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Corrections/Clarifications have been made to the Plan Updates and Contacts sections below.

The ARRT Coordinators, Secretaries, and Planners of Alaska’s four Area Committees would like to share the following information with you on upcoming projects and events. Please RSVP or register for meetings - this helps us plan better for meeting spaces and provide you with additional meeting information and materials.


Please Join the ARRT/Area Committee Email List if someone forwarded you this email. You can also update your information on this same website.

ARRT Meeting Group

Alaska Regional Response Team (ARRT) Meeting:

Thursday 9/14/2023

Mark your calendars for the next AWA Area Committee Meeting is being held on the UAA Campus. Topics include a review of the East Palestine, OH Train Derailment response, presentations from the Alaska Railroad and US DOT PHMSA, and an overview on the USCG Alternative Planning Criteria. (Please register, so we can arrange appropriate room accommodations)

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Meetings and Events

Stay informed and get involved with the four Alaska Area Committees. The Alaska Regional Response Team (ARRT) hosts a MEETINGS & EVENTS webpage with upcoming meetings hosted by the ARRT and Area Committees and other events associated with oil spills and hazardous substance response preparedness. This page also has a list of the Working Groups and Task Forces of the Area Committees and their current projects.   

Plan Updates (Clarification):

Planners from EPA, ADEC and USCG are currently working on reviewing and potentially modifying the Alaska Inland Area Contingency Plan (ACP) and Alaska Regional Contingency Plan (RCP). A public comment period is anticipated for both plans later this year and early next year. The dates will be announced via email and on the ADEC and Alaska Regional Response Team Websites.

  • Alaska Inland Area Contingency Plan is anticipated in December 2023-January 2024
  • The Alaska Regional Contingency Plan will follow later in Spring 2024.

Alaska Inland Area Contingency Plan:  Please email recommendations for to Mary Goolie and Victoria Colles. The current plan and comment response matrix are available on the Area Committee website.

Regional Contingency Plan: The ARRT Coordinators are seeking any recommendations for the Alaska Regional Contingency Plan review. See email addresses below.

Alaska's Area Committees

Please see the Area Committee webpages for the most current information on area committee meetings, subcommittee and working group projects and other events.


Southeast Alaska

Area Committee

Next meeting to be announced at a later date.

Southeast Alaska Area Committee Website
University Lake Oil Spill

Alaska Inland

Area Committee

Currently working on modifications to the Area Contingency Plan. Please send your recommended changes and revision to

Mary Goolie

Alaska Inland Area Committee Website

Prince William Sound Area Committee

Next Meeting: October 5, 2023

Valdez, AK & Virtual

More info

Prince William Sound Area Committee Website
USCG Sector Anchorage and ADEC Oil in Ice exercise. A groove is cut in the ice and a person in an orange mustang suit is operating an ice cutting auger in the groove. Several observers are to the side

Arctic and Western Alaska Area Committee

Next Meeting: October 25, 2023

Anchorage, AK and Virtual

More info

Arctic and Western Alaska Area Committee Website
Logo of the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation
Logo for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Emergency Response program
Logo for the U.S. Coast Guard 17th District

ARRT & Area Committee Contacts:

Alaska Regional Response Team

Alaska Inland Area Committee

Arctic and Western Alaska Area Committee

Prince William Sound Area Committee

Southeast Alaska Area Committee

Alaska Regional Response Team

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