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Rhonda Musak, Acting Coach

As an acting coach, I help actors unlock the magic in their acting.
Rhonda has this amazing ability to communicate acting technique clearly and concisely which helps to remove personal blocks so you can get out of your head and into the groove where magic happens.  Her students grow very quickly.  If you want to take your craft to the next level, I highly recommend working with Rhonda!
~ Tiffany Hodges ~
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Greetings, fabulous actor! Are you as enchanted with summer as I am? Every time I walk out my door without my coat and my boots, my gloves and my hat I am over the moon, or the sun, I should say. Oh, summer - you bewitch!

I have to confess that I have been letting summer do its magic on me as I enjoy a bit of a sabbatical. I set off at the beginning of this year with the intention - - a Leap with Passion Focus, really - - of peering deeply into Art & Soul Acting to see if there are ways that it can be better expressed to serve you all into the future and I have been taking the time to do just that.

To that end, I am soooo honored to have been nominated to the National Alliance of Acting Teachers. And my nomination timing was just right to allow me to attend their yearly Congress in NYC. It was four phenomenal days of fabulous acting workshops, compelling discussions about teaching and methodologies and tons of learning and discovery.

I was especially inspired as I dipped my toes into a methodology called rasaboxes. Wow! For those who have studied with me, think maxed-out sub personality work. I'm hoping to do a full training on rasaboxes in the next year.

After running Art & Soul Acting over the last seven years it's been great to take a bit of a breath. So, more to come as more is revealed to me.

In the meantime, I am, as always, available for private acting coaching in person in NYC or via Skype.

Wishing you magical summer days!


PS A couple of pics from my recent trip to Italy:

Monterosso al Mare

Fresco in Florence

Trevi Fountain - Rome

Rhonda Musak
Acting Coach
In Person.
Via Skype.
By Telephone.

Acting support that's all about you...exactly when you need it.

All private acting coaching sessions begin with a brief warm-up. A session can be used to focus on any of the following:
  • Monologues
  • Cold Readings
  • Audition Process & Technique
  • On-Camera Audition Recording
  • Preparation for an Upcoming Audition
  • Exercises to Stretch the Actors Instrument
  • Scene Study
  • Preparation for an Upcoming Role
  • Acting Technique Breakdown for an Acting Issue
  • Get Unstuck Coaching  
While working with Rhonda I have learned many of the finer details that are essential to acting and have taken major steps forward as a result of the work we've created together. It was her expertise and years of experience that allowed me to quickly  learn and step confidently into an Off-Broadway show as a replacement. I like the saying "the better the coach, the better the result," that has proven to be true with Rhonda.  W hen it comes to acting, she has my trust .
~ Kevin Cusick ~

For more details and coaching packages please visit: 

To schedule a session, please contact me here:

Super charge the New Year with vision and focus. In this life-aligning, 5-hour workshop, participants create a plan for the year ahead...a plan that will stick.

Leap with Passion into 2018!!!
2018 Leap attendees will receive Leaps & Bounds -- a bite-sized monthly reminder to inspire deep integration of all the discoveries made during the Leap workshop. 

Please look for it in your e-mail inbox near the middle of each month.

Leap with Passion into 2019!!!
Dates TBA

I had a huge realization during the course of the workshop, I discovered I had been living with plans that no longer fit with who I currently am. As a result, I have moved onto a different path that leaves me much happier, more energetic and feeling confident it is the right path for me. I highly recommend any workshop or class with Rhonda and if you have the opportunity to attend  the next Leap with Passion Workshop - DO IT!
~ Amanda Donnelly ~

Featured Article
Delve deeper into the craft and business of acting with articles that break it all down and build you up.

Cryptic at best, the phrase "more energy" leads actors down all sorts of wrong paths. Learn what this phrase really means and your work comes alive.

An Actor's Guide to the (Annoying) Phrase "More Energy"
by Rhonda S. Musak

You finish your scene in rehearsal and look to your director. Your director responds with "More energy." Ugh! As an actor, it's likely that at one point or another you've heard this phrase, or something like it. You may only hear it every now and then, or you may hear it constantly.

But what does it mean? And how in the world does this idea of energy specifically apply to the actor?

You've studied with me, you've booked the job -- now share the FAB news!

Emily Cordes
Congrats on recent project:
RESIST ( The METOO PLAYS) - Reading/Theatre

Kevin Cusick
Host: ESPN World Martial Arts Championships
View:  8-Minute Clip (Check out Kevin & also Team Paul Mitchell - Wow!!!)

Jenna Kantor
Congrats on recent project:
Man of La Mancha - Theatre
Role: Aldonza

Chuck Marti
All Souls - Web Series
Role: Principal TBA

Thomas McGuigan
Tira Misu - Short Film
Women's Film Festival at St. Francis College
Winner: Best Narrative 
View:  Tira Misu - 10 minutes

Lea McKenna-Garcia
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You Mother - Reading/Theatre

Andrew Rothkin
How Did That Happen?! - Web Series

Andrew Rothkin
Love Bites - Film
Written, Directed & Produced by Andrew Rothkin

Andrew Rothkin
Earthman - Film
Associate Producer

Meg Supina
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The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Musical

Julie Voshell
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Bubbles - Theatre
Diabolical - TV

I know that the whole point -- the only point -- is to find the things that matter, and hold on to them, and fight for them, and refuse to
let them go.
~ from Delirium by Lauren Oliver ~ 

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Rhonda S. Musak

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