Newsletter: August 2017

The dog days of summer are here (if you're curious about the origin of that phrase like I was, here's a good article) and we hope the summer has been treating you well. If you're in the market for a new or pre-owned vehicle, come talk to us about an auto loan. Our promotion this month allows you to make no payments for 90 days. Click on the banner below to learn more. 

Read below for more information and visit to see everything MHFCU has to offer.

We are on a mission to serve our members with one goal in mind... "To always be responsive to our members' financial needs by providing personal and innovative services of a superior quality."

Our Auto Loans handle better
than the competition

One of the main reasons we encourage our members to come talk to us before a dealer in regard to an auto loan is because we will almost always have a better rate than the dealerships. Our goal is to save you money, their goal is to make more money. That's a pretty simple choice, right?

When you purchase an auto loan from August 1st until September 15th, you won't have to make a payment for 90 days. You can go ahead and splurge on those fuzzy dice. 

Don't Go Crazy, Go On Vacation

Your everyday hassles are likely enough to give you a fantasy of getting in the car and driving anywhere else. The Grand Canyon. The white beaches of Destin. Cleveland. Literally anywhere that's not where you are. Our Vacation Club account can help you save for when that fantasy becomes a reality. Just remember to grab the family. 


Hopefully you've never been subject to having your debit or credit card stolen, but if you have, we have a way to help that's easier than a saloon brawl. CardValet is a simple and free app we offer to our members that will help you get a quick draw on anyone trying to use your card. If you forget it somewhere, turn it on and off from your phone. You can also set spending limits so your card can't be used for amounts greater than those you dictate. This app is extremely beneficial, and did we mention it's free? Download it today!

Safe Spending Abroad is easy with
Visa Travel Money

On vacation, the last thing you want to be worried about is accidentally giving away personal financial information to someone who shouldn't have it. Visa Travel Money takes away those worries by allowing you to pay with a Visa card without the attachment to any of your accounts, or any money you haven't loaded onto that card. Click the banner to learn more, or stop by a branch to purchase.

Square One

We don't think financial mistakes you've made in the past should hold you back on the bright financial future we know you can have. To get back on the track you want to be, we offer Square One checking. You want to get to your financial pinnacle, this account is designed to help get you there. 

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