On Tuesday, August 8th at 6:30pm Jim Michel, a representative from Disciples Church Extension Fund (DCEF), will be coming to meet with us to explain services that DCEF offers to churches that are trying to discern how to faithfully continue in ministry.   To that end we will hear about two programs DCEF has that have been important tools that other congregations have used to help them navigate into the future.   The first program is called 'Building Evaluation' and it provides a comprehensive evaluation of the condition of a church's facilities and property as well as an assessment of how the building is currently used.   The assessment of current use also provides recommendations as to how the building might be used more effectively in ministry.   The look at the building's current condition includes estimates on what the future cost for maintenance of the property will be as well as what the estimated expense to church will be in order to keep the mechanical systems of the building (HVAC, electrical, plumbing, etc.) in good working order.   The second program is called 'New Beginnings' and it involves the congregation in an extensive and intensive look at current ministries, current context for those ministries, congregational resources for ministry, and whether and how the church is positioned for ministry in the future.   Both of these programs are designed to provide structure and information to congregations that are seeking to transform their ministries for the future.   The programs call upon the church to make a strong commitment to the process. Additionally, there is the expectation that the church will demonstrate the faith and persistence necessary to go through the process and use the evaluations and recommendations for future action.   Prayer from beginning to end to new beginning is an absolute part of this and I would ask you to begin to pray NOW as we seek as a congregation to take a hard look at our ministry and how God is calling us to continued faithful service in the future.
If you have interest in learning more about these programs you are invited to attend on Tuesday evening August 8th to hear Jim's presentation and to ask questions.   This a free consultation.   There is a cost associated with the services provided should we decide to move forward in the process.   The board will consider at its August meeting whether this is something we need to pursue.   Peace, Greg      
Scripture of the Month  
Ephesians 2:10
For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.
REHAB: Marilyn Galloway: Creasy Springs # 310
St Anthony's: Lynn Mann    
Cumberland Pointe: Harriett McDowell   
Elmcroft  # 124: Suzie Mounts    
Westminster: Lucille Maris # 1112   
Rosewalk Commons:  Vernetta Lynn; Verne & Rosemary Comer 
Rosewalk Village # 216 Sue England   
Friendship House# 320 Flo Peters  
M. Charlene Bowman 502 W. Jackson St.  Mulberry 46058;   Wanda Sharp - home  Connie Zarzour - #114 Fowler Apts.
At Home: Jeanne Dible, Ruby Ward at home of son, Marcus Haley 8415 Turner Rd. West Point, IN 47992        
CONGREGATIONAL PRAYER REQUESTS: Ann Prather Sue England's sister, Ruth - in critical condition, Gerald Edwards - Linda's husband, Betty White recovering from heart surgery, Jim Ogden  - brain cancer friend of Daryl Killian
   Kids Club & Youth Activities for August
Aug. 6th   "Back To School Bash" at
                  Trinity UMC 5-7pm
                  Come and help pass out
                   supplies and lead our pop game!
Aug. 13th    Bowling at Arrowhead
                    at Noon Cost: $10
Aug. 19th    Movie Night w/Trinity at 
                    FCC 7-9pm.
                    Popcorn, drinks and snacks provided
(No meetings the 20th & 27th)
Prayers for a good start to the 2017-2018 school year for all our students and teachers!
Worship Committee meeting on August 28th at 5:30.  We will meet in Fellowship Hall.

Thank you to everyone who came to our 70th Wedding Anniversary open house and/or sent us greetings.  It, indeed, was a happy occasion for us.  We are grateful for reasonably good health and longevity. Ken & Mary Lou Curtis
Thank you to the ladies of Ruth circle for organizing and hosting Mosey Down Broadway lll. The food was delicious! Thank you to Jeff and Barry for the delightful entertainment. What a fun evening!
Technical Arts Needs Your Help
We have a serious need a few volunteers to help on the soundboard on Sunday mornings, especially at the 8:00 service. If you are able to help us, please contact me or just come up to the balcony any Sunday morning to see what we do and what it takes to serve this ministry.  This important ministry needs your help! 
We could also use your help on two other tasks. One is to help post our Sunday sermons on our Church's web site. The second task is to make CD copies of the same Sunday Sermons.  Both are easy tasks that takes only a few minutes each week. 

Please let me know if you are willing and able to serve our Church in any of these ways. I am ready to show you how these tasks are done. 
Jim Rybka, Tech Arts