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Issue #2014-8b
Acupuncture for Neck Pain: Does It Work?

Chronic neck pain is one of the most common pain issues faced by
students and office workers. Oftentimes, spending hours at a desk
each day, combined with poor postural habits, is the root cause of
the pain. However, for some, sports injuries, whiplash, and the
wrong bed mattress or pillow can set off the pain. Regardless of
what caused the neck pain to begin, many people find relief with
acupuncture when seemingly nothing else helped. Scientific
 researchers and clinicians have been conducting clinical trials on
the use of acupuncture for neck pain since the 1980's, and most of
these studies have confirmed that acupuncture is safe and effective.

One recent pilot study (published October 30, 2013 in the British
Medical Journal) conducted at the Kyunghee University Medical
Center in Seoul, Korea found that acupuncture three times per week was as effective as 80 mg of NSAIDs taken daily for chronic neck pain.

A meta-analysis of studies including 17,922 patients, published in
Complementary & Alternative Medicine, found acupuncture to be
effective for the treatment of back and neck pain, osteoarthritis, and chronic headaches. Patients receiving acupuncture had remarkably better results than patients receiving "sham" acupuncture.  Those patients who had the worst baseline mental status and worst base line pain scores also experienced the most benefit from acupuncture.

A rather intriguing study published in the Australian Journal of
Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine tested the effectiveness of acu-
pressure on distal acupoints on the hands for the treatment of chronic neck pain in the gallbladder and bladder meridians. There were a total of 60 patients in the study (30 in the treatment group and 30 controls who received acupressure on sham points), and those in the treatment group experienced dramatic pain relief over the 3-week treatment period. The control group did not report significant improvement.

One large study conducted in Germany and published in the Journal of the International Association for the Study of Pain found that patients with chronic neck pain lasting more than six months experienced considerable long-term relief with acupuncture, in comparison to a control group receiving conventional medical care and no acupuncture. A total of 14, 161 patients participated in the study, and there were 10, 395 patients who chose to receive acupuncture treatment (non-randomized). In addition, 1880 patients were randomized to receive acupuncture, and 1886 were randomized to the control group.  The acupuncture groups were treated up to fifteen times in three months with acupuncture; the control group received conventional medical care.  The non-randomized acupuncture group experienced more severe pain at the beginning of the study.  Both acupuncture groups reported greater pain relief than the control group six months after the initiation of the study.

While the numerous scientific studies on the efficacy and safety of
acupuncture have varied in methodology and number of patients
recruited - and none of the studies have been flawless in design -
the findings consistently support the use of acupuncture for longterm relief from chronic neck pain. Since acupuncture is a cost-effective treatment modality that is relatively free of side effects, it would be prudent for medical professionals to recommend acupuncture to patients with neck pain before prescribing potentially addictive pharmaceutical drugs and risky surgical procedures.

Wei Qi/Immune System Boost Soup

 * 1 whole chicken
 * 2 pints of water
 * 3 slices of Huang Qi (available in my office)
 * 1 tsp. olive oil
 * 10 oz. shiitake mushrooms
 * 1 tsp. chopped ginger
 * 4 chopped garlic cloves

Place chicken and Huang Qi/Astragalus root in water.
Bring to boil, simmer for 1 hour.
Add shiitake, ginger, garlic and oil.
Simmer for an additional 45 minutes.
Stress Got You Feeling Anxious?

Acupuncture may be able to help.

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Acupuncture & Natural Health Solutions
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 Meditative Walk


Here is a great meditation walk from Dr. Mashing Ni's book called, "Secrets of Self-healing". 


1. Find a quiet yard, park or someplace outside that has a tree that is at least 5 feet in diameter. 


2. Stand approximately 2-3 feet away from the tree trunk. 


3. Slowly walk clockwise around the tree, letting your arms swing freely at your side in a relaxed posture. 


4. Walk clockwise about 3-6 times. 


5. Change direction and walk counterclockwise, letting your arms swing freely at your side in a relaxed posture. 


6. Walk counter clockwise about 3-6 times.

Acupuncture Research

Proves Useful in 
Treating Spinal
Cord Injury

A recent study examining the beneficial effects of acupuncture in treating spinal cord injury has found some conclusive and impressive results.  
The study conducted on 100 subjects suffering from high grade spinal injuries has found that acute acupuncture can statistically raise sensory and motor function and downgrade spinal injuries according to the ASIA index (American Spinal Injury Association).

  The study followed up with the subjects one year after treatment to find that the treatment had remained effective.  

Spinal injury is painful and immediately gets in the way of one's everyday life so it's important to treat it quickly and effectively and acupuncture is proving to be a natural and practical way to alleviate the pains and effects of spinal injury.

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