Director's Note
The academic year starts next month, and we are welcoming new cohorts of fellows, students, and faculty to IHPS and UCSF. Our community is active in developing our healthcare workforce through our training, experiential workforce development, and research programs. This month you’ll learn about the Patient Support Corps, which is building a new generation of healthcare professionals, starting with a patient-focused educational experience. You’ll also get the latest news about the National Clinician Scholars Program at UCSF, which is part of a rigorous and exciting nationwide program. And, you’ll read about the latest research from some of our nationally-renowned faculty who focus on health workforce issues. These highlights are only part of our activity, which also includes our Philip R. Lee Postdoctoral Fellows, the Health Workforce Research Center on Long-Term Care, and the emerging plans of our new Associate Directors for Training. All of this work is grounded in a longstanding commitment to healthcare equity and social justice, which is evidence in the diversity of our programs and the people who participate in them.

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PRL-IHPS Focus On:
Workforce and Training
Janet Coffman, PhD and Ulrike Muench, RN, PhD, FAAN are two of the PRL-IHPS faculty working on health workforce issues. Read more about their work and the work of PRL-IHPS faculty Jeff Belkora, PhD with the Patient Support Corps, and Hilary Seligman, MD, MAS and Susan Chapman, RN, PhD, FAAN with the UCSF National Clinician Scholars Program.

Upcoming Events
PRL-IHPS Health Policy Grand Rounds
The Impact of Childhood Nutrition Assistance on Child and Family
Health and Nutrition

Marianne Bitler, PhD
Professor of Economics, UC Davis Department of Economics

September 15, 12 - 1 pm

2021 Harold S. Luft Award for Mentoring
We are delighted to announce that Pamela Ling, MD, has been selected as this year's recipient of the Harold S. Luft Award for Mentoring in Health Services and Health Policy Research, awarded by the Philip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies. Learn more.
Associate Directors for Training
Congratulations to the new
PRL-IHPS Associate Directors for Training!

"I’m thrilled to join forces with Ari Hoffman as the Associate Director for Training at IHPS. Mentoring and teaching is the most rewarding part of my role at UCSF, a way to pass along the intellectual generosity from which I have benefited in my career. I look forward to fostering the interdisciplinary health policy training environment IHPS enables across the University.

"I am ecstatic to join the IHPS leadership team as Associate Director for Training alongside my partner, Krista Harrison. I hope to cultivate partnerships across the university and beyond our walls to expand health policy education, with opportunities for the entire community at various stages of professional development to learn, engage, and advocate for change." 
Research Highlights
Influence of payer coverage and out-of-pocket costs on ordering of NGS panel tests for hereditary cancer in diverse settings
The landscape of payment for genetic testing has been changing, with an increase in the number of laboratories offering testing, larger panel offerings, and lower prices. IHPS faculty Grace Lin, MD and Kathryn Phillips, PhD, along with their colleagues, shared their findings in a recent Journal of Genetic Counseling article that the main barriers to accessing testing for next-generation sequencing tests for hereditary cancer in diverse settings are not the cost, or insurance coverage of the test itself, but the lack of insurance coverage for genetic counseling and the difficulty of family cascade testing. These barriers need to be addressed to ensure testing equity.

Delayed Visits for Contraception Due to Concerns Regarding Pelvic Examination Among Women with History of Intimate Partner Violence 
In an effort to expand access to contraception and routine preventative reproductive healthcare to women, clearer communication to the public and providers that pelvic examinations are no longer recommended by professional societies for hormonal contraception may remove barriers to women seeking care was the finding of Cynthia Harper, PhD and George Sawaya, MD, along with their colleagues in a recent Journal of General Internal Medicine article, led by Clinical Fellow Hunter Holt, MD. 

Consensus-Driven Priorities for Firearm Injury Education Among Medical Professionals

Firearm-related injuries are a leading cause of death for both adults and children and during the COVID-19 pandemic, gun violence surged even more. Health professionals could help reduce the toll, but only about 20 percent receive any education on firearm injuries or prevention. To help change that, IHPS faculty member Jahan Fahimi, MD, MPH, co-convened a group from UC San Francisco, Johns Hopkins Medicine, and collaborators across the country that has created a national guideline on educational priorities on firearm injury prevention for health professionals. The guideline appears in the journal Academic Medicine.

PRL-IHPS faculty are responding to policy challenges raised by the COVID-19 pandemic with rapid-cycle research and technical assistance. A compilation of their work to date is available on a regularly updated webpage. One recent publication is by Claire Brindis, DrPH, Charles Irwin, MD and colleagues, " Young Adult Perspectives on COVID-19 Vaccinations", published in Journal of Adolescent Health.  Read more about our work to address the COVID pandemic here.
IHPS Faculty Spotlight
Jenny Liu is a UCSF Assistant Professor and health economist focusing on the delivery and utilization of maternal, neonatal, child, and adolescent health (MNCAH) services in developing countries. Her research focuses on designing and evaluating innovative interventions for fostering health behavior change, increased access to contraception among young women, and improved delivery of health services via community-based platforms.  
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