August News and Events
CAP Highlight
Arizona Republic reporter asks Child Abuse PREVENTION Conference attendees how they'd like to see child welfare system improved
“Imagine a world without child maltreatment. Tell us how to get there by writing your own ‘What if’ statement.”

That invitation was extended recently to Statewide Child Abuse PREVENTION Conference attendees, who were encouraged to write their ideas on post-it notes and add them to the "What If" Wall, a giant bulletin board that was soon covered with inspiring insights about what changes or actions would reduce child neglect and maltreatment and strengthen families.

Arizona Republic Child Welfare reporter Mary Jo Pitzl wanted to hear directly from the professionals doing this important work, and attended the conference to discuss in depth the possibilities they imagine for child welfare in Arizona. 
Impact Story
Attendee Feedback from the 25th CAP Conference

"I felt a shift in my heart as a helper. This conference changed me."

"This conference forever changed the way I'll serve families."

"CAP is the only conference I attend that I walk out of and can implement what I've learned the next day."

"It's the Think Tank of child abuse prevention!"

Thank you to all those who participated in creating an inspiring, informative, and uplifting atmosphere this anniversary year.
Today in Prevention
"I'm ready, PCA America is ready...let's get to work!" --Dr. Melissa Merrick

On July 15, Prevent Child Abuse America welcomed Dr. Melissa Merrick as its newest President & CEO . We eagerly anticipate her leadership and acumen in advancing our efforts to ensure that all children grow up happy, healthy, safe, and prosperous. Follow the link to learn more about Dr. Merrick's vision for Prevent Child Abuse America and its 50 state chapters.
PCA Arizona secures funding for new project based in Maricopa County
Prevent Child Abuse Arizona received a $90,000 three year grant from the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust to fund a new training project to recruit and prepare Baby Case Appointed Special Advoactes.
IRA Charitable Rollover: What it means and how it might affect you

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Thank you to our sponsors for making this year's CAP one to remember!
As a 501(c)3 organization, Prevent Child Abuse Arizona is eligible to receive bequests. Please contact Rebekah Prieto at if you would like to discuss including Prevent Child Abuse Arizona in your legacy.
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