Check Out The New
Construction At Both Locations
We're Growing For You!
New construction is underway at both store locations. We're adding more green houses, expanding plant inventory, and adding new items to enhance your gardening experience. 

Shopping at the OKC store just got easier. We're adding the fourth entrance into our store for customer convenience and easier access from 119th street and Pennsylvania Avenue. 
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Take an additional 20% OFF our already great sale prices on our beautiful flower pots. 

Choose from unique styles and the latest in decorating colors for your home and patio. 
August Maintenance Guidelines
After years of working in the industry and building a nursery business around Oklahoma's inclement weather, we are suggesting the following maintenance guidelines:
 * Apply 
18-6-12 fertilizer
to warm-season grasses. (Bermuda and Zoysia) 

* For stressed out trees and shrubs, apply Marcum's Root Stimulator and ferti-lome Fish Emulsion Fertilizer.

* Do you see a sticky substance on the leaves of your crape myrtle tree? More than likely, your crape myrtle has aphids. Apply Hi-Yield 55% Malathion Spray or Natural Guard Insecticidal Soap

* See Marcum's Nursery watering guidelines for plantings, trees, and shrubs.

Congrats to our 4th Annual
Contest Winners!
1st place photo winner:  Lynn Nunn
(Pink Calla Lilly)
Marcum's Nursery $200.00 gift card 

2nd Place Photo Winner: Sheryl Miller
Marcum's Nursery $75.00 Gift Card

3rd Place Photo Winner:  Dallas Loffi
Marcum's Nursery $50.00 Gift Card

We're looking forward to next year's photo contest!
Chump's Chatter


The hotter and drier it gets, the larger the spider mite populations become! Treat spider mites, tent caterpillars, bag worms, and _______ with 55% Hi-Yield Malathion Insect Spray.  


Answer: Aphids



Tiny arachnids cause injury to a plant's foliage. They feed and deplete the plant's moisture while bruising the plant's cells. These are known as _________? 
Answer:  Spider Mites

We're Here For You

Oklahoma City Store
2121 Southwest 119th  

OKC, OK 73170
(405) 691-9100


Goldsby Store
169 N Main Ave
Goldsby, OK 73093
(405) 288-2368


Summer Hours:


Oklahoma City Store:

Monday - Saturday 
8:30am - 6:00pm

Closed Sunday

Goldsby Store: 
Monday - Friday 
8am - 5:30pm
Saturday: 8am - 5pm

Closed Sunday

Closed Sundays 
Thanks for a great spring!
Both store locations will be closed Sundays through February.   
Featured Ornamental
Considered to be one of the most popular of the ornamental grasses, this fast growing, giant ornamental grass, forms a dense clump reaching 6' - 10' tall and wide. Beautiful 10' to 12' plumes add beauty and a tropical appearance to any Oklahoma landscaping.
Featured Tree
This pyramidal tree makes a beautiful umbrella of shade in Oklahoma's hot sun. This widely adaptable tree showcases beautiful fall foliage and is great for any residential and commercial landscape design. 
Featured Product
We're providing our customers a 100% finished product from from an Oklahoma based composting facility. Let your eyes and nose experience the difference with Redbud's smooth texture and fresh earthy smell. 


Darla's Potato Salad           
Blending fresh vegetable garden favorites, this is not your traditional potato salad. Best served slightly warm and with a touch of dry mustard and coriander, Darla's recipe will become a summer favorite. 

Darla joined our Marcum's Nursery family a year ago this past month. Known for baking fancy desserts and beautiful pies, she also loves riding her bike...her Dyna Super Glide Custom Harley. You might just spy Darla at the top of Oklahoma's Mt. Scott!