Message From Roger London:
Roger London, ASC Chairman, to Participate at The Global Cybersecurity Innovation Summit
I'm looking forward to attending SINET's Global Cybersecurity Innovation Summit as well as speaking on the topic of Accelerating Early Stage Innovation and Growth. The conference held in London September 16/17, 2014 is sponsored by Her Majesty's Government and U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Science and Technology Directorate. 

The Internet Then and Now
(via Joy of Tech)
Graphic of the Month:Target Breached: By the Numbers
(via Data Breached Today)

Following Target Corp.'s data breach in December 2013, the fallout for the company continues to grow. This latest infographic from DataBreachToday shows the impact of the incident in terms of breach expenses and other factors.

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Can Planes Be Hacked via Onboard Wi-Fi?
(via CIO Today)

 "Through his work, he discovered that hackers could use an aircraft's onboard Wi-Fi signal or inflight entertainment system Relevant Products/Services to crack open its avionics equipment." 


Are planes really at risk of cyberattack through the Wi-Fi connections we love to use while sky high? If you believe Ruben Santamarta, a consultant with cybersecurity firm IOActive, the answer is yes. But other security Relevant Products/Services researchers are skeptical.


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The Growing Threat of Network-Based Steganography
(via MIT Technology Review)

Hiding covert messages in plain sight is becoming an increasingly popular form of cyber attack. And security researchers are struggling to catch up.

Back in 2011, researchers at the Laboratory of Cryptography and System Security in Budapest, Hungary, discovered an unusual form of malicious software. This malware embeds itself in Microsoft Windows machines, gathers information particularly about industrial control systems and then sends it over the Internet to its command and control centre. After 36 days, the malware automatically removes itself, making it particularly hard to find.

Chrysler, Nissan Looking into Claims Their Cars 'Most Hackable'
(via CNBC)

Source: Chrysler


Chrysler and Nissan said they are reviewing a report by well-known cyber security experts that rates their vehicles among the three "most hackable" cars on the market, along with a General Motors model.

Computer security researchers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek concluded in the report due to be released later this week that the most hackable models out of 20 reviewed were Chrysler Group's 2014 Jeep Cherokee, Nissan Motor's 2014 Infiniti Q50 and General Motors' 2015 Cadillac Escalade.    


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Delaware's Treasury Division Website Defaced
(via Softpedia)
"Message left by hackers on Delaware's treasury division website" Photo Credit: Dover Post

On Monday, anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian messages appeared all of a sudden on Delaware's treasury division website; hackers took over the website to express their views on the Gaza conflict.

This was possible because the Treasury website was managed by a third-party and not administered through government's services, according to Elaine Starkey, chief of security for the state's Department of Technology and Information, quoted by Dover Post.
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