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Dearest THOTH Community,

HAPPY ANDEAN NEW YEAR! August 1st is our Heart Island peoples' New Year, a time for celebration and thanksgiving. Having had a bountiful harvest of inspirational shamanic service direction in life, this is a time to prepare the fertile earth and begin new plantings in anticipation of life affirming rains to come. May you draw from this collective human experience which lovingly binds us to our living Earth and find empowerment for your journey as a PMT steward of light and healing beauty upon Pachamama. 

We would like to give a shout out the QOLLASUYU (southeast region of the US) for sponsoring Continuing the Conversation: Destination Manifestation at The Mountain near Highlands, NC. Thank you to the heart-centered group of people on the Qollasuyu Council who make this annual retreat a reality for everyone in the region!

REMEMBER we have expanded the Ritual Arts section of our website. There are how-to videos, documents, and audio for basic to advanced ceremonies. There is even a recipe to make your own Agua de Florida!

Pachakuti Mesa Tradition gatherings are being offered in California | Florida | Kansas and Quebec. Please follow the links for event information and MULTIPLE gatherings and locations within each state, AND check back for your state as events may be added during the month! 

Wednesday Night Link-Up gatherings this month are being offered in Fl ori da | Kansas | North Carolina | New MexicoTennessee | Utah | Virginia and also online.

Sacred Retreats include  Full Moon Mountain Retreat with Paqowachu Option in British Columbia with PMT Teachers Robin Flynn and Darcy Kopas | Continuing the Conversation: Destination Manifestation at Highlands, NC | Fall Equinox Amazon Immersion with Mona Rain in Peru and Transformational Journey to the Sacred Valley, Peru with Alan Waugh and Susan Bookman. 

Andean New Year blessings to each of you,
Cindy, Xio mara, Marin and Michele
Travels Behind the Veil: Shamanic Journeywork in Peruvian Wachuma Curanderismo
From the recent Shamanism Global Summit hosted by The Shift Network, don Oscar offers teachings on three types of visionary journeywork employed in traditional Wachuma inspired shamanism. The skillful use of these Travels Behind the Veil are known to exert beneficent influence over temporal, spatial and energy dimensions that comprise our human lived experience upon Pachamama.
Five-part Apprenticeship Series Starting Soon

The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition:  Cross-Cultural Shamanic Arts for Personal and Planetary Renewal


Cynthia Greer

Judy Hoaglund

Yola Dunne

Jnana Gowan

Judy Hoaglund

Cynthia Greer

To learn about the many benefits of sponsoring an apprenticeship in your region contact PMT@heartofthehealer.org 

Top photo by Rosario Sykes. Group photo Alex Kugler.
Featured Teacher

“The sanction to teach the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition by don Oscar Miro-Quesada and the lineage in 2009 has been a glorious gift and I am very grateful. Among the many joys of teaching this tradition is the opportunity to witness participants heal, transform and empower themselves through experiencing its profound wisdom teachings and powerful initiations into the shamanic arts. The Pachakuti Mesa lays out before us a portal into the Universe, the Three Worlds and All That Is. This helps us reconnect to the sacred within and without as we expand our consciousness and experience realities beyond what we can ordinarily perceive. Through Earth-honoring ceremony and an apprenticeship with ayni – sacred reciprocity – we deepen our relationships with Nature, Mother Earth, the Unseen World and all of Creation. This tradition’s teachings and its lineage ancestors, who come forward to support us, help us serve ourselves, our families, our communities and the Earth. How fortunate are we to be Pachakuti Mesa carriers!”

For 20 years Cynthia Greer has been privileged to be an apprentice of don Oscar, the Unseen World and the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition. This has led her on a journey of profound personal transformation as well as extensive travel in Peru and the Americas to work with many shamans, wisdom keepers and indigenous healers. From 2007-2009 Cynthia contributed to the creation of the THOTH Five-Part Apprenticeship Series. She has been a supporting teacher in several of don Oscar’s online courses and serves as a member of the PMT Teacher Mentorship Council. Cynthia is dedicated to sharing the shamanic arts to help people grow and transform, to loving service to the Great Mystery and Mother Earth as well as to grandmotherhood of her glorious grandchildren, Emily age 6 and Silas age 3. 
Cynthia lives near Ashevile in Leicester, NC, in the oldest mountains on the Earth, where she offers basic and advanced shamanic training, private healing sessions and Earth-honoring ceremony.

Cynthia is starting a new Five-Part Apprenticeship Series in Leicester, NC this month,
and in Surbiton, UK, February 18-23, 2019. (This week near London includes parts 1-3 of the series.)
Programs with
don Oscar Miro-Quesada
August 4-26
THE POWER OF RITUAL: Shamanic Teachings for Personal and Human Evolution GlideWing offers this three-week apprenticeship workshop which initiates participants into the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition. You will learn how to create your own mesa and work with it for self-empowerment and global healing. You will learn ancient breathing techniques and traditional ceremony for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, well-being, and transformation.

September 20-23
Wait List
INTIQ WIRACOCHA'S RETURN: A Shamanic Awakening of Higher Consciousness and Spiritual Healing in Our Lives Don Oscar will teach ritual practices for allowing Intiq, the unbridled Solar radiance of our fully awakened minds, to be the vessel for the materialization of Wiracocha, Great Spirit, within the life of humankind. A very special Autumn Equinox event hosted by the Antisuyu at Menla Mountain Retreat Center in Phoenicia, NY.

December 6-9
Wait List
IMMORTAL TRUTH: A Shamanic Journey of Cosmic Awakening in Service to the Great Work A four-day retreat/workshop of initiatory teachings and Pachakuti Mesa Tradition ritual with don Oscar Miro-Quesada within the mystical and enchanting landscape of Joshua Tree, CA.

See more of don Oscar's offerings:   eventsfree podcasts, and  products.
In the Writer′s Forum
by Daniel Moler

by Yola Dunne

The Writer′s Forum showcases gifted writers from our PMT community. Check in often for thought provoking and inspiring reading!

Tuesday July 31 Noon Pacific
BECOMING A QUANTUM DREAMER: Experiment with Time Travel, Explore Parallel Worlds & Change Your Future for the Better Join bestselling author and dream shaman Robert Moss for this mind-expanding hour learning how to use dreaming as a vehicle to travel much further and deeper into the universe than you ever thought possible. Register now, even if you can’t attend live, you’ll receive a downloadable replay later.
Wednesday August 1 Noon Pacific
What’s Really Happening in this Crazy World and How You Can Be the Change You Want to See You’re invited to gather in virtual community for a free live video event with Terry Patten, one of the foremost thinkers and teachers of Integral philosophy, spirituality and leadership, where he’ll share what he considers to be the most important message of his life. During this 60 minute event, Terry will share the truth about what’s happening on Planet Earth and how it can actually call forth the very best of who we are – individually and as a species.
Featured Video
Don Oscar offers us a blessing in Quechua and celebrates Our Spiritual Tribalness. As awakened beings practicing the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, we share one visionary purpose upon the Earth.

To view more of don Oscar's video messages and become a subscriber to his YouTube channel click here or on the YouTube icon below.
Apu Bear Mountain
Our newsletter header depicts Bear Mountain in the Hudson Highlands of New York State. For a list of other sacred pilgrimage sites and apus in North and South America please visit Sacred Sites in our newly expanded Ritual Arts section on the THOTH website.