August 2016 Newsletter 
A Note from the Executive Director
Labor Day is just around the corner, and NMASBHC will be celebrating the work that so many school health personnel around the state do to ensure that our children are healthy and ready to learn. We hope that the school year has launched successfully for all, and that Labor Day will give you a moment to catch your breath as the fall semester kicks off. Meanwhile, we hope you'll take a moment to help us help you by sharing your input through two means:
  • A technical assistance survey has gone out to every SBHC in our state; as you receive yours, please complete and return the survey to help us serve you more effectively. If you don't work at an SBHC but still want to give us input, please feel free to complete the survey (see below for link to the document).
  • An SBHC directory update form: if you work in an SBHC, your team should have received this form that we use to update our online and print directories (the only one in the state!); please make sure someone on your team completes and submits the form. See below for a link to a flyer with information about how you can get a gift card for the timely submission of these documents. Congratulations to the Atrisco Heritage High School SBHC for being the first to submit theirs!
In the meantime, please let us know how else we can serve you and the children and families of New Mexico as you plan for a new school year.
And on a more personal note, I would like to send the greatest possible message of strength of gratitude to the school personnel at Petroglyph Elementary School and APS who are helping the children cope with the horrific loss of their classmate Victoria Martens. Our community is rightly shocked at her loss, and from the perspective of NMASBHC, we are thankful for the dedicated professionals helping the community cope with the tragedy.
In gratitude,
Nancy Rodriguez
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  • SBHC Updates
    • SBHC Nurse Program Manager Receives Molina Community Champions Award
  • SBHC Sponsor Corner
    • Monthly Feature for SBHC Sponsoring Entity Administrators
      • NMDOH/OSAH Forms To Be Updated by September 10th
      • Quality Improvement and CWE Webinar Now Available Online
  • HSD/Medicaid Resources
    • HSD Personnel Changes
    • NM Medicaid Presumptive Eligibility Determiner Trainings Available in September
  • NMASBHC Updates
    • NMASBHC Contact Update Forms and Technical Needs Assessment Survey Now Circulating
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  • Clinic Resources, Training Opportunities, and Job Postings
    • OAH Provider Tools
    • Region IX REC/Ruidoso High SBHC Position Opening
    • Articles on SBHC Benefits and Value to Share with Partners
highlights SBHC Updates
  SBHC Nurse Program Manager Receives Molina Community Champions Award
Carol Pierce, Program Manager for the UNM Department of Pediatrics SBHC Program, received a Molin a Community Champions award on August 25, 2016. The annual awards are presented to New Mexicans who demonstrate extraordinary dedication to the community through volunteerism, and Carol was awarded a grant for her work with NMASBHC, Dismas House Charities, and Arca. NMASBHC is grateful for Carol's ongoing service to our organization as a volunteer and for her selection of NMASBHC to receive the $1,000 grant from Molina. Congratulations and thank you to Carol! And thanks to Molina for continuing this inspirational awards program! Molina created a lovely film featuring Carol and the Albuquerque High School SBHC; we will post a link to the film as soon as possible and announce it in this newsletter.

cornerSBHC Sponsor Corner
At the suggestion of the NMDOH Office of School and Adolescent Health, NMASBHC has added this monthly feature that includes information critical to SBHC operations that sponsoring entities will want to pay special attention to. If you have ideas or questions for this feature, please let us know! While we encourage you to ALWAYS read this section of the newsletter, we also hope you will check out all resources, especially those related to Medicaid, as you work to make your SBHC financially sustainable.

NMDOH/OSAH Operating Documents/Forms Now Available 
SBHC sponsors with NMDOH/OSAH contracts can access SBHC operating documents at OSAH staff are hard at work updating the contents of this tab, and the revisions are expected to be completed by September 10th. In the meantime, while documents currently posted may have older dates on them, the content is what is currently accepted by NMDOH/OSAH.

Quality Improvement and Comprehensive Wellness Exam Webinar Now Available Online
For those unable to attend the QI webinar hosted by Envision New Mexico, the video is now available at: or Thank you to ENM and OSAH staff for this helpful webinar, which also includes tools for incorporating youth engagement opportunities into QI.  
hsdHSD/Medicaid Resources
HSD Personnel Changes
The Quality Bureau Nurse responsible for all things SBHC, Bonnie Priest, has left her position with HSD/MAD. The position is moving to the Centennial Care Bureau and will be posted soon (watch this newsletter for future posting information). If you need assistance in ensuring appropriate and adequate reimbursement and data capture for SBHC care provided to Medicaid members in the meantime, please contact Erica Archuleta at NMASBHC encourages all SBHCs to reach out to us in the coming months if there is any need for support as well.

NM Medicaid Presumptive Eligibility Determiner Trainings Available in September
The PED Training sessions for Presumptive Eligibility Application Assistants continue. Please contact HSD to get the links to register for the trainings offered in September:
Session 1: September 13, 2016      
Session 2: September 27, 2016  
Seating is limited and space is available on a first come, first served basis. After successful registration, you will receive a confirmation e-mail that will include instructions on how to join the training on its scheduled date and time.
If you have any questions regarding entities qualified to participate as PEDs, the PED certification process or for more information on training sessions being scheduled for future months, please e-mail us at: or call 505-476-7151.  
nmasbhcNMASBHC Updates
NMASBHC SBHC Directory Update and Technical Assistance Needs Survey Forms Now Circulating 
NMASBHC is reaching out to all of the state's SBHCs to get accurate clinic information for our SBHC Directory, which we are responsible for updating for DOH, HSD, and our organization's website. This year, we're also asking you to complete a technical assistance needs survey. If you are part of an SBHC team, please see the flyer and forms below and submit at your earliest convenience. All those SBHCs returning both of their forms by September 28, 2016 will receive a $30 Wal-Mart gift card for each of their clinics and be entered to win one of two $100 Amazon gift cards. You can also visit for these downloadable and fillable forms.
Please forward the documents below to anyone else in an SBHC sponsoring organization who may be appropriate to complete the forms. Please identify one individual to submit the update form for each individual SBHC. Every member of the team is welcome to complete the needs survey. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Gift cards will be mailed out on October 5, 2016 with our extreme gratitude for your participation and the good work you do for New Mexico's kids!

Like NMASBHC on Facebook!
In addition to this monthly newsletter, NMASBHC is now sharing information and resources on our Facebook page: Be sure to check it out, and feel free to suggest information we should post. 
clinicClinic Resources, Training Opportunities, and Postings
Office of Adolescent Health Provider Tools
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and their Office of Adolescent Health (OAH), has a growing collection of tools aimed at improving outcomes for adolescents. If you are seeking tools aimed at improving health outcomes for this specific population, check out their collection of resources at

Region IX REC/Ruidoso High SBHC Position Opening 
The Region IX REC is seeking a mid-level medical provider for their SBHC program, including Ruidoso High School. Please share the posting with interested parties; it is available at:

Articles on SBHC Benefits and Value to Share with Partners 
As state budget woes loom, school health allies may need to remind sponsors, districts, policymakers and legislators of the return on investment that school-based health centers and all coordinated school health brings. Check out these two articles and share the good news with all of your partners:
  • American Journal of Preventive Medicine publishes, "School-Based Health Centers to Advance Health Equity: A Community Guide Systematic Review" at
  • Economic Studies at Brookings publishes, "School-centered approaches to improve community health: lessons from school-based health centers" at