Santa Cruz Port District
Newsletter - August 2020
Harbor Restaurants Offer Outdoor Dining
The Port Commission recently authorized all four harbor restaurants to utilize temporary outdoor dining areas to recoup dine-in seating losses due to COVID-19 social distancing requirements. This action was taken in keeping with the City of Santa Cruz Executive Order authorizing temporary use of outdoor areas for restaurants and retail businesses, and County of Santa Cruz efforts to allow greater use of outdoor spaces to achieve greater physical separation between people at businesses.

The Port Commission took this important step in support of the harbor’s restaurant tenants to ensure their ongoing sustainability and to protect the health of their customers and employees.

We hope that everyone has an opportunity to enjoy al fresco dining at Aldo's, and in the temporary outdoor seating areas set up by the Crow’s Nest, Johnny's Harborside Restaurant, and Café El Palomar (coming soon).

Thank you for your continued support of harbor businesses! When you visit, please remember to wear your mask, practice social distancing, and be courteous to those around you.
California Fisheries COVID-19 Relief Funding
NEWS RELEASE - July 30, 2020

Coastal and marine fishery participants - including licensed commercial fishermen, fish buyers, aquaculture businesses, charter boat owners and guides - who have experienced a loss of income due to the effects of COVID-19 may be eligible for federal relief funding disbursed through the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW).

Anchovy Watch
Schools of bait fish, primarily anchovies, are in abundance near the harbor entrance and have been observed inside the harbor during past weeks. While it is great for local fishing, the presence of bait fish can cause major problems inside the marina. If fish remain inside the harbor for an extended period of time they can use-up all available oxygen and die suddenly in a “fish kill." Harbor staff monitors the abundance of fish and has specialized equipment to measure dissolved oxygen levels. Aerators are installed throughout the harbor to increase oxygen levels if needed. When the aerators are activated please maintain a safe distance and report any problems to the harbor office or harbor patrol staff.
Since the construction of the harbor in 1964, there have been several notable fish kills. Anyone who has witnessed this phenomenon knows the serious damage it can cause and the clean-up effort it requires. In addition, the clean-up is costly and the offensive smell can be unbearable. Managing a fish kill in the midst of COVID-19 would be challenging indeed. We need to do everything in our power to avert a fish kill and we are asking boaters and liveaboards to immediately report the warning signs of a imminent fish kill to staff:

  • Large concentrations of fish inside the harbor (i.e., fathometer shows that half or more of the harbor depth has fish);
  • Large concentrations of fish near the harbor entrance (i.e., one-half mile in width are at the harbor entrance in the evening)
  • Fish under stress, observed jumping in a large area.
If you observe any of the above situations, please contact harbor staff:
  • Daily, 10 am to 4 pm: Call the harbor office at (831) 475-6161
  • After hours: Call 911 and inform the operator to contact on-call staff
  • Marine radio: VHF Channel 9 is monitored 24 hours/day

Unfortunately, the aerators can be a nuisance at times; however please understand that they serve an important purpose. Please do not turn off the aerators. If an aerator is causing an inconvenience, please notify the harbor patrol and they will attempt to temporarily relocate affected vessels to alternative berthing locations. 
Thank you for your patience.
Harbor workers Jorge Lopez, left, and Rob Giles empty trash cans filled with dead anchovies in August 2014, after a mass die-off (Photo by: Kevin Johnson - Santa Cruz Sentinel).
Vessel Insurance Policy
You can now provide us with your vessel insurance documents online. Please visit the Port District's website to download the Vessel Insurance Policy or upload and submit your insurance information in two easy steps.
Clean & Green Boating Tip
If you change your boat engine oil, be sure to use a closed system (such as a portable oil-change pump) available at marine supplies stores and always have an oil absorbent pad handy.

Drain the used oil into a container that can be closed to prevent spills. Properly dispose of saturated absorbents and remember to recycle your used oil and oil filters.
The dredge crew has been actively working to complete off-season maintenance tasks, getting ready for next season's dredging. The crew is performing routine repair and maintenance of the workboat Dauntless, the dredges, Twin Lakes and Squirt, and other equipment. The dredge crew is focused on completing all necessary work to ensure mobilization for a timely season start.

North harbor dredging is anticipated to begin October 1, 2020, using the 8" dredge Squirt. Crews will deploy the 16" dredge Twin Lakes in the federal entrance channel in early-November 2020. Once resumed, entrance dredging operations will continue through April 2021.
Photo of the District's 8" dredge, Squirt, hauled out at the boatyard for off-season maintenance.
U.S. Olympic Sailing Team
The US Sailing Team – Men’s 49er Squad has been calling Santa Cruz home for the past few weeks as they prepare for the Tokyo 2021 Summer Olympics. Enoshima, a city south of Tokyo, will host next year’s sailing events; making the Monterey Bay an advantageous location for training as the conditions can be very similar to those in Enoshima Bay.

The 49er Squad came to Santa Cruz hoping for some productive training days to challenge the crew’s coordination and teamwork. During the camp, Santa Cruz proved worthwhile as the three teams met a variety of conditions pushing them to challenge their strengths and weaknesses, find ways to self-improve, and become stronger!

Like the US Sailing Team on Facebook and follow as they aim for gold at the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games.
USA 31 - Nevin Snow and Dane Wilson
USA 76 - Ian Barrows and Hans Henken
USA 25 - Harry Melges and Finn Rowe
Day on the Bay Regatta
Calling all sailors! The 28th Annual Day on the Bay Regatta is on Sunday, September 6th. The Santa Cruz Yacht Club will be hosting this fun event to benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Santa Cruz County.

The year's regatta will be a COVID-compliant event. Sailing takes place from 1:00-3:30 PM, followed by a gourmet takeaway meal. Please visit the event page for more information.