Catching Up with Yvonne

By Yvonne Cavalli

 President of Bountiful Harvest


Bountiful Harvest sponsors Boy Scout Troop 347 and Cub Pack 344 in Brighton.

On July 31, 2023, a Court of Honor was held for the 56th Eagle Scout from Troop 347 - Nathan Gilpin. Nathan we are so proud of you. Congratulations does not seem like enough to say for all the tremendous work and skill learning you have had to do to achieve such a High Honor. You have achieved every task you set out to do. We are proud and honored to have had the opportunity of watching and helping you grow from a youth to the young man you are today.



We have kept the pantry closed to clients coming in due to how much we have grown and outgrown the pantry building. We are in tight quarters and in order to have the food and clothes available we have had to remain closed.

We are in desperate need of the following:

Tuesday: Grocery shopping (in our building), check out.

Wednesday: Kitchen, Grocery shopping, check out

Thursday: Morning Shift -Kitchen, Grocery shopping (in our building) Shopping and take out to clients in the afternoon.

Friday: Both shifts - Grocery shopping (in our building), afternoon shift -check out and front desk

Saturday morning: Front Desk, Grocery Shopping (in our building), check out the Saturdays that kitchen help is needed.


As you will notice a resounding need for kitchen help is needed Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and the last Saturday of the month.


I know you probably get tired of seeing this. However, please help us keep our meals going to the seniors, shut-ins, homeless and veteran. We need drivers – 2nd driver for Wednesday, 2 drivers for Friday afternoons 1 – 4 and Saturday 9:30 am - noon.

For questions on volunteering, you can call the office, or sign up to volunteer online!


God Bless,


Pet Pantry

At Bountiful Harvest, we recognize that your pets are family too. The Pet Pantry provides dog and cat food, as well as pet accessories based on availability.

Looking for an easy way to help our furry friends? Go to, view our wish list, and donate!

Chez Vonz

By Michelle Benser

Chez Vonz Manager

I hope you are having a great summer. 


2/42 came in and renovated the clothing store area. WOW! Come in and check out the “New” clothing store.


School Store

We are so excited for the School Store. Each child in your household will receive New School Clothes and a Backpack with school supplies.


School Store dates and times:

August 1- 4: 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Saturday August 5th : 9am - noon

August 8th - 11th: 3:00pm to 5:00pm

Saturday August 12th : 9am - noon

August 15th - 19th : 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Saturday August 20th : 9am - noon

August 22nd - August 25th : 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Saturday August 26th : 9am - noon

August 29th - August 31st : 3:00pm - 5:00pm


We have our backpacks and school supplies available during the same hours as listed above.



We will stop accepting summer clothing after Labor Day weekend. Please start bringing your fall and winter clothing then.


We are in great need of Junior size clothes for teen girls and Ladies clothes sizes Large to 5X. We also need men’s clothes for teen boys and men, Sizes XS to 5X.


When going through your and your children’s shoes, please remember us. The first of November we will be accepting winter boots and coats, etc.


Reminder, we cannot accept stuffed animals or pillows (unless they are new).


Thank you so much for all the wonderful donations.

Kidz Bitz

By Jeff Hauk

Director of Connected Kidz

With all the sneaky tricks out there to try to steal your information and money, I decided to share 3 tips to help you avoid being scammed.

Rule 1: Don’t click, contact directly. Never click or select ANY link that comes from your Bank or other institution claiming there is a charge. Go to their website directly and login to your account and check out your statement.


Rule 2: They won’t call you. Say you will call back. You will never be contacted directly by Amazon or anyone else legitimate. If you are concerned, look up their direct customer service phone number.


Rule 3: Even if they sound like someone you know, it could be an AI reproduction. This is a new way bad people get you. They search your social media for the video you posted of your child/grandchild. Then they steal the voice audio and use AI to make it ask you for money because they are in trouble. They can even be sneaky enough to spoof their phone number.  Once again, hang up and call them directly.  

Our Mission

Bountiful Harvest will feed, clothe and give aid for those in need with love, compassion and urgency.

Bountiful Harvest Hours


Tuesday - Friday

12:00pm - 4:00pm


9:00am - 12:00pm

Closed Sunday and Monday


Please check out our donation wish list. It is updated often with the needs for our clients. 


Check out the great opportunities and fun events. Sign up here or email us


We need leaders with great ideas. Contact us and join our team.

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Bountiful Harvest is an Equal Opportunity Provider


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