August 2018 Newsletter
The Mel King Institute for Community Building offers training and educational opportunities to help build just and inclusive communities. This newsletter contains MKI and partner trainings, upcoming conferences, educational opportunities, and resources for further exploration of the field.
Applications now open for the Certificate Program!
Certificate Program Graduate
Colleen Fitzpatrick with Mel King
The Mel King Institute Certificate offers a new way to engage with our programming through a more comprehensive experience. By taking a range of existing MKI courses, this program provides an overview of the basic skills, knowledge, and values that underlie the work of community development in Massachusetts. 

Sep 18
Boston, MA
Applications open soon for the Mentoring Program!
This information session will provide testimonials from past mentors and mentees who completed the program, will offer an opportunity to introduce and discuss the 2018-2019 events calendar, and answer questions on how to enroll and the application process.
Featured Event

Nov 3 and Jan 12
Boston, MA

This “state of the art” governance capacity-building training series will provide your board members with innovative, best practices; concrete strategies for integrating a racial equity lens in your governance practices; and tools to help strengthen your Board’s effectiveness and ability to impact your community.  This series is specifically designed for CDC boards, helping them engage more directly with, and become more accountable to the diverse communities they serve.

This highly experiential training will be offered to 3‐5 CDCs who will work together as board teams, along with their Executive Directors. Participation includes two full-day training sessions, a board self-assessment, and one hour of coaching between sessions.

Upcoming MKI Events
Microsoft Office Trainings
For a limited time, the Mel King Institute and Operation A.B.L.E. are offering a technology training series for Microsoft Office products. Read more in depth about each of the trainings and register at the links below:

Resident Leader Training 

The Resident Leader Training is a free two-day training for any resident of public housing who would like to enhance their leadership skills, learn about new state regulations, or get involved in a tenant group. Leaders of Local Tenant Organizations, “Task Forces” and other tenant groups are highly encouraged to attend. The training focuses on state regulations about tenant participation and also covers essentials leadership skills such as team building, outreach, conflict resolution, and running meetings.

Upcoming Training Opportunities:

August 9 and August 23, 10am – 3:30pm 

September 24 and September 25, 10am – 3:30pm 
Open only to Boston Housing Authority residents 

October 9 and 16, 10am – 3:30pm 
Partner Events
Projects, Scholarships, and Continuing Education

The Fulcrum Fellowship is an intensive, year-long program designed to equip leaders with the tools and knowledge to ignite lasting change in communities. Grounded in an action-learning framework, the program is designed to position fellows to help disinvested communities achieve their environmental, social and economic priorities.

Do you have an idea for a new program, project or social enterprise? Would it help to have a student team conduct a preliminary feasibility study?

The feasibility study can be for a new program, project or enterprise that your organization is considering or a substantial expansion/move in a different direction for an existing program or enterprise. The students will conduct an initial case study research assignment to look at similar projects/programs implemented elsewhere and then conduct a preliminary feasibility study for the proposed project or program

Harvard Community Development Project
The Community Development Project at Harvard (CDP) is looking for projects for the 2018-2019 academic year!

CDP is comprised of 80 graduate students who consult local non-profits on issues in urban development. We are currently taking proposals for place-based projects in New England. If you have a proposal or would like to receive more information, please contact Michael McIntosh at by August 15.
Other Resources
In case you missed it...

Watch our video: MKI Supports Creative Placemaking , highlighting our partnerships with artists and developers and the work that is being done in Salem with the Punto Urban Art Museum.