is, overall, worth the money per CME hour, the vendor hall and networking. 

Additionally, the AAWP Seminar is smaller, but always at a great location and educationally fulfilling!
Dr. Saffo is a Diplomate of the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery-Board Certified in Foot and Ankle Surgery and a Fellow of the American Society of Podiatric Surgeons.She is a member of the
American Podiatric Medical Association,Maryland Podiatric Medical Association,and past President and current member of the American Association for Women Podiatrists.

Dr. Saffo is currently on staff at Doctors Community Hospital in Lanham, MD where she was Chair of
the Podiatry Division in the Surgery Department from 2000 to 2008.

Dr. Saffo graduated from Temple University Podiatry school and is an active member of their
Alumni Association. After graduating from Podiatry School, Dr Saffo did her surgical residency in
Western Pennsylvania and then moved to Maryland where she has lived and practiced since.
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August 2019's Featured Meeting: 2020 Podiatry Mission in Israel
Join physicians and clinicians from across the U.S. and Canada to participate in this amazing trip, which includes inspiring lectures from Israeli and American speakers.

In addition, attendees will visit three medical centers (Tel HaShomer, Rambam and Shaare Zedek), visit Weitzmann Institute, tour Masada, float in the Dead Sea and much more.

Additional highlights of the mission included: Visiting Peres Center for Peace & Innovation; Touring the Old City of Jerusalem’s Jewish and Christian Quarters (Tower of David, Western Wall Tunnels, Stations of the Cross); The Knesset; Independence Hall; Ein Hod Artists’ Colony, and winery tour and tasting.

Earn CMEs While You Tour Israel 
Mission participants can earn up to 15 CMEs while they experience the culture and history of Israel.
For more information about the Mission, CMEs or to register, please email , or call  617-232-5382.
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