August 2019
Seek  G od, S erve O thers,  S hare Life   
Sunday Worship at 10am!

St. Luke Youth served with Service Over Self this summer!
Upcoming Church Events
Welcome Visitors!
J oin us each Sunday as we gather around Word & Sacrament. 
Stop by our visitors table for a free gift. 

We have a nursery for your young ones, a "Pray Ground" for toddlers to enjoy during worship, and coffee and snacks are available in the Narthex. 
Remember, St. Luke church is a blessing to share !
Invite a friend to Sunday Services.

August 4 - Blessing of the Backpacks

August 11 - Sunday School Kickoff -
Install New Sunday School Teachers

August 18 - Sunday School Classes Begin

Weekly Recurring Events:
Sundays               10:00 am        Worship Service of Holy Communion
Mondays              5:15 pm         Jazzercise
Tuesdays              5:15 pm         Jazzercise
Wednesdays       10:00 am        Knitting in the Narthex
Thursdays            1:00 pm        Al Anon
      5:15 pm       Jazzercise
Fridays                 6:30 am        Men's Bible Study

Upcoming Events:
Please refer to the 
Church Calendar   on our webpage for further information 
about upcoming events

A Message from Our Pastor
It was not that many years ago when in many Lutheran churches,
     * the altar was up against the back wall
     * Holy Communion was only celebrated once a month,
     * the service was spoken in German, Swedish, or Danish.

The way we worship in our ELCA congregations has changed over the years. Weekly celebration of Holy Communion is now the norm, the altar is now free standing, and the language spoken changes with the needs of the people. The description of Lutheran Worship in the time of Martin Luther was simple. "The assembly of all believers among whom the gospel is purely preached and the holy sacraments are administered according to the gospel" (Augsburg Confession).

Our Lutheran order of worship is simple, we seek to copy the order of first and second century Christians as found in the Bible and in the writings of Justin Martyr who wrote in A.D. 150. The essential components are; Gathering, Word, Table and Sending.

At St. Luke this is our basic order of worship. We gather to confess our sins, sing an opening hymn, and pray. We are people gathered to talk to God together. We worship as a community of faith, as a body of believers.

Prayers and Scripture readings, sermons and testimonies, hymns and songs are each part of the Word of worship. Each Sunday we hear the words of scripture from a three year lectionary schedule that follows the liturgical calendar. We hear the words of both law and gospel. We are drawn to the grace of God, shown in words and life of Christ.

Jesus said, "do this in remembrance of me." So we gather at the table for a meal of remembrance, believing that Jesus is present with us, and in, with and under the bread and wine. The word Eucharist means thanksgiving, so it is a meal of thanks, a meal of spiritual sustenance.

The last part, the sending, reminds us to go out with Jesus to serve in word and deed. We are reminded of the words of Martin Luther, "God does not need your good works, but your neighbor does." We serve, because we live in a hurting world, a world in need of hope and healing.

It is God who gathers us, speaks to us, feeds us in grace, and sends us into the world. We are a people of God called out to serve and love. We are diverse and inclusive, we are joyful and hopeful, we are marked with the water of baptism forever.

I hope to see you soon in the worship service, we will be reviewing the 7 Marks of Ministry in the month of August. In September we will have a special Friendship Sunday on September 15, a day to invite friends and family to join us in worship and fellowship.

Your partner in ministry,

Worship Committee News
August 4 Bev Stoughton, organist; Holy Communion, Thrivent Sunday and snacks provided by Thrivent, blessing of back packs, Habitat for Humanity fall kick off, Baptism of Rowan Linton

     Seven Marks sermon series on Serves

August 11 Jacob Allen returns from summer theater, Rally Day - Sunday School Kick Off at 9:00 am, Install Sunday School Teachers, Worship meeting after service, Holy Communion 

     Seven Marks sermon series, Read and Relates

August 18 Jacob Allen organist, Holy Communion, Sunday School Classes begin
at 9:00 am

     Seven Marks sermon series, Gives

August 25 Jacob Allen organist, Holy Communion, Birthday reception for Elvin Carlson

     Seven Marks sermon series, Commits


A Worship Committee Meeting will be held on Sunday, August 11 immediately following the service. We will be planning the fall worship services and even getting ideas for a Christmas program. We will also review summer worship and choose a new worship setting for the fall. All are invited to join the worship and Committee and offer ideas and suggestions. 

