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    Volume 10 No. 8                                                                                                                                     August  2018
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Clean Missouri
Parkville Days
Election HQ
Voter Protection Network
Resistance to Resolution
Democratic Candidates and Ballot Issues
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August 23 - Coves North Open House for David Park, Coves North Clubhouse,  8615 NW Waukomis Dr.  Info
September 10 - Platte County Federated Women's Democratic Club - Platte County Democratic Election Headquarters, 6732 NW Tower, Platte Woods, MO.  5:30 pm.  
September 15 - Northland Progress - Fired Up, Meet the Candidates BBQ, English Landing Park, Parkville.  5:00 pm - 7:30 pm. 
September 18 - Northland Democratic Club - SHEA Office, 4120 NE Vivion Rd, KCMO.  6:30 - 8:30 pm  (across street from Penguin Park).  
September 20  - Platte County Democratic Central Committee - Platte County Democratic Election Headquarters, 6732 NW Tower, Platte Woods, MO.  7:00 pm.
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Clean Missouri is Fighting For You 
Amendment 1 on the November ballot is our chance to increase integrity, transparency, accountability in government - and to take back power from special interests.  Please help in any way you can.  Click here for more info.   
Parkville Days  
Platte County Democratic Candidates Martin Rucker , Matt Sein, Mitch Webber and David Park lined up together to participate in the Parkville Days Parade Saturday morning August 18th. Platte County Democrats also worked a booth providing voter registration, candidate information, election buttons and t-shirts starting Friday evening August 17th through Sunday August 19th.
Platte County Federated Women's Democratic Club
The Women's Club held its August meeting at Platte County Democratic Headquarters, 6732 NW Tower Drive in Platte Woods on Monday, August 13th at 5:30. Stacey Webb found last minute volunteers to work at the Parkville Days Booth and said that candidates were still looking for walkers for the Parade.
The Women's Club decided we should provide a slate of Platte County Democratic Candidates to make available at our booth. And the club decided that we would make phone calls for candidates at the Women's Club meetings between now and the November election..
Northland Democratic Club 
Brian Colby of the Missouri Budget Project spoke about how tax revenue erosion affects Missouri government and infrastructure.  Adjusted current spending on roads is below the level spent in 2000 despite population growth and the resulting increased transportation needs.    
Passage of the gasoline tax initiative in November's election  would provide some funds for road. Collection of Missouri sales tax on internet purchases would also bring in additional revenue.  But various interests are already lining up to fight for this revenue stream should it be implemented.
Platte County Democratic Central Cimmittee 
Platte County Democratic Committee held their regular August meeting on Tuesday, August 21 to reorganize by electing officers at the campaign Headquarters, 6732 NW Tower Dr., Platte Woods at 7:00 p.m. The new officers are: David Christian - Chairman, Melissa Green - Vice Chair, Bob Dixon - Treasurer, Becky McGill Morrison - Secretary. The Chairman for the 13th District is Melissa Green and the Vice Chair is Bob Dixon. The Chairman for the 14th District is Ken Hunt and the Vice Chair is Paula Willmarth. Two new members of the Central Committee were approved: Stacy Webb for District 13-1 and Alice Wadsworth for District 13-3.
There was a discussion about contributions to candidates for the Missouri House, Missouri Senate and the 6th Congressional District. We also discussed creating a ½ page 2018 Platte County Democratic Slate to distribute door to door.
David Park, candidate for Platte County Presiding Commissioner reported that a number of Platte County Democrats attended the Commission meeting on Monday, August 20th. The Commission is still considering putting a proposed "public safety" sales tax increase to build an 330 bed jail addition on the November ballot in spite of the fact that there have been no public hearings on this subject to date and there is no clear need for the project. The deadline for submitting language for the November ballot is August 28th. The following report appeared on the Platte County Landmark's Facebook Page for August 20th.
"BREAKING: Platte County Commissioners today are saying a 330-bed, $43 million jail addition may be back on the table. Ron Schieber, presiding commissioner, says a potential partnership to house around 150 City of Kansas City prisoners might make that proposal financially 'feasible.' On Friday commissioners had said the $43 million expansion was no longer being considered. Schieber said the potential partnership with KC is "new information this morning."
John Elliott, second  district commissioner, says the county is holding out the option of placing a sales tax increase on the November ballot. "We'll know Aug. 28," Elliott said. Aug. 28 is the deadline for ballot language to be submitted to election authorities.
Schieber said a conversation that Dagmar Wood, first district commissioner, had with a Kansas City council member over the weekend put the KC 150-prisoner idea back on the discussion table for the county."
For an in depth discussion go to:   
Platte County Democratic Election Headquarters - NOW OPEN!

Turn Here 
The Platte County Democratic Election Headquarters is now open. Field representative from ClaireMcCaskill's Coordinated campaign is Kevin Triue (pronounced "true"). The office is located at 6732 Tower Drive in Platte Woods. The phone number is: 816-351-7068.

We are looking for volunteers to make phone calls and canvass. We also plan to help address post cards and organize a regular letter to the editor campaign. 
Missouri Voter Protection Network  
The Missouri Democratic Party is organizing a Missouri Democratic Party Voter Protection Program.  They are looking for lawyers and voting advocates to be present during the 2018 Missouri General Election to make sure voters can exercise their right to vote.  If you would like to help, click here. 
From Resistance to Resolution 
"Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
Margaret Mead
For years Democrats have searched for a message that sums up who we are and captures our aspirations for a sustainable future.
The truth is we don't need to change who we are: Democrats have always been the party that believes in people - in education, in investment and in opportunity.
We don't need to change what we believe; we need to alter the conversation, the framework we use when we talk about government. We are a democracy, a government of the people, by the people and for the people.
The purpose of government is to create the environment in which everyone can thrive - an environment of possibility.
Democratic Candidates and Ballot Issues

With Election Season 2018 underway Platte County has excellent candidates running for every Statewide and State Legislative office. In the weeks and months to come there will be regular candidate fund raisers and opportunities to meet candidates at venues large and small. Liking our candidate's Facebook pages is an excellent way to keep in touch with what is happening and where. It is also one of the most economical ways for candidates to reach you. We need everyone to participate in any way they can. Talk to your friends and neighbors, help us knock on doors, make phone calls, address post cards. Hold a neighborhood meeting to meet your local candidate and discuss pressing issues. Join us in writing letters to the editor on important issues.
Below is a list of all Democratic Candidates for Platte County.  After their name is their website followed by their Facebook site where available.  Between the two, you should find information on issues, positions, events, fundraisers, etc.

United States Senate
United States 6th Congressional District
Missouri State Treasurer
Missouri State Senate
Missouri State House of Representatives
Platte County Presiding Commissioner
Information on candidates and ballot issues for 2018 can also be found on Ballotpedia Missouri 2018,,_2018   
Also make sure our Senators and representatives hear from you.
Member of Congress
Phone Number
Senator Blunt
(202) 224-5721
Senator McCaskill
(202) 224-6154
Representative Cleaver
(202) 225-4535
Representative Graves
(202) 225-7041