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Solos, Certificates,  
and Ratings

Sweta Kolisetti
Private Pilot
CFI Chris Worthy

Wilson Yee
First Solo Flight
CFI Cameron Hallock

Roger Austin Belleau
First Solo Flight
CFI Jenna Coffman

Jenna Coffman
Instrument Flight Instructor
CFII Chris Phillips

Luke Kuberski
Private Pilot
CFI Scott Frank

Scott Wilson
First Solo
CFI James Wilby

Madi Siegrist
Private Pilot
CFI Connor Hanley

Jimmy Magarelli
Private Pilot
CFI Erik Skjerseth

Ben Barash
Multi-Engine Instructor Rating 
MEI Chris Phillips

Chris Phillips
Airline Transport Pilot

Connor Eaton
First Solo Flight
CFI Sam Robinson

Erik Buckley 
Private Pilot
CFI Darek Laviolette

Tiffany Brown
Multi-Engine Instructor Rating
MEI Jeremy Peres

Kameron Priesntiz-Ray
Instrument Pilot
CFII Brandon Hockaday

Griff Bosche
Multi Engine Commercial Pilot
MEI Jackie Burant

Jenny LeCuyer
Single Engine Commercial Pilot
MEI Conner Hanley

Nick Archer
CFI Rating
MEI Erik Skjerseth

Rachel Maxwell
Private Pilot
CFI Brandon Ramberg

Garrett Nickles
First Solo
CFI Sam Robinson

Landon Diedrich
Private Pilot
CFI Brady Sandsmark

Allan Glen
First Solo
CFI Efrain Cabrera

Andrew M. Holmes
First Solo
CFI Cofy Leet

Erina Houk
Instrument Pilot
Darin Gamba

Riley Burgon
Instrument Pilot
Darin Gamba

Lee Hammons
Commercial Multi-Engine Pilot
Conner Hanley

Chris Favoro
Certified Flight Instructor
Jon Nafie

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August 2018                                   Issue No. 8, Volume 36
Club News

Celebrate our Future  Fleet Additions!
Scheduling this summer has been wild. But the club has been hard at work improving and expanding the aircraft fleet. So, watch the schedule for the addition of our newest airplanes!

New Cessna 172
N1132X will join the training fleet from California. A 2006 G-1000 S-model, this beautiful airplane is a Technically Advanced Aircraft and can be used for Commercial Training under the new FAA regulations . N1132X will join the fleet at $149/wet.

New Grumman AA-5A Cheetah
Welcome N329P, a Grumman Cheetah and the first plane of  its type in our fleet. The stunning  Cheetah will have a  Lycoming 180 horsepower engine for amazing climb p erformance  and a gorgeous blue and black striped exterior. 

Second New Grumman AA-5A Cheetah
The second Cheetah to join our fleet, N387G will come to us with a Garmin 730 GPS, a Lynx  ADS-B Transponder, and a sharp paint job. With 150 horsepower, this  fixed-wing,  single engine aircraft will be the perfect plane for time building!

New Piper Archer
N651KC is a 2007 Archer with Avidyne glass panels, a Lycoming 180 horsepower engine, and a duel Garmin 430 GPS. At a future cost of $139/wet, N651KC will be a great plane for all manner of flight training! 

New Piper Archer III
We'll be adding another
Piper Archer III to the fleet at Centennial.  N5342K  is a 2001 Piper Archer III with duel Garmin 430 GPS, ADS-B Transponder, and air conditioning! At only $129/wet, this will be the plane to fly on those hot days!

Come see the first unveiling of these planes at the Club BBQ on August 11th.  RSVP to have lunch on us!

Reservation Cancellation Reminder
Along with the cool mornings and scorching afternoons, summer brings an increased demand for airplanes. Many of us are in the habit of booking several days in advance to be sure of getting the airplane we want. While we always ask you to cancel your reservation if your plans change, that doesn't always happen.

