August 2018

Which metros are growing their workforce and which ones are falling behind? With so many communities engaged in talent attraction and retention campaigns, we've been curious about who is actually succeeding, especially when it comes to increasing the Millennial population.



Headlight Data just updated the  Monthly Economic Scorecard to include data from June 2018. These scorecards use data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to chart the economic growth of over 100 communities throughout the US. All of Headlight Data's scorecards are complimentary and can be accessed at


We're thrilled to see so much buzz about our clients! 

Google investing $600 million in its Berkeley County operations - Google has announced plans to invest $600 million into its data center at Mount Holly Commerce Park, which is huge news for the  Charleston region. The addition of $600 million brings Google's total investment in the data center up to $2.4 billion. Wow! Congrats! 

The Best American Cities to Work in Tech in 2018 - Our client Columbus, OH, was named Smart Asset's #1 American City to Work in Tech in 2018! Columbus was ranked #1 because of its availability of tech jobs, competitive salaries, and affordable cost of living. Go Columbus!

How an upstart Austin suburb became a magnet for additive manufacturing - Pflugerville, TX, was featured in Site Selection Magazine because of its radical transformation from a bedroom community to a 3D printing industry hub. The Pflugerville Community Development Corporation has been hard at work attracting and supporting the 3D printing industry, and it is paying off.

Columbus leaders seek strategy for job growth and attracting more major employers - Our new talent strategy for Columbus, GA, was covered in the Ledger-Enquirer, and describes Columbus' need to develop a talented workforce so they can prepare to attract and retain companies in the future. We're excited to work with Columbus GA's new Talent Coalition and help the community develop a robust talent pipeline.

America's Biggest Boomtowns - Magnify Money's Top 10 American Boomtowns includes two clients, Provo at #2 and Charleston at #4. Magnify Money defines a boomtown as an area with growing industry, workforce, and talent opportunities, as well as more housing and development.

If your community has good news to share, please let us know so we can spread the word.


August was another busy month on the road for the Avalanche team! Our first stop was to Norcross, GA, to gather stakeholder input on the community's target industries and marketing practices. We had a great time visiting with the incredibly engaged community members, especially at their cool downtown coffee shop 45 South. Next, Avalanche was in Jacksonville, FL, to workshop recommendations for the Elevate Northeast Florida economic development strategy. Then we went back to Georgia to participate in one of the best strategy launch events we have ever experienced in  Douglas County. More than 400 residents came out to celebrate. Finally, Tony and Amy traveled to cheery Chattanooga to start a new strategic plan. Here are a few photos of our travels:

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We hope to see you at one of our upcoming events!
  • VEDA Conference Roanoke, VA, on September 13 at the Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center - Tony DeLisi will be speaking about how technology is transforming the economy and how economic developers can prepare for the future by addressing technology drivers including the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain Verification, and Autonomous Vehicles.
  • Ag & Animal Science Conference Willmar, MN, on September 25 at the MinnWest Technology Campus - Tony will speak about economic development trends and innovation in the animal and food manufacturing industries.
  • GEDA Conference Savannah, GA, on September 20 at the Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa - Amy Holloway will moderate a discussion on the making of our CATLYST strategy for the Atlanta region, with panelists including Ashley Rivera, Atlanta Regional Commission, Jim Durrett, Buckhead Community Improvement District, and Misty Martin, Cherokee County Office of Economic Development.
  • IEDC 2018 Annual Conference Atlanta, GA, on October 1 at the Hyatt downtown Atlanta - Amy will be leading a TED Talk called "The Power of Partnerships" The Talk will explore how strengthening partnerships across your community is critical to being more competitive. The Avalanche team will also host a complimentary idea exchange brunch for clients on Sunday, September 30. If you are a past or current client and 
  • Win ED Conference Santa Fe, NM, October 24-26 at the Inn and Spa at Loretto - Noelle Salerno will moderate a panel with  economic developers that are leading the way in implementing creative workforce strategies.



As economic development strategists, we are voracious consumers of news and producers of original content related to our field. This year, we decided to  make the most deeply relevant stories from Avalanche's library available to you  through a new online publication The Future Of.

The Future Of is an easy way for EDOs, chambers of commerce, CEOs, and anyone else passionate about economic development to explore current news that is meaningful to our industry. The Future Of is not about project announcements and traditional fare. It is about  sharing articles that should inspire and influence a modern approach to economic development.

A 12-month subscription to The Future Of is now available for $399. 

Subscriptions allow full access to all content and features on The Future Of, and can be renewed annually. Or, explore the site before buying by  signing up for a one-week trial

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