August Newsletter
It's August and it's HOT! But the heat is not stopping our athletes. Whether it's a hot run on the track or a hot IRON XT class, great job showing up and being dedicated! If you're ready to join the sweaty fun, check out the ways you can get connected with Alamo 180.

Check out some pics of our athletes in action.

Plus save the date for some upcoming clinics and the FREE WEEK special.

Also, be on the lookout for a fun deal coming up in August! We can't wait to launch it!
IRON XT Strength classes
Why does anyone need to strength train?
*Do you have a desk job and sit down most of the day? *Do you take care of small kids? *Do you participate in endurance sports like running or triathlon? *Do you have an "old injury" to your lower back? *Do you want to feel better and improve your posture?
If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, then strength training will make you look and feel better, improve your posture, give you more energy in the day, and you'll perform better in run and triathlon training and racing. Learn more

Run Training
Alamo 180's run program is in week 4 and heading into the first race of the program at "Remember The Alamo...Beer" event this Sunday, August 4. Wish our runners luck, they're ready!

If you missed our run program start date but still want to join, message Depending on your current fitness level, there's a chance it's not too late. Reach out ASAP! Learn more
Triathlon Training
Alamo 180's triathlon training is in full swing training for sprints through Ironmans.

You have a team when you join Alamo 180. Friendship and accountability.

Club and Tier memberships available. Want to chat about joining? Message

Save the Date for August's FREE WEEK!
Every month we offer a FREE WEEK special for new members. It's a chance to try out our IRON XT classes for an entire week...completely free!

This month it's August 20 - 24

Share the deal with your friends & family!

And follow our page for details as the date approaches!

Wanna claim your spot now? Grab it here
Save the Date for Swim Skills Clinic
Do you find that you sink every time you take a breath? Learn how your arm positioning and underwater pull plays a key role in either keeping you afloat or submerged.

The drills covered in the clinic will work on timing of the underwater pull, as well as arm and body positioning. You will learn drills that will improve your stability in the water. These drills are game changer!

If you’re ready to stop taking in water each time you breathe, sign up for this clinic!
That's it for August! Follow us on social media for pics and the latest updates!
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