August 2020
2020 Has Been A Doozy Of A Year!

I don’t know about you, but this is not at all what I had hoped for on New Year’s Eve, and I’d certainly go back to that night just to be able to hug people again. (I am a hugger, I miss that the most!!)

This virus seems to be unrelenting, the way we do business now is different, the way we interact with other people now is different, and for many of us, the way we feel on a day to day basis about life now is vastly different.By no means do I mean to down play what we are going through, but I’d like to share a few things that have helped me change my perception of this pandemic from doom and gloom to something much less heavy. After all, our perception of any situation is our reality. And if we have any power over anything anymore, it starts with our own outlook on life. 

I was having a conversation with my 5 year old nephew. I asked him how he was and he said, “Well, I want to go play with my friends, but I know that we will all play together soon, and at least at home I don’t have to share my toys and I can play at home because I’m not sick.” And I thought to myself, he’s not stuck on the negative, he knows this will end and that he will get to play with his friends again. He understood something that I hadn’t yet figured out, and that was how to have fun even though everything was so different. You see, I was so focused on the fact that everything was different and I wanted so badly for everything to go back to “normal”, that I hadn’t stopped to think what good could be found in this new time.

So, for those of you who have struggled with finding joy in these current times like I have, maybe try to channel your inner 5 year old and try to find even the smallest good thing to focus on. Here are a few of mine;

  • Our business hours are still scaled back a bit, which gives me a little more time to do the things that I enjoy doing outside of work
  • We are doing curbside adjustments and dispensing which gives me the opportunity to be outside during the day in the summer( which is my favorite season).
  • My patients have been incredible during this time, I’ve had the opportunity to check in with many of my clients who have greatly appreciated our personal attention and I feel they really appreciate our efforts.
  •  I’ve had the opportunity to study up on some subjects that have intrigued me for some time, i.e Myopia Management, and I feel like I’m going to emerge from this pandemic more prepared as an Optician.

 We don’t have to like how things are right now, but we can try to make tomorrow better than yesterday. And we have to believe this pandemic will eventually subside. I believe our profession will be stronger when we emerge, I believe our tomorrows will be better than our yesterdays and that we as an optical family will continue to be there for one another.
I’m sending my best wishes for health and contentment and for now, until we can hug for real, I’m sending virtual hugs to all of you. Take care of YOU, you are the only you there is and we need all of the special things YOU bring to the world! 

Johnna Dukes
Vice President
Opticians Association of America
Owner- Optique
zoom photo
Zoom About Zoom!

The OAA hosted 11 state associations and 26 state leaders on a Zoom call to learn about Virtual Continuing Education. After a successful early summer meeting, Massachusett's executive director Blair Wong and Vice President Kevin Silva walked the participants through the ins and outs of a zoom educational meeting.

Topics discussed were:

  • Speakers - Who To Look For
  • Credits- How To Deliver
  • All In One Day?
  • How To Be Creative and more
Would You Attend A Zoom Educational Conference? (If your state allowed it)
Did You Know???
Your State Association Protects Your Profession.

Support them by joining today.

Perception Is Reality...
Even During Covid!
Adam Estapa was born with Stargardt Disease, a rare genetic eye disorder. As a legally blind, photophobic and color-blind young man, Adam’s whole world was shaped by his glasses, which eventually lead to a desire to be an optician.
With the goal of helping people see better, Adam pursued education at the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology in Boston and is now a certified, licensed optician in Massachusetts.
Adam's dream was to have his own optical shop one day, where he could take care of customers exactly as he KNEW he could and should. “I was frustrated that too many optical shops were not able to help those with complex prescriptions and visual disabilities - me included - and I wanted to open up a business that could help everyone.”

After much research he found the perfect location... then Covid happened!
Undaunted and always fearless, Adam continued to chase his dream and despite the pandemic, he finally opened Perception Optical in Arlington, Massachusetts. Bravo Adam!

“I am proud to be a disabled optician because I know first-hand how important correct eyewear is.”

Adam speaks regularly at the Carroll Center for the Blind in Boston, and recently appeared on NPR to help celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Everything You Need to Know about PPE and Where To Get It - Here
Google Marketing Tools to Gain More Patients 
Did you know that there are approximately 3.5 billion Google searches per day???

Today, Google and other search engines are smarter than ever, but Google is more than just a search engine. As a matter of fact, Google offers many marketing tools your practice can take advantage of to help bring more eye care patients to your door. Here are just a few.

Google My Business is a great marketing tool that enables potential patients who are searching for the services you provide like eye exams, contact lenses, and prescription frames to easily find your practice. If you're looking for immediate results or you want to give your organic search efforts a bit of a jumpstart, then Google Ads, Google's pay-per-click (PPC) can get you there. Lastly, the Google Analytics tool answers the most important questions about your website and helps you understand how users are navigating your site.

 Read more about Google marketing tools or click here for a free marketing consultation.

SUN. 2
South Carolina Association of Opticians
Embassy Suites Greystone
Limited Seating

SAT. 8 — SUN. 9
Opticians Association of Georgia
Annual Meeting 2020
(Georgia Piedmont Tech Conference Center, Clarkston)

FRI. 21 — SUN. 23
Professional Opticians of Florida
Summer Showcase 2020
(The Hilton Daytona Beach Oceanfront Resort)


FRI. 11 — SUN. 13
Professional Opticians of Florida
Contact Lens Fitting Course For Board Certification
(Safety Harbor Resort & Spa)

FRI. 11 — SUN. 13
Professional Opticians of Florida
2020 West Coast Better Vision Conference
(Safety Harbor Resort & Spa)

FRI. 11 — SUN. 13
Professional Opticians of Florida
Florida Apprentice Contact Lens Certificate Program
(Safety Harbor Resort & Spa)

SAT. 26 — SUN. 27
North Carolina Opticians Association
Fall Beach Seminars
(Shell Island Resort, Wrightsville Beach)
Available CE Hours: 16
Cancelled Due To Covid


S. 18
Opticians Association of Washington
Fall Education (Yakima)

FRI. 23 — SUN. 25
Professional Opticians of Florida
Vision Preview 2020
(The Westin Ft Lauderdale Beach Resort)

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