As August falls, Autumn draws near.
What an August, we've been incredibly busy this month. Luckily, Ross was still able to get away for his planned week with the grandkids. We've been repairing and staining decks, patching siding, building a tiny entryway with an attached closet, and de-rusting/painting an exterior steel beam. and much much more.
Tip Of The Month: Should you cover your air conditioner in winter
I know it's early but as a scouter, it's better to "be prepared". This tip can help to preserve your air conditioner and save you a lot in unwanted repair costs, or possible replacement costs.

Repairing, what others don't.
Recently, a good customer of ours, had a new door and window installed, the window was smaller to accommodate a kitchen they plan to renovate. The the old window frame was left intact, with framing and plywood filling in under the new window. We cut the old frame flush to the plywood and brought it all even with the exterior sheathing using 1/4 plywood and covered it all with tar paper. Finally we installed the cedar shingles and trim trim. With a little brown paint this patch will blend right in.
The Process: Re-staining the deck
We begin by spraying it all down with a bio friendly cleaner and pressure washing the deck fallowed by the railings.
After it dries for at least 24hrs, we start staining. In this case it was about 2 weeks do to the rain. clean from bottom to top and stain from top to bottom.
Once all the railings were done, we went to the deck, stairs, and then lattice work. and there you have it. a newly stained deck ready for years of BBQ's.