Wednesday Night Activities will begin August 21st!

WEB Meal - 5 - 6:30pm in the CFC

Cherub Choir - 6 - 6:55pm - Children ages 4 through 3rd grade  meet in Room 113 for fun and music!

Adult Choir  - 7pm - All ages are invited to participate in the adult choir!  Meet in the Sanctuary.

Praise Team - Do you play an instrument, or beat a drum, or make a joyful noise?  See Jacob Allen about participating in the Praise Team!!!


St. Luke's Seven Marks of Ministry
  •  Pray daily.
  •  Worship Weekly.
  •  Read the Bible daily.
  •  Serve at and beyond my congregation.
  •  Relate with others to encourage spiritual growth.
  •  Give to God a tithe (10%) and beyond of financial gifts that God gives me.
  •  Commit to spiritual leadership and personal integrity.
6 As you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so continue to live in him.  Keep your roots deep in him and have your lives built on him. Be strong in the faith, just as you were taught, and always be thankful.
Colossians 2:6-7 (NCV) 

Sunday, September 15, a very special Sunday worship service is being planned!  

We are asking you, our St. Luke members, to invite a friend, family member or co-worker to worship with you at St. Luke on Sunday, September 15.   We want this to be a joyful, inviting and engaging worship experience for our guests. 

Prayerfully consider who you will invite, life is hard, but life is so much harder with out a church home. 
Message From Our Council President
Greetings St. Luke Saints,
Just like that summer is over. Well sort of.....Kids are getting ready to go back to school  and most families have returned from much needed vacations, but we know very well  the summer temperatures will remain with us for a while. St. Luke is also "heating up" as  we start back to our "regular schedule" - Blessing of the Back Packs is on August 4,  Sunday School for all ages will begin on August 11 with Sunday School Kickoff (Rally Day) and our host of  Wednesday night activities commence on August 21. The carefree days of summer are  gone, schedules and routine are back!

On September 8 St. Luke will once again participate with Lutherans across the country  to skip Service and go out to Serve. God's Work Our Hands is an opportunity for the  Saints to go out into our community and show God's love for our neighbors. We will  have many of our regular groups, such as taking cookies for first responders and  making casseroles to provide throughout the year to those in need of meals, but we  certainly have room for other activities. If you have an idea for a service project that will  fit into the parameters of that Sunday morning please let Pastor or me know. We will all  come together after serving for potluck picnic lunch in the pavilion. Sign-ups are coming  soon. 

Many of you know that Thrivent members are eligible for two $250 gift cards per year to  fund the many different projects that we do at St. Luke. Unfortunately, many never  claim these cards. On Sunday, August 4 our Thrivent representative will be at St. Luke  and we will have computers set up in the Narthex to help folks sign into their accounts  to obtain the gift cards. Pastor has a list of the many activities that can be funded  through this program so everyone will have the opportunity to provide their support. And-  did you know - that non-Thrivent members can get in on the action! For a fee of $20  non-Thrivent members can join and be eligible for one card per year. Please help St.  Luke fund the many worthy causes by signing up on August 4.

I will end this letter with two exciting events this fall that we will hear more about shortly:  our 35th Anniversary and a visit to Memphis by our new Southeastern Synod Bishop,  Kevin Strickland. 

We will celebrate St. Luke's 35th Anniversary on Sunday, November  17th. Pastor Hood will bring us the message that day and then we will break bread  together in the CFC after the service. 

The following Sunday, November 24, Bishop  Strickland will be in Memphis to visit with the local ELCA congregations. Plans are  coming together for this exciting visit so stay tuned on how we can all welcome him in  his new role.

Peace and God's Blessings to all.

In His Service,

  Spiritual Growth Ministry
Discover the God Who Cherishes You
Ladies Tuesday Morning Bible Study
Jennifer Rothschild has a story for you. It's about an unlikely couple, an unlikely courtship, and an affair. But the marriage didn't end, instead, a love story began. It is Hosea and Gomer's love story and it is your love story.
When you're looking for identity, God call you His own.
When you feel enslaved, God frees you.
When you wander away, God brings you home.
No matter where you are, God sees who you are and loves you faithfully. His unfailing love changes everything.

