August 2018
Program Leaders' Debrief, Summer Week 3

Na ramata Centre was a lively plac e to visit this summer. Just ask the 1,750 people who came  to enjoy programs, community, and simply being in this sacred place!
Programs were a big hit with well over 600 people - children, teens, adults - enrolled in everything from the Arts (Beginning Watercolor, Play with Clay, Mono-printing) to Music for all ages (Singing on top of the World, Planet Songs, Learn to Play Ukulele, choirs, and Be a Musical Star) to Spiritual Offerings (Listening to the Spirit, Soul Collage, Becoming an Everyday Mystic, Befriending the Bible) to Activities (Solar Robotics, Tai Chi, yoga) and children's programs (Play, Magic and Imagination, Naramata Children's Programs, Me, Myself and Nature) and so much more.
Program Manager Charmaine Pearce and the Program Development Team are already planning for 2019, with the call for program proposals scheduled for the first week in September. Stay tuned if you are a program leader!

Summer Interns' Reflections
Photo: Keri Wehlander

As part of their debrief with Program Manager and mentor Charmaine Pearce, the summer interns each wrote a personal reflection of their experience at Naramata Centre. These heartfelt messages speak to the calibre of these young people and the depth of their experience this summer!
  • "This summer gave me the opportunity to grow and learn while making new connections and developing my spirituality."  Caitlin, 19, Nanaimo
  • "Spirited, while relaxing, with a passionate optimism." John, 20, Naramata 
  • "My experiences this summer will help me and guide me through the rest of my life." Spencer, 21, Victoria
  • "My summer at Naramata has been an amazing experience. Working here teaches you so many life skills and also creates space for you to develop as a person. I am very thankful for the opportunity to work here and hope that the summer intern experience for future interns will be just as great or even better than mine!" Tessa, 17, High River
  • "My summer at Naramata has been nothing but amazing. Naramata gives you the space and the resources to develop and grow as a person and to learn and grow with the other interns." Alanna, 18, High River
  • "The opportunity to contribute to the Centre and its community this summer was a true blessing." Jillian, 19, Edmonton
  • "Sometimes we cried, and always tried, now with all done... we had such fun! This was a summer of amazing journeys and incredible self-reflection, shared with so many others through the love of Naramata."  Jeff, 26, Edmonton   
The Naramata Centre Board and Centre staff are very grateful to each of these amazing interns for their contributions to our 2018 summer.

Fall Programs
Photo: Keri Wehlander

Autumn is a beautiful time to come to Naramata Centre and it's not too late to register for our fall programs!
If you are 55 or older, join program leaders Tim and Donna Scorer, Lois Huey-Heck and Jim Kalnin in Spiritual Eldering (September 9-14). This inspiring, intriguing, thought-provoking, and reassuring program will help you look forward to getting older with grace and wisdom. Imagine that!
Dawn Ross will teach her participants to Dance with Gravity, so movement is easy, lighter and pain-free. Join Dawn September 20-23 "for movement and meditation practices that set everything in motion and support you to move with life."
If you register for Margaret Jessop's Quilting and Fabric Art (September 27-30) for quilters and quilter wannabees, you have the option of one, two or all three days for different quilting projects.
Look for more details on these programs and/or register here.

Hearts and Hands Fall  Volunteer Event
October 5-15 or some portion of this time

Photo: Keri Wehlander

Our spring and fall Hearts and Hands events offer a time to gather together as we give back to the Centre, and get our hands dirty and our hearts filled. We'll prepare the grounds for winter, and build community as we eat, work and play together.  
Come for a short time or stay for the week. Please bring gear for garden work, building work and all types of weather.  Enjoy free accommodations (rooms or campsites) in exchange for volunteering at the Centre for this fall event.
Join in a potluck Thanksgiving dinner, Monday, October 8 and/or revel in the fabulous food at the 200-person Naramata long-table potluck dinner on Sunday, October 14, which celebrates the bounty of local Naramata food and wine.
Whether you come for few days or the whole 10 days - the Centre appreciates your offer of service! Read more and/or register here

Reflections From A Campground Host 
By Rob Hutchinson 
Photo: Barb Green
The best part is hearing people's stories. Oh, there are many interesting moments in the week of a campground host, but the best is the openness of fellow campers, sharing their stories.
This was the second year for my wife, Judy, and me to volunteer as hosts: three weeks camping in Site 19, in the deep shade of the locust bean tree. Fellow campers have told us amazing stories about babies born, epic journeys across our huge country, grief for those recently passed away and for those soon to leave us, all too soon.   We have enjoyed the spectator sport of watching trailers back into tiny, obstructed camping spaces, and marveled at various types of camping units new, old, and lovingly renovated.
We have been amazed at the fabulous meals that appear from campers' imaginations and a few groceries, and we've shared our appreciation with fellow campers for keeping Creekside Commons so clean.
Of course, there was the odd tense moment ...  
Read more here.
Fenan Howe
Photo: Michelle Howe

Thank you to the multitude who made this summer at the Centre such a success: 

- All the program leaders

- All of our various volunteers

- Our spirited summer interns

- Our devoted staff members

- All of our participants and guests. 

For details, visit the Board Update here

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