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Winter Hours Start at APA and BJC 
Sun, September 2nd

Sat, September 8, 9:00am

Fri & Sat, September 14 & 15, 9:00am

Fri, Sat, & Sun, September 14, 9:00am

Sat, September 15, 9:00am

Sat, September 22, 10:00am

Mon & Wed, October 1, 6:00pm

Mon & Thur, October 1, 6:00pm

Tues/Thurs/Fri, 12-3pm
Solos, Certificates,  
and Ratings

Anthony Gilson
First Solo Flight
CFI Brandon Ramberg

Greg Tilden
Private Pilot
CFI Lou Jendras & 
CFI Branden Hockaday

Josh Prinizi
First Solo Flight
CFI Sam Samberson

Brett White
First Solo Flight
CFI Luke Billingsley

Miguel Kepler
Private Pilot
CFI Tiffany Brown

James Kilborn
Private Pilot
CFI James Williams

Derrick Smith
Instrument Rating
CFII Darin Gamba

Joey Decker
Private Pilot
CFI Conner Hanley

Luis Luzardo
First Solo Flight
CFI Darin Gamba

Mishaal Alsudairy
Private Pilot
CFI Nicholas Bouchard

Riley Burgon
Instrument Rating
CFII Darin Gamba

Parisa Negahbani
Private Pilot
CFI Scott Frank

Brad Schleining
First Solo Flight
CFI Brady Sandsmark

John Neilson
Private Pilot
CFI Darin Gamba

Joseph Samaniuk
First Solo Flight
CFI Shelly Engel

Trent Posey
Private Pilot
CFI Chris Phillips

Kevin Bransfield
Instrument Rating
CFII Chris Phillips

Dustin Holstein
Private Pilot
CFI Andy Sheldon

Deborah Cassel
Private Pilot
CFI Tiffany Brown

Kale Gillespie
Instrument Rating
CFII Chris Phillips

Rachel Arrotta 
Private Pilot
CFI Scott Frank

Madison Wolf
Passed CFI Check
MEI James Williams

Katie Luchau
Passed CFI Practical
CFII Cameron Hallock

Chris Bright
Private Pilot
CFI Shelly Engel 

Will Shaefer
First Solo
CFI Scott Larson

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September 2018                                   Issue No. 9, Volume 36
Important Reminder
Aspen Flying Club resumed Fall Schedule on Sunday, September 2nd. The Front Office is now open from 8:00am to 5:00pm daily. 

Club News
New Fleet Addition!
Come check out the beautiful new Piper Archer III on the line at Aspen!

Piper Archer III
Joining us at Centennial, N651KC is a beautiful 2007 with 180 horsepower and air conditioning. Plus, it is on the schedule and ready to fly!

With Avadyne glass panel s and a dual Garmin 430 WAAS, N651KC is a great
option for instrument
training or cross

country trips. 

At only $149/wet, take it out for a whirl today!

Click here to view our entire fleet of high quality, low cost aircraft.
Join Our Team!

Western Air Flight Academy is hiring! As the largest flight school in Colorado, this is a significant opportunity for anyone interested in gaining experience in Aviation Management. 

We are looking to fill several positions with highly-competent people. We are offering a competitive salary and flexible hours.

Email your resume to today!

Aspen's Front Desk is Remodeling!

Please pardon our dust - Aspen is  updating the Front Desk! 

We will be open during this remodel every day of the week from 8:00am to 5:00pm under the new Fall Schedule.

The temporary Command Center is located in the Testing Center room. Enter though the Pilot's Lounge doors, head straight though the classroom's double glass doors, and follow the hallway at the back of the classroom. The testing Center is the first door on the right.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Front Desk at (303)799-6794.

Sealcoat Project at APA
Starting August 5, 7:00am

The non-movement area of Charlie Taxiway is being resealed!

Starting on Wednesday,  September 5th at 7:00am through Friday, September 7th, Charlie Taxiway will be closed to all airplane movement (the Yellow stripes).

Twenty airport-style low-profile barricades will be set up alone the high movement entrants (positions indicated the red  lines ) along with two-hundred traffic cones spaced no more then fifteen feet apart (position indicated by the  green  line ). 