Join us as we study Jennifer Rothschild's
7 session study of Hosea: Unfailing Love Changes Everything. On Tuesday mornings from 10:00 - 11:30. The study begins August 13, 2019.

Sunday School Opportunities for Adults

Women of Faith                                     Room #152            Jennifer Carkeet
The Women of Faith class will be studying Seamless by Angie Smith. Seamless  covers the people, places and promises of the Bible, tying them together into the greater story of Scripture. Participants will gain an overarching understanding of the fundamental layout and meaning of God's Word.  Seamless  helps replace insecurity that holds participants back with clarity and helping them move forward with confidence in their understanding of Scripture.
The Hundred Story Home                    Room # 135           Pastor Cliff
Pastor's class will be part of MIFA's Community-wide read of  The Hundred Story Home -  A Memoir about Finding Faith in Ourselves and Something Bigger, by Katy Izard. Books are available for purchase in the St. Luke Narthex for $10. Katy Izard of Charlotte, NC, explores the reality of homelessness and how she became an advocate for the homeless and mentally ill. The author will speak in Memphis on September 10 and 11. MIFA will sponsor a luncheon on 9/11, you can sign up to attend in the St. Luke Narthex. See  to view an interview with the author.  for more information on the author's visit to Memphis.   

Men of Faith                                           Choir Room               Carl Ellsworth
                                                                                                   and Tim Wright

Real Faith For Real Life                         Room #106/108         Connie White
Real Faith For Real Life will be studying the Book of Romans

A Real Life need was met:   
    A Care Receiver struggling after a move to a new
    community shares her thoughts: 
  "My Stephen Minister did a wonderful job of creating a warm, caring space for me to process my emotions and work through my issues."

- If you'd like a Stephen Minister to walk with you in the trials of life, contact Pastor Cliff, Paul White, or Nancy Lendman

Private Prayer Every Sunday
Sometimes it is good to be able to share our prayer concerns with another Christian. That's what the after-service Prayer Room (#111, next to the nursery) is all about. If you want to share a prayer concern for yourself or someone you love, there will be a Stephen Minister waiting for you! 

 Remember Christ said, 
     "For where two or three gather in my name, 
      there am I with  them."  
                                                                     Matt. 18:20

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Social  Ministry  

God's Work. Our Hands. T-Shirts for Sale
Order your GWOH T-Shirts! Just $10 each; if we order 10 or more, they'll print our St. Luke name on the back. See the order sheet in the Narthex, and please pay when you order. Shirts will arrive before Sunday Sept. 8, God's Work. Our Hands. Deadline to order is August 11.

The Hundred Story Home
MIFA is bringing the community together to read, learn, and connect using Kathy Izard's inspirational book
The Hundred Story Home-A Memoir about Finding Faith in Ourselves and Something Bigger. The book is available for $10 in the Narthex. Make checks payable to St. Luke.
Have you heard? Kathy is coming to Memphis in September!

Kathy will add Memphis to her busy and distinguished itinerary of engagements at conferences, festivals, universities, libraries, bookstores, speaker series, churches, and interfaith events across the country from Massachusetts to Texas to Wyoming to California.

Homelessness Here & Now - Free Public Forum
Second Baptist Church
4680 Walnut Grove Road
Tuesday, September 10 at 6 p.m.

Please register HERE to attend  these events.

Do Good, Love Well Luncheon
MIFA's Golden Gala will be September 11 at noon. St. Luke has reserved 10 tickets to the "Do Good, Love Well Luncheon" at the Holiday Inn University of Memphis. Kathy Izard will be speaking. Donations of $50 per ticket are accepted but not required. Sign up in the Narthex to attend!
Mission Jamaica
Mission Jamaica
Our next adult trip to Mission Jamaica is February 8-15, 2020, costing approximately $1600 plus airfare. Please prayerfully consider joining our St. Luke Missionaries on this trip! See Pastor Cliff or Ed Cooley.

