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Issue: #31 August 2016

September will be a month of dynamic program opportunities.

An Open Forum to establish priorities to implement the Pastoral Recommendations Project (PRP) will be held.   Call to Action-Minnesota--a CCCR member, is sponsoring a three-hour conversation regarding Muslim-Christian relationships.  The "Be an Askable Parent" course will begin.  

Read on, learn more, and be involved. . . 

On August 9th, Diane Sineps led the Open Forum entitled,   " What Do Our Kids Learn About Sex?  Where Do Kids Learn About Sex".  She presented statistics regarding the prevalence of sexual assaults on college campuses, research comparing the attitudes regarding human sexuality in the Netherlands to those in the United States.  Diane described how individual states, local school districts, and parishes  respond to the situation through human sexuality programming.  The audience offered suggestions regarding how to provide more effective outreach within the Archdiocese.  

More specific information may be found below in the "Be an Askable Parent Course" article.

Upcoming Open Forum:  Which PRP Recommendations Do We Want the Archbishop to Consider First?
What should we tell Archbishop Hebda?   Which issues matter most to you?  The Pastoral Recommendations Project of CCCR and the Council of the Baptized has gathered people's views on what is needed to rejuvenate our archdiocese. 

The recommendation is now complete and available at under the 2016 Projects tab.  

Now our task is to determine which recommendations to focus on when we meet with Archbishop Hebda.  Many of the recommendations require his initiative as well as our collaboration.

Join us as we set priorities to discuss with Archbishop Hebda:

Council of the Baptized Open Forum

Date:        Tuesday, September 13

Time:        7-8 PM

Location:   Gloria Dei Lutheran Church
                700 Snelling Avenue South
                St.  Paul, MN 55116
POITAProgram Opportunity in this Archdiocese

A Muslim-Christian Conversation:  Coming Together to Overcome Culture Clash
W e invite you and Muslim people to be our guests.

Join us:

Learn more about the Islamic faith. Muslim speakers will discuss "What the Qur'an really says about jihad," about ISIS, women, about other religions. They will also explain why we should be discriminating about media comments and political statements about Islam.

8:30 -  9:00 
Check in; coffee/tea/coffee cake
9:00 - 10:15
Welcome/Opening Prayer - Guest Speakers followed by Questions and C omments
10:15 - 10:30
Questions for Speakers
10:30 - 10:45
10:45 - 11:30
Table Talk: inter-faith conversation (Some of the questions we may discuss  are listed below.)
11:45 - 12:15
Changing the Conversation: We can't be by-standers to bigotry; we need to  develop skill to respond to racist and Islamophobic remarks
12:15 - 12:30
Saturday, September 24 - 9am - 12:30pm  px
St Frances Cabrini Catholic Church - 1500 Franklin Avenue SE, Minneapolis

A free-will offering event - Registration required due to space limitations.
Send name and email or postal address to: 
PO Box 68171
Mpls MN 55418-8171

Questions to consider:
* What characteristics of your faith practice, either as an individual or in your faith community, guide your relations toward your neighbor?

* What values or aspects of your faith/religion help you make decisions, guide the way you live?

* When you think about the fact that Muslims, Christians, and Jews all worship the same God; what difference does that make for who you understand God to be, or how you might describe God's essential characteristics?

* Religions often have a sacred scripture or text (the Qur'an or Bible):  

How well do you know what is in that scripture/text? Do you take every word literally: why or why not?

We especially encourage Muslim people to join us for the table conversation so that Christians and Muslims are able to meet face-to-face to learn from each other; to find ways to build stronger communities. "Faith has to move beyond the Mosque, beyond the church, and into society."

Reservation Deadline: September 16

Name:  _____________________________________________
Phone:  ____________________________________________
Email:   ____________________________________________
or Address: _________________________________________

A "free will offering" event.
Registration is required because of limited seating.

Mail to: Call to Action-Minnesota
            PO Box 68171
            Minneapolis MN 55418-8171

Or email:
Questions: Art @ 651-636-7356   
COBAAPCourse Opportunity:  Be An Askable Parent

Be an Askable Parent Course
The "Be an Askable Parent" program  begins in September.

Talking to your kids about sex can be downright cringeworthy, but not talking can be far worse. Simply, there are no other good options.  Some schools have a kind of curriculum, but many do not.  Catholic church programs are non-existent.  That leaves peers and porn, with their erroneous, debasing, and harmful messages.

In her presentation to the CCCR board on August 9, Diane Sineps talked about the state of sex education in Minnesota and the U.S., and outlined the program she and a committee have developed to help parents in their role as primary sex educators for their kids.  Called "Be an Askable Parent," the course is a three-session, six-hour program to help parents engage with their kids early and often.

The course explores the lived reality of kids growing up in today's sex-saturated world: the hook-up culture among teens and young adults; the growing crisis of sexually-transmitted diseases; the failure of abstinence-only programs; the pressure to conform to unrealistic media images of sex and sexuality; and the perils of navigating the expanded time lapse between first sexual encounters and first marriages.

Within this culture, "Be an Askable Parent" is a hopeful antidote, providing practical information in an ethical context grounded in autonomy, equality, values, and responsibility.

The course will be offered:
Dates:  September 28, October 5, and October 12

Time:   7 to 9 pm 

Place:  St. Francis Cabrini Catholic Church
           1500 Franklin Avenue SE
           Minneapolis, Minnesota 55414

Child care available, if needed. 

Registration and payment deadline:  September 12

To register: 
Go online to
Diane Sineps  
c/o CCCR
PO Box 6525 
Minneapolis, MN 55406 or directly at  651-690-3247

Contact Mary Shafer at  651-644-3734

The $30 cost includes texts and materials.

Some helpful resources:
Sex education in US coming up short (podcast),

Girls and Sex: Navigating the Complicated New Landscape, by Peggy Orenstein.  Harper, 2016.
NOCRONews from Other Church Reform Organizations

C atholic Church Reform International (CCRI)--a global network of Catholic organizations and individuals seeking reform of our Church, asks progressive Catholics to create a simple, homemade video--a "selfie", using your cellphone or computer webcam.  Create a message that starts with these words:  "I call for the reform of the Catholic Church, because...."  Keep it short and simple.  Be balanced, courteous, and clear.  If you have more to say feel free to make a second video.  

Send in your video to  
CCRI will create a YouTube video with all of these selfies, and they will post the selfies on Facebook to encourage others to join them.  Spread the word.  See more information at
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