All taxing aircraft will share the north side of Charlie Ramp when taxing to and from the runway (the Blue and Orange arrows).  Be sure to taxi slowly (especially during high movement times) and follow 'right-of-way' procedures. 

Important Reminder: Please keep in mind that the North and South Run-up areas will be available  to all pilots, should the Charlie One Run-up area become congested. 

Colorado 99's Poker Fun Run

Come play and hand of airplane Poker to support the inclusion of women in aviation!

The Colorado 99's Fifth Annual Poker Fun Run will be starting at 9:00am on Saturday, September 8th. Each pilot will fly between airports, pick up a cards for each 'hand', then fly on to the next airport.

Click here for more information and to register!
AOPA Fly-In: Santa Fe, NM

Sponsored by AOPA,
 this fly-in to the beautiful city of Santa Fe runs from Friday, September 14th to Saturday, September 15th.

Register for workshops, free seminars, and explore what AOPA has to offer the world of general aviation.  This gathering also includes shows of unique aircraft ranging from vintage and amateur-built. 

Please remember to bring comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen, and stay hydrated.


Reserve your plane today! 


Click here for more information.

KFLY-In at Meadow Lake Airport

Santa Fe a little too far, but still interested in taking park in a Fly-In?

Fly closer to home and join us for the 1st Annual KFLYIN at Meadow Lake Airport! 

Starting on Friday, September 14th, join us for a weekend of fun activities, food, and interaction with the aviation community. Take classes like 'Introduction to Mountain Flying' or 'Intro to Formation Flying', and be wowed by flour bombing competitions and morning Hot Rod show. 

This is a private event, so make sure to register online or upon arrival at the airport. Fuel will be available at a discounted price for registered guests. 

Please follow the LINK  for more information and r eserve your plane today!
Becoming a Glider Pilot Seminar at APA

Have you dreamed of becoming a glider pilot? 

In this short presentation, our experienced Glider CFI Eric Hineman  will give an overview of the requirements to adding-on a glider certificate to your private or  commercial  certificate and how many hours are needed, before going over the 'fun' aspect of glider flying. 

Glider flying is a great way to build hours for a discounted rate, so take advantage of this free seminar! Both member and non-members are welcome.

Clic k HERE  for more information and to register!

From the Chief Flight Instructor

Jay Silvernale is our Senior Assistant Chief Flight Instructor of Standardization. A long title, for sure, but barely reflects his responsibilities, depth of knowledge and passion for aviation. Jay sets and holds us to a high level of standards as pilots and instructors. Some people think he holds us to an impossibly high standard, but I know he always holds himself up to everything he asks of the rest of us, so I know it is possible.

Why is that such a big deal? When you, as a pilot, or all of us as an organization, consistently hold yourself to a high standard of knowledge, skill and understanding, people recognize it, come to expect it and appreciate it.

Such a reputation goes a long way in this industry. I am sure this is true of many others too, but the aviation community is a relatively small one and it is not uncommon for a person's reputation, or an organization's, to precede them.
How do we continue to maintain our reputation for the high standards we have had for the last four decades, through this time of rapid growth? At the risk of stating the obvious, it starts and ends with each and every one of us.

It may be daunting to talk to Jay about aviation standards, his CFI class might even go so far as to describe it as intimidating, but as hundreds of people have said over the years, if you get past Jay, you are good to go, anywhere. He holds us all up to a high standard, including yours truly, but he is correct in his belief that high standards in aviation lead to great things, including a high level of safety, successful advancement and generally good times.

I fly because it is fun, a great way to get somewhere in a reasonably short time and it gives me a chance to see the world from a perspective not everyone gets to experience. I love to give rides to "first-timers" in the Citabria (or anything else, but that's another story). Dolly Parton said "it takes a lot of money to look this cheap". It takes a lot of work to have this much fun.
Every flight requires a successful outcome, so like most of us, I work very hard to make it look easy, challenging myself to hold myself to the highest possible standard of skill and safety on every pre-flight flight and post-flight operation. We owe it to ourselves, our industry, our passengers, and the people on the ground to do nothing less.

See you around the airport.

Steve Green
Chief Flight Instructor
Aspen Flying Club at KAPA

KAPA -    (303) 799-6794
KFTG -   (303) 261-4041
KBJC -  (303) 466-6998
KUAO - (503) 678-1217