Sr. SLY Mission Jamaica Trip  
Summer 2020
Jesus said, "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength. You shall love your neighbor as yourself." Mark 12:30-31 

Summer 2020 our Sr. SLY will have an amazing opportunity to attend a week long mission trip in Jamaica. This is a vacation with purpose! Mission Jamaica provides a way for us to love and serve our neighbor as Jesus taught us through his love and service to others.

The Mission Jamaica trip combines a service project with time for reflection and spiritual rest. It allows a person to experience an international mission field that is close to home, yet far enough away to immerse into another culture for a week. 

Who: This trip will be for Sr. SLY who will be currently in high school or attending their Freshman or Sophomore year of college.

What: We will work the first 4 days we are in Jamaica (Wed., Thurs., Fri., and Sat.)
  • We will most likely be working at Westhaven Children's Home but could potentially be at a different Mission Jamaica location throughout the week. This portion of the trip is customized for us by the Mission Jamaica office. 

      Westhaven Children's Home- West Haven is a home for 80+ children  and  young adults with varying degrees of disabilities. Volunteers have served  at Westhaven since 1995 providing care and interaction with the children
and improving the overall conditions of the home. Teams going to Westhaven
can also serve at Copse Basic School. Copse Basic School is a
Preschool up to Kindergarten, daycare, and child development center. 
   What We Do- Westhaven has opportunities to serve on construction  projects, sewing, laundry, caring for the residents, assisting the staff and  helping at the on-site school.
  • Every evening there is devotional time with rest and reflection provided by our own team. This is a chance for us to have praise and worship, bible study, ice breakers, prayer, etc.
  • The last two days of our trip will then be spent sight seeing in the area. On Sunday we will worship with a local church. In years past we had the opportunity to go out on a catamaran in Montego Bay and we will visit Dunn's River and walk the falls and have a traditional Jamaican meal for dinner before heading out on Tuesday. 
When:  The dates of our trip will be June 9th - 16th (Tuesday-Tuesday). At this point we have reserved 15 spots (that includes youth and chaperones). I know it is very early but we need to have a tentative head count within the next couple of weeks.  Please let me know no later than August 13th if your youth is interested in participating in this trip so we can finalize our week and deposit schedule.

Where: Our team will be housed at the YWAM (Youth with a Mission) facilities in Montego Bay, Jamaica. 

Cost: Unfortunately until our flights are booked I can not give a definite cost of the trip. The cost of the trip last time we went was $1402 per person. This price included flight, housing, transportation, food, and excursions. Jeff Peterson from the Mission Jamaica office has someone looking into flights, and they will try to get us the cheapest flights possible. As soon as I hear a final cost I will let everyone know. St. Luke will try to help subsidize the cost of the trip as much as possible. The church will contribute 1/3 of the cost, we will attempt to help fundraise 1/3 of the cost for each participant, which only leaves 1/3 for each participant to pay. We can always help subsidize costs as much as possible for anyone with concerns or special circumstances. As soon as we know the number of people attending I will receive information about when deposits are due. 

Please let Jennifer Wright know no later than August 13th if your youth is interested in going on this trip. If you have questions please email me at .

Vitalant will be at St. Luke on September 1st from 9:00AM - 12:30PM in the CFC.

Vitalant is the Memphis region's only non-profit volunteer blood center, dedicated to meeting the needs of patients, healthcare facilities, medical professionals and the community at large. Every year Vitalant supplies more than 100,000 units of blood and blood products for local patient transfusion.

The donation process only takes about 1 hour and takes place entirely at St. Luke. Each donation of whole blood can help as many as 3 recipients - all of them our neighbors.

A sign-up sheet will be located on the bulletin board outside the office starting August 11th. However, I strongly recommend you sign up at You can also complete your health questionnaire in advance the day of the drive at this website.

Don't forget you earn points with every donation that can be redeemed at; rewards include t-shirts, movie passes, and gift cards. 

Please contact Jon Klein (, 901-268-5478), the St. Luke Vitalant Coordinator, with any questions.

