Volume 08 | August 2020
EMP Products, Laser Marking Systems, Outdoor Direct Thermal Labels, and More...
This newsletter really focuses on EMP's ability to create custom products to meet all of our customer's needs. We have developed products that enhance your printer's lifespan and ease of use, rid your application of unwanted PCs, allow direct thermal labels to be used outdoors, and so much more!

Do you have the need for a custom product? We would love to collaborate with you on the design! Contact us today!

EMP Products
It is a natural thing after you develop something special for a customer to wonder if anyone else could benefit from this newfound product. That is the position that we have found ourselves in over the years. From simple things like a cover, slide, or stand for your label printer, to more advanced examples like a custom mobile power cart with pick to light or a matchcode application on a mobile computer or kiosk, we are up to the challenge. Check out the link below for the latest EMP products! Are you ready to design the next EMP Product with us? Contact us today!
EMP Customer Name Dropping
It is an impressive list. A Who’s Who of the manufacturing and logistics industry. Large automotive companies, pharmaceutical and medical device giants, home and health care companies, all customers of the EMP Tech Group. Most of them are long term, repeat customers. We are grateful for their business and work hard every day to continue to earn their loyalty. One of the best things about this prestigious list of customers is the credibility that it brings us. Click below to see the full list!
Laser Marking Application
We, at the EMP Tech Group, spend a big part of our time on the barcode scanner side of our business. This includes mobile computers, handheld scanners, conveyor scanners, direct part mark readers, barcode verifiers, the list goes on and on. From the product identification and marking side, labeling is by far the most frequent product that we sell. But we also provide customers with ink jet and laser marking systems. Over the years, we have done a good deal of this work. Recently, our technical services group got the opportunity to really shine by doing a custom laser marking system on a very tight timeline for one of our customers. Click the article below to find out more!
Direct Thermal Labels for Outdoors
We have many customers using mobile printers in their applications. Unfortunately, mobile printers are only able to print direct thermal labels, which perform poorly in outdoor applications. With a large auto auction customer base, EMP has worked hard to come up with a solution for this. Click on the article below to find out more!

Laser Marking Systems
There are two main types of laser marking systems for product identification, Fiber and Co2. Fiber is primarily used to mark metal and Co2 for paper, plastic, and glass. Not so straight forward is whose laser marking system to use. There are so many in the market and finding one manufacturer that produces their own product and does both fiber and Co2 is a challenge. Do you want to find who EMP has partnered with for this and why? Click below!

Intro to Cognex's Deep Learning Software
Free Webinar!
Deep Learning is transforming Machine Vision in remarkable ways, providing automated solutions to problems which have been very difficult if not impossible to solve in the past. During this webinar, our expert presenter will answer questions such as:
  • What is Deep Learning and how does it work?
  • How does it relate to other machine learning techniques?
  • What are its challenges specific to factory automation?
  • What are typical applications best solved with Deep Learning?