Please remember to cancel those reservations you no longer need. Whether it's a schedule conflict, you need a ground lesson that day, or you just aren't feeling well - remember to either cancel on Flight Schedule Pro or call the front desk. 

Your fellow club members will thank you!

Rocky Mountain Air and Ground Festival at BJC

Love the smell of jet fuel in the morning?

Then on August 4th, fasten your seat belt for the one and only Rocky Mountain Air and Ground Festival! 
Marvel at the thrilling displays  of intense aerobatics and masterful demonstrations of formation flying. 

Gates open to the public at 9:00am and close at 4:00pm. Be sure not to miss the two airshows, scheduled to start at 10:30am and 1:30pm. Parking is limited, so be sure to get there as early as possible. 

Important Reminder: Because of this event, BJC's airspace will be closed from 7:00am to 5:00pm on August 4th.

Don't forget to check out our booth!
Club BBQ at APA

Please join us on Saturday, August 11th from 12:00pm to 3:00pm for a Club BBQ at Centennial Airport!

We are celebrating the arrival of some new planes for our fleet. S cheduling has been rough this summer, so the addition of these cool new aircraft will open up our  availability for members. 

We will provide hamburgers, hot dogs, and drinks. Side dishes will also be available. Come chat with our CFIs, other members, and take a look at the new fleet additions!

Please RSVP  so we can cook up enough lunch for everyone! See you there...

Land of Enchantment Fly-In

Hosted by EAA 179, this Fly-In at  Double Ea gle II  Airport in Albuquerque  on  Saturday, August 25th starts at 7:00am.  There will be a free pancake breakfast , so make sure to get there early! 

Come watch helicopters, gliders, ultralights, and the formation flying team, the Chile Flight, show off their moves.  This gathering of unique aircraft includes vintage and amateur-built aircraft of all types.  Please remember to bring comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen, and stay hydrated. 

Admission and parking are FREE for this event. Any donations will go towards EEA 170's mission, while includes aviation scholarships, youth outreach programs, and their summer teen program, Double Eagle Aviation Adventure. 


Reserve your plane today! 


Click here for more information.

From the Chief Flight Instructor

Most of our aircraft measure speed in knots, also known as nautical miles per hour. As we all know, a nautical mile is 6,000 feet, as opposed to the altitude of the Mile High City (5,280').  Trivia question; what is the origin of the term "knots" as a measurement of speed?

Knots in the aircraft tiedown straps actually weaken the holding ability of the strap. Not a lot, but enough to be worth making sure the straps are straight (not twisted) and knot free.

We generally look for max warp speed when we are going from point A to point B, but when we are not in a hurry to get somewhere, consider setting your power for a lazy, best endurance airspeed. If you are one of the people building time, you are still getting an hour of flight time for each hour you fly, plus you are able save gas. A lot of gas. In a 172S, for instance, the fuel savings between max cruise speed and best economy speed is about 4.5 gallons an hour. There are many reasons to consider that, if you are not in a hurry to get somewhere. By the way, some of my favorite flights are at airspeeds slower than 90 knots indicated.

On the flip side of speed, we are associated with an exceptional charter company that just put a Cessna 414A on their certificate. Capable of carrying four to six passengers at 200 knots true, it is a great ride in pressurized, first-class comfort above most of the weather. Feel free to call for details.

The other kind of knots we experience as pilots are the ones that tie up our stomach just prior to a check ride. We all get them. Best advice I can give you is that the examiners are usually hoping you will pass your checkride every bit as much as you are. Take a deep breath every once in a while and try to relax. You will fly better, for one thing, and it never ceases to amaze me how much better we recall information when we are more relaxed.

See you around the airport.

Steve Green
Chief Flight Instructor
Aspen Flying Club at KAPA

KAPA -    (303) 799-6794
KFTG -   (303) 261-4041
KBJC -  (303) 466-6998
KUAO - (503) 678-1217