The Carmichael Psychology Newsletter   l   August 2017
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As summer comes to a close, we are looking back at some of the exciting things that have happened at Carmichael Psychology over the season! As we head into autumn, we look forward to launching two new therapy groups, and introducing you to our newest associate, Dr. Alice B!
Dr. Chloe In The News
Dr. Chloe on Fox 5 News & Fox 5 News Entertainment

Dr. Chloe is an expert on stress management, which is why Fox 5 invited her back to the studio to discuss stress management for difficult world events! Click the link to watch her August 2017 appearance, where she discusses how anger and fear can be normal reactions to stressful events. Also check out her previous Fox 5 appearance where she discusses dealing with the threat of terrorism. For more of Dr. Chloe's tips on stress management for difficult world events, check out her blog about the C.A.R.E. System!
Watch Dr. Chloe's recent appearance on Fox 5 where she talks about anger and anxiety triggered by tragedy.
Watch Dr. Chloe's previous Fox 5 appearance where she shares tips on anxiety from terrorism and violence.
Fox 5 asked Dr. Chloe for her clinical opinion on the Netflix series  13 Reasons Why.  Click here to watch the video to hear her take!
Dr. Chloe was featured in an article for Fox Entertainment News where she discussed why celebs continue to share nudes despite hacks! Click  here  to read the article.  
Dr. Chloe on HLN Network with Ashliegh Banfield

Dr. Chloe returned to HLN this summer where she gave a compelling psychological case analysis. Check out photos from the day!
Dr. Chloe & Ashleigh Banfield in the studio!
Dr. Chloe offering her clinical perspective.

Summer to Fall = Hard transition?  Read Dr. Chloe's Transitions Blog!
Some people LOVE the end of summer.  Others don't.  Either way, the transitions blog can help you make the most of this upcoming seasonal change, and the personal/professional changes that accompany it.  Especially for readers in NYC, September often brings an intense social and professional calendar as everyone returns to the city and gets down to business, networking, highly focused dating scene, our "Olympic grade school" scene, etc.   The transitions blog is here to help! Click here to read it!
Carmichael Psychology's first Postdoctoral Fellow! 
Dr. Alice Borodiansky, PsyD
Welcoming  Dr. Alice Borodiansky
We are SUPER excited to have our very first postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Alice Borodiansky, PsyD.  Dr. Alice is a recent graduate from La Salle University's Clinical Psychology doctoral program. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from New York University and her master's and doctoral degrees from La Salle University. Alice integrates cognitive behavioral strategies with a mindful and compassionate interpersonal style. She specializes in goal-directed treatment for anxiety and depression in addition to a skills-based approach for emotion regulation, problem-solving, and stress management. Alice practices mindfulness both personally and professionally and has successfully defended her doctoral dissertation on the measurement of mindfulness in individuals. She strongly values and integrates principles of awareness, acceptance, compassion, kindness, and non-judgment into her work and can help clients incorporate these - and other values - into their own lives. Combining thoughtful questions, skills, and warmth, Alice aims to help clients lead a life worth living, however they choose to define it. 
Dr. Alice is honored to work under Dr. Chloe Carmichael as a postdoctoral fellow, and the feeling is mutual--- we are thrilled to have her!
To book an appointment with Dr. Alice, call our receptionists at (212)729-3922 or email, or  click here to book online.
We're here... literally.  Just pick up the phone and call anytime!
Did you know that Carmichael Psychology has receptionists available 7 days a week? Jessie, Irene, and Rachel are available to help answer any questions about scheduling, billing and insurance.  Call anytime Monday-Friday 7am-8:30pm, and Saturday-Sunday 10am-4pm! Call us at (212)729-3922.  Prefer email?  No problem! always gives a prompt response.
Carmichael Psychology is Now Offering Two New Therapy Groups!
Group therapy is a unique opportunity to learn skills, gain insight and build relationships by meeting other like-minded people. Starting in September, Carmichael Psychology will be offering a weekly group for singles & unmarried relationships, and a weekly group for CBT anxiety management. Think you might be interested? Give us a call at (212) 729-3922 to find out more, or email!
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