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August 2017

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A Few Words from Mary Ellen
Most people agree that there is a circle of life.  We sometimes come up with names to explain it like serendipity or fate.  We hear that there is a plan so great that we simply could never understand it.  As we get older we believe less in coincidence and live more in the land of "meant to be".  My Baptist Grandmother would say, "God always answers our prayers but too many times we just aren't listening."
We all have great examples of this in our own lives.  One of the most obvious in mine is that when I met my husband Pat, I found out after a few dates that his mother's name was Mary Ellen.  I like to think he at least gave me extra points for that.  And now, here we are "happy as pigs in slop" (another Grandma quote).

So with that in mind...two days ago a friend of mine in Gainesville who I met through the state Alzheimer's group years ago posts the picture below on Facebook.   It was shared from a friend and the post read - HELLO FRIENDS!  WE NEED YOUR HELP!  WE ARE CURRENTLY DRIVING HOME FROM NEW YORK WHERE WE HAD TO PUT MOM IN A NURSING HOME.  WE HAD TO PACK UP HER ENTIRE APARTMENT AND TAKE HER DOG.  They needed to find this dog a new home.

Some of you know me enough already to understand why this is serendipity.  For the rest I will explain; I already own and love two West Highland Terriers (Westies), one of these babies has been seriously ill for almost a year with a brain tumor which has rendered her blind and deaf.  She still smells when I come home, wags her tail and begs for a treat and does not appear to be in pain.  Her name is Sami.  I or Pat will carry her outside to tinkle but she can usually make it on her own.  I've been grieving the loss of her, in advance, for a while now.

So I see this picture and I respond to the post.  This is what I learn; young Morgan who lives in Gainesville has a mother in New York.  Her mother has been living in a group home of sorts but the home allowed her dog to live there too.  The mother progressed in her memory issues to the point where her daughters were called upon to move her to the nursing home.  The nursing home does not accommodate dogs.  Thus the need for a new home.  Morgan said her dog "was my mother's only companion and she treasures her."

The dog is between 10 and 12 years old, has diabetes and requires insulin.  Otherwise healthy and active.  It made me think about what would happen to my Sami if something happened to us.  She has been such a good dog and loved us unconditionally.  Would someone give her that extra care if we weren't around?  Also, this woman has Alzheimer's and the friend who posted in the first place I know because of my work with Alzheimer's.  AND this dog is a Westie, our favorite.  The case is compelling.  But the thing that initially got my attention, other than how adorable and needy the dog is in the picture, is that her name is Sammy.  Okay God, I'm listening!

Anyway, I think there is greater challenge that is illustrated here.  There people out there who own pets and through no fault of their own they are unable to continue to care for them.  We actually know of some of these cases here at Share the Care.  There is a wonderful non-profit here in Central Florida, the Pet Alliance that can assist in rehoming dogs.  Also, social media is a powerful tool.  Use your Facebook account to spread the word.  Share the Care will post on our page for anyone in the above circumstance.  All of us deserve a loving family for the entirety of our lives.  We can help each other as we move around that circle of life!

M ary Ellen  

     Sammy Philbin, II  

18th Annual Caregiver Forum
A Cornucopia of Caregiving

September 7-9, 2017
Mission Inn Resort

Join us for 3 days and 2 nights of inspirational speakers, breakout sessions, great food and plenty of fun. Registration is open to family caregivers and respite for the person for whom you care is available. 

There is still time to register!

Start thinking of creative costumes for the Trick-or-Treat Welcome Reception. Friday evening's dinner will be a Harvest Ball.

If you need to arrange overnight respite care for your loved-one, please don't wait to call our Case Management team. It takes a little bit of time to arrange this.

If you prefer not to drive to and from the Mission Inn, a complementary bus will be provided from Winter Park. Call us at 407-423-5311 to reserve your spot on the bus. 

Do you provide services to family caregivers?
Promote your company to 150 family caregivers at the Caregiver Forum by sponsoring the event or hosting a vendor exhibit table. 

Pre-Conference Intensive
Caregiving with Faith

Thursday, Sept. 7, 10 am - 4 pm.
Mission Inn Resort

Share the Care, the Catholic Charities of Central Florida, and the Secretariat of Laity, Family and Life of the Diocese of Orlando are organizing an event to help faith communities start and/or sustain caregiver support programs.  All people in faith communities who either have a current caregiving program or would like to develop one and need resources to do so are invited to attend.  Family caregivers are invited to attend as well.
Registration: $30, includes lunch
  * caregivers can register for the entire event for $30 or just the last hour of roundtable discussions at no cost.
Register by calling Share the Care at 407-423-5311.

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Adult Day Care Center Updates
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Caregiver Forum
Caregiving with Faith
Adult Day Care Center Updates

Share the Care Adult Day Centers and the Administrative Office will be closed on September 4 in observance of Labor Day.

Hurricane Preparedness 

In the event of a hurricane or tropical storm, Share the Care Adult Day Centers will follow the Orange County and Seminole County public school closures. 
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Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2017
10:00 am - 12:00 noon
Caregiver Appreciation Brunch

Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2017
Caregiver Cabinet
Legislative trip to Tallahassee

Change in Date
September's Caregiver Support Group will meet on Friday, September 15. 1:30-3:00 pm

Call us at 407-423-5311 to RSVP of for more details.

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