Habitat for Humanity Fall Build
Mark your calendars for Sept. 28 and Oct. 19, 7:30am-1pm, to help build a house! Sign up in the Narthex.
A Habitat representative will be with us Sunday, August 4 to tell us about this exciting ministry.
Click  HERE for a testimony from Habitat homeowners.

Social Ministry and our Family Promise guests want to extend a huge thank you to all of the Saints for supporting this ministry that is so vital in addressing the homeless issue in our city.  We want to especially thank all of those that volunteered throughout the week in the many varied positions that make this possible.  We have exciting news to share that our one mom and young son graduated into housing on Monday.  You have had such a positive impact in the lives of our guests and we appreciate each and every one of you!

And even more    Thank You's!!   
Many hands made light work and an enjoyable time for all at the cookout for our YMCA friends.

...and the Saints continue to share their love of the Lord with His children... Here is an email from Lauren Hales at the Church Health Center sent to the knitting group which meets at St. Luke on Wednesday mornings:

Hi ladies, 
I wanted to send a thank you email again for your generous knitting donations to our families at Perea Preschool. Molly (who I've cc'd on this email) took some great photos of the kits she was able to put together with the supplies that ya'll donated and I've attached them to this email so that everyone could take a look. 

Also, Molly mentioned that the next time ya'll are able to donate it would be great to have more little boy baskets than girls since she only has 3 for little boys left (the sweet kits must be in such high demand for baby boys).     

Thank you for everything,
Lauren Hales
Faith Community Outreach Coordinator
Assistant Editor, Church Health Reader
Church Health 

More Than A Meal Date - 8/18
The August date for More Than A Meal is the 18th. Dave and Susie are once again coordinating the meal,
which will be pizza cooked by Costco. Volunteers are welcome and should arrive at Grace St Luke's Episcopal Church 1720 Peabody Avenue at 3:00 p.m.  This is a vital ministry to many in the Memphis area. (If you haven't read the book the pastor has told us about, The One Hundred Story Home, you should! It will show you how very important a simple meal can be!)

School Supplies
Remember how much fun it was to get new school supplies?  Your could spend hours sorting and resorting and organizing them to fit just right in your backpack!  Let's help some special children we know have that same kind of fun!  We will be collecting, once again, supplies for the upcoming school year.  They will be distributed to some of our St. Luke children and children in the Peace Lutheran neighborhood.  While out shopping please consider grabbing a few extra items and place them in or near the grocery cart in the Narthex.  Deadline is August 4th.
Thank you for your support!!

Food First Sunday 
Thank you everyone for your donations of food staples to our St. Luke Food Pantry.  We especially need vegetables, fruits, canned meats, and soups. The Food Pantry is always open to St. Luke members, but open to the general public on the fourth Tuesday of each month, 10am-Noon.
Children & Youth Ministry News

Lenten Offering Update!  
Just in case you missed the announcement here is what the Lenten collection was able to purchase from Heifer International:
1 Heifer
1 Water Buffalo
1 Goat
1 Sheep
1 Pig
1 Flock of Hope
1 Trio of Rabbits
1 Flock of Chicks ...
And Honeybees
WOW!  Great job!

VBS Update!
The VBS offering this year totaled $543.60, which will allow us to purchase 27 pairs of "The Shoe That Grows" - a shoe that expands in 3 places to grow 5 sizes! Because International is the organization who supplies the shoes; check them out at Because International

SLY Fall Activity Calendar
Instead of a planning meeting in August, I am sending out a  survey
f or the youth to vote on activities for our upcoming 2019 SLY Fall Calendar. And don't worry, I am already planning on a Lock-In, so that is not included on the survey! Please be on the look out for an email with a link to the survey. If you have more than one youth in SLY, please have each child fill out a separate survey After all of the votes are tallied, a calendar will be sent out at the end of August  with all of the SLY activities and opportunities to serve.  We will not have a planning meeting, so be sure to vote on your favorite activities!  If you have any questions please contact Jennifer Wright ( ).

August 4th- Blessing of the Backpacks
As summer comes to a close, come and prepare for your new school year with St. Luke! Let's start your school year off right with a  Blessing  of the  Backpacks ! Bring your new school  backpack  to church on Sunday, August 4th, and we will pray a  blessing  over you, your teachers, and your new school year! 

