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August 2015
Natural Thin Veneer - New Styles and Colors for Summer 2015

We have built a deep inventory and consistent supply of eonomical thin stone veneer.  Its available in three colors and some in four styles. In addition to our New England and Berkshire lines we are introducing Willow Creek.  Our natural thin stone veneer is now available in Ledge, Ashlar, Mosiac and Squares and Rectangle   


New England
Willow Creek
Farm Select
"Squares & Recs"
"Squares & Recs"
"Squares & Recs"
Olde Cambridge 
one style only
Rustic Quarry Run 
one style only

The Great Success Story of Blue Mist Granite

It's only been a year since we introduced our top selling imported granite to the US Marketplace, yet we've seen Blue Mist sales skyrocket this summer. Retail yards, dealers and their customers recognize that Blue Mist Granite is a great option to the ever elusive thermal bluestone.   Blue Mist Granite has found its way into the palatial designs of the South Coast as well as commercial and industrial grade applications across our New England Market. And, why not? Denser, less-absorbent and aesthetically beautiful, masons and hardscapers can manipulate this stone into almost any application a designer can dream. Our stocking sizes include:

  • 1.25" Pattern (Available as large as a 36" x 36")
  • 2" Tread and Wide Stock (Rocked 3-sides)
  • 2" Bullnose Coping - 14" Deep
  • 6" Decorative Steps and Platforms (Rocked 3)
  • 1.25" Slab Cutting Stocking intervals of 1" up to 8" Depth
  • 3" Stocked Pier Caps - Varying Sizes (Rocked 4)
  • Fence Post, Mailbox Post & Lamp Post (Rocked 2, Flamed 2)

Blue Mist Granite Fun Fact:

Blue Mist Granite is as good a gold. When honed or polished this granite reveals small flecks of pyrite!  
Other Products with Deep Inventory

This season not every stone and size has been available especially thermal blue. There are plenty of options however and we have deep inventories of many popular product lines ready to ship.  

Desert Tan Brownstone
Sandy Point Granite
Modular Thinstone Panels


We have plenty of cobblestones in inventory and are extending special pricing for full truck loads.  Contact your Sales Representative for more details.

Our fabrication shop is busier than ever.  Complexity is the name of the game.  Our clever craftsmen bring an array of proven talent to the shop floor.  Look at some of these latest projects detailing the most difficult profiles.

Highlighted Projects:

Limestone Sill (left); Bluestone Corbal (right)



Always 35% off:   Thermal Bluestone second quality  treads, widestock, pattern and slabs are always on sale.  Sold by pallet only. No returns.  
Many other products are available at deep discounts.  Call or visit our yard to see what's available.