August 2018
SC STEM Hub Newsletter
Nominate a Teacher for an I.O.W.A. STEM Award
Say thank-you to a great STEM teacher by nominating him or her for the 2019 I.O.W.A. STEM Teacher Award. Sponsored by Kemin Industries, this award celebrates teachers whose leadership and dedication to STEM in Iowa increases students' interest and awareness in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

One teacher from each of Iowa's six STEM regions will receive a $1,500 award along with an additional $1,500 to be used in their classroom.

Deadline for nominations is Tuesday, October 9, and winners will be announced in January 2019. All teachers who complete the nomination process will be acknowledged.

To learn about previous award recipients or nominate a STEM teacher today, visit
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Congratulations to last year's SC regional teacher award recipient: Dr. Holly Showalter from Waukee APEX. She created and leads the Medical and Bioscience Research Program.

“My greatest achievements as an educator are when I see my APEX associates shine in a professional situation that I coached them on in our team learning environment at APEX," said Showalter. Click HERE to read the full article.
Free STEM BEST Webinar

On August 28, from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m., the Iowa Governor's STEM Advisory Council will be hosting an informational webinar about the STEM BEST (Businesses Engaging Students and Teachers) program.

Information will include:
  • an overview
  • application tips
  • benefits
  • deadlines
  • question/answer time

You may connect to the STEM BEST application informational webinar by video conference or by telephone as follows:  
Video Conference
  1. enter URL: 
  2. enter meeting ID number: 849 600 201 
Conference Call Telephone Line
  1. dial (646) 558-8656 followed by
  2. press the pound (#) key
  3. you don't need to enter a participant ID number.
  4. enter the meeting ID number 849 600 201 
  5. press the pound (#) key again

What makes a quality STEM BEST® proposal?

The heart of the STEM BEST® model is the relationship to business or industry partner(s) who with educators define curriculum and work space.

Topics and projects are driven by the needs of employer partner(s) in collaboration with educators.

Learning spaces are separate and distinct from the standard school environment—ideally at the employers’ site.

Stand-out Applications Include:
  • A plan for the development of a rigorous and relevant STEM curriculum
  • Organized, diverse partnership demonstrating a sustained commitment to the program through various levels of engagement
  • A plan for professional development, utilizing business professionals and educational institutions
  • A description of alignment to district STEM goals
  • A sensible financial model with a significant cost-share commitment
  • A plan to sustain the model
  • A plan for collection of evidence of effectiveness and areas of continued growth

If you have questions or need assistance with the application, please contact Dr. Sarah Derry at the Hub.
Before SCI's Making STEM Connection became a Scale-Up, it was a driving philosophy behind their maker movement, which includes an annual Mini-Maker Faire. This year, it is Sept. 3. The cost of admission covers this event.
NEW! Innovation Funds Application Coming Soon!

A goal of the Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council is to supports research based STEM education proven to promote, inspire and engage youth in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) activities and to introduce children and their parents to careers through STEM.

In support of that goal, the STEM Advisory Council is piloting the Iowa STEM Innovation Fund, a financial resource pool available to organizations with ideas for innovative STEM programs that show promise for supporting the goal.

The intention of this fund is not to support past or current STEM scale-up programs with additional resources, but rather serve as an incubator for STEM activities outside of current or past Iowa STEM Council programming. The STEM Council invites applications for ideas that will have an impact upon Iowans locally, regionally, and potentially on a statewide level. The Council will not fund marketing or promotional campaigns for commercial products or services, nor will it fund policy advocacy activities.

Questions to ponder right now:
  • Have PreK-12 students have benefited from your innovative idea?
  • Are you ready to conduct the research needed to vet your program?
  • Can students across Iowa benefit from your innovative program?
  • If selected and your research is affirming, would you consider applying to make your program one of Iowa STEM's Scale-Ups?
Seeking Proven STEM Programs to Apply for Scale-Up

Iowa STEM is seeking Scale-Up Provider Proposals for the 2019-2020 school year.

August 31, 2018

October 1, 2018

General Overview:

Wested/Iowa STEM application:

Since 2012, the STEM Council has partnered with some of the most successful STEM education programs that have reached up to 100,000 young Iowa learners each year, engaging them in exemplary STEM curriculum across the state. Thousands of educators in and out of schools across Iowa have delivered exciting units in robotics, coding, engineering design, agriculture, animal science and more.
Want more STEM?
Calendar of Events

August 28 -- Provider Application Opens
August 28 -- STEM BEST Webinar
September 3 -- SCI's Mini Maker Faire
September 12 -- STEM Best Applications Due
September 20 -- Making STEM Connections PD
September 20 -- Pint Size Science
October 1 -- Provider Applications Due
October 22 -- DMACC/SC STEM Festival
October 25 -- STEM BEST Announcement

If you're an educator and want to apply for Scale-Up, please check the link in January. More information will be announced soon.

SC Advisory Board Presidents Elected:

Congratulations to Amber Pargmann and Mauree Haage, who were elected as co-presidents of the SC Regional Advisory Board.

Our list of board members includes:
  • Creighton Cox
  • Breanne Garrett
  • Nadilia Gomez
  • Mauree Haage
  • Jonathon Holmen
  • Ronda McCarthy
  • Allison Mohr
  • Tyler Myerholtz
  • Amber Pargmann
  • Laura Williams