August 11th- Sunday School Kickoff (Rally Day)-
  It is time for our new Sunday School year to begin! Join us for Sunday School Kickoff ( Rally   Day)  on August 11th to find out about all of our Sunday School classes.  You will meet your teachers, find out where your classrooms are, and see all of your friends from last year.  We will meet in the sanctuary at 9:00 am and dismiss all classes individually, so that you can follow your teacher to your room. All classes will officially begin on August 18th.  

Sunday School Classes
2's and 3's                            Room#109            Donna Meili
                                           (Nursery)               Aaron Tidwell

 Pre-K 4's and K 5's                Room #113           Amy Wright
                                                               Michelle Feuerborn
                                                                     Carol Mattison

1st &  2nd grades                 Room #111         Vikki & Dale Ernst

3rd & 4th grades                 Room #145         Terri & Richard Williamson

5th & 6th grades                 Room #154          Priscilla Hughes
                                                                    Jesse Feuerborn

7th & 8th grades                 Room #142          Jim Allay
                                                                    Mary Ann Honeycutt                

Senior High Youth 
9th - 12th grade                         Youth Room              Jennifer  & Paul Wright

Women of Faith                         Room #152              Jennifer Carkeet
The Women of Faith class will be studying Seamless by Angie Smith. Seamless  covers the people, places and promises of the Bible, tying them together into the greater story of Scripture. Participants will gain an overarching understanding of the fundamental layout and meaning of God's Word.  Seamless  helps replace insecurity that holds participants back with clarity and helping them move forward with confidence in their understanding of Scripture.
The Hundred Story Home          Room # 135              Pastor Cliff
Pastor's class will be part of MIFA's Community wide read of  The Hundred Story Home,  A memoir about finding faith in ourselves and something bigger, by Katy Izard. Books are available for purchase in the St Luke narthex for $10. Katy Izard of Charlotte, NC, explores the reality of homelessness and how she became an advocate for the homeless and mentally ill. The author will speak in Memphis on September 10 and 11. MIFA will sponsor a luncheon on 9/11, you can sign up to attend in the St. Luke narthex. See  to view an interview with the author.  for more information on the author's visit to Memphis.  

Men of Faith                              Room #137 Choir Room         Carl Ellsworth 
                                                                                                   & Tim Wright

Real Faith For Real Life           Room # 106/108                     Connie White
   Real Faith For Real Life will be studying the Book of Romans 

August 21st  - W.E.B. Meals and Cherub Choir begin

August 28th- Confirmation Parent Meeting
  We will have a Confirmation Parent meeting on  August  28th at 6:30 pm for new and returning Confirmation students.  We will go over our schedule, lesson plans, expectations for students and parents, and answer any questions that you may have. Students are welcome to join us for this meeting. Thank you for your part in   this important faith formation experience for your child. If you have any questions please  contact Jennifer Wright ( )

Youth S.O.S. Mission Trip

Financial News

Cick our QR code to give via text:     

You may also give online through
Simply Giving. 

St. Luke Financial Snapshot - the July report will be in the "This Week" 
on August 8. 

Parish Talk

Two of "The Greatest Generation" at St. Luke

Two from the greatest generation!  Dutch Schroer and Elvin Carlson attended the monthly WWII Veterans meeting at Germantown Baptist Church.  It was a very patriotic and memorable gathering of veterans from all branches of service and military backgrounds. Let us never forget the sacrifices made by our veterans and their families that makes it possible to enjoy the freedoms we have today.

Join us in the Narthex Sunday after church 
August 25th to celebrate Elvin Carlson's 90th birthday!  Everyone is invited!

Lynnea Quynh Hall, 
born June 26, 2019
6lbs., 12 oz.,  19 inches 
Parents are Pete and Britta Hall

Tim and Amy Wright are the proud parents of
Liora Irene Wright, born July 12, 2019
7lbs., 8 oz., 21 inches long

Tidbits of the Week - 7/28

Welcome home Trish and Steffie! We love it when we can reconnect with saints who have moved away  and have returned to our roost! So happy to hug you both!

Next Sunday is Food First Sunday. Please bring canned soup, canned fruit, and cereal to help those in  need. Thanks!

