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Vendor Member of the Month
Justin Allen - Hunter Engineering
Our Vendor Member of the Month is Justin Allen with Hunter Engineering! Justin is a Hunter rep and has been greatly assisting the Western IGONC Chapter. Thank you Justin for all you do and providing never ending smiles!
Member of the Month
King's Auto Service
Our Member of the Month is King's Auto Service! This month, King's graciously hosted our Triangle Chapter Meeting. Their staff cooked a delicious seafood spread and welcomed us to their shop with open arms. Thank you King's!
August News
Growing your own technicians. It works!
By: Stan Creech, IGO President

3 years ago this young high school kid walked in our front door unannounced, wanting a part time job. My initial impression wasn’t great, but it was a busy time of the year so I interviewed him and decided to give him a chance.
Assisting Intoxicated Customers

Recently, we had an inquiry from a long-time member requesting advice on servicing a vehicle for an intoxicated individual. He mentioned a recent Supreme Court ruling in New Mexico and his concerns. Here are the case details:

From engine diagnostics to driver behavior, today’s modern vehicle is a computer on wheels – collecting and transmitting enormous amounts of personal data.

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From Autoshop Solutions

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The Automotive Service & Technology Expo is the largest aftermarket auto show in the entire Southeast, and possibly of 2021! There are classes for technicians, service writers, and management classes from industry leaders including Brandon Steckler, Jim Morton, Bill Haas, Rick White and more! Get your tickets before it's too late!
Upcoming Events
Tireside Chat - Technician Training
August 26, 7-8PM EST Virtual
Do you train your staff? Should the shop or the technician pay for training and certifications? How do you choose which training events to attend? Join us for our Tireside Chat to discuss all things regarding Training Your Team.
ASTE 2021
September 24-25 in Cary, NC
Join us for the largest aftermarket auto show in the Southeast! Two days filled with industry training and networking opportunities. Train your entire team with over 30 classes to choose from! For $800, you can bring the whole shop! Don't miss the party, get tickets now!
For a full list of our upcoming events and chapter meetings, visit our website!