The blessing of the backpacks, briefcases, gym bags, etc. will be held during worship service, next  Sunday August 4.

Thank you to ALL of our Sunday school teachers!

School is about to begin, so we are collecting much-needed school supplies. The stores have great  prices, right now, so please add some to your shopping cart for the kids.

Cliff Notes: Luke 11:1-13. We are starting the Seven Marks of Ministry sermon series. Pray daily, Read  the bible daily, Serve at and beyond our congregation, and Relate with others to encourage spiritual  growth. These are useful habits and spiritual exercises. 

Luther wrote that salvation is a gift from God  and he wrote the small catechism as a guide for Christ-like living. Lutheran pietism grew years after  Luther's death and it promoted "heart and head" in a time when religions were at war. The church is  always in need of renewal! (SO Luther!). Prayer is trust in God and communication with God. He meets
us there. Check out Luke 11 and Colossians 2 this week, as you pray daily and you are challenged to set  your personal words to the Lord's Prayer. Amen!

Lost & Found!
If you've had any items walk away, we may have caught them on our Lost & Found Shelf in the office.  Do any of these look familiar?

Vacation Bible School 2019

Lawn Schedule

         2019 Lawn 
      Team Schedule

We are pleased that " True Justice: Bryan Stevenson's Fight for Equality "  by HBO Documentary Films is now available on HBO's website free-of-charge for the next 30 days starting today. No subscription needed. Click the link below to access.

Other ELCA News

Good Stewards

August  Good Stewards 
Click    HERE    for the August Good Stewards Schedule.

The Good Stewards schedule is also found on our church website under Calendar and Events from the "Get Involved" icon.

Are you having trouble with Planning Center? 

August Birthdays   

Dylan Wallace 1-Aug                                
Nicole Weiss 1-Aug
Gene Meili 1-Aug
Micah Hopper 1-Aug                          
Kathryn Anderson 2-Aug
Taylor Allay 2-Aug
Michelle Feuerborn 4-Aug
Rob Dafoe 4-Aug
Arnold Swanson 4-Aug
Bill Parker 5-Aug
Jean Gloff 7-Aug
Wade Davis 8-Aug
Dale Ernst 8-Aug
Donna Meili 9-Aug
Kyle Sitko 10-Aug
Burk Renner 11-Aug
Andrea Steadman 12-Aug
Nathaniel Oakley 17-Aug
Betty Byington 19-Aug
Patricia Conway 21-Aug
Tammy Anderson 23-Aug
Judy Millican 25-Aug
Jacob Dolph 26-Aug
Elvin Carlson 27-Aug
Paul Wright 28-Aug
Tanya Bolkcom 30-Aug
William Smith-Olsen 30-Aug
August Anniversaries

Jerel & Betty Blair 8/8/1970
Dale & Vikki Ernst 8/10/1974
Darin & Priscilla Hughes 8/16/1998
Mike & Donna Lee 8/19/1978
John & Barbara Behrends 8/20/1983
Jon & Andrea Thompson 8/25/1984
Les & Jodie Morley 8/28/1951
Bob & Marybeth Hetherington 8/31/1985
Edmund IJumba & Alvera Bayabato 31-Aug

August Calendar
4 Sun

Food First Sunday
Blessing of the Backpacks
Thrivent Action Team
Habitat for Humanity
6 Tue 6:30 pm Mutual Ministry Meeting
11 Sun 9:00 am
11:30 am
Sunday School Kickoff - Install SS Teachers
Worship Committee Meeting
12 Mon
7:00 pm
Schools begin
Church Council Meeting
13 Tue 10:00 am
12:00 pm
Ladies' Bible Study resumes
Stephen Ministry Peer Supervision
15 Thu 6:00 pm Stephen Ministry Peer Supervision
18 Sun 3:00 pm More Than A Meal
19 Mon 6:30 pm Confirmands Meeting - 2nd Year
21 Wed 5:00 pm
6:00 pm
WEB Meals Resume
Cherub Choir Practice
25 Sun 11:15 am Elvin Carlson Birthday Reception
27 Tue 10:00 am Food Pantry Open
28 Wed 6:30 pm Confirmation Parent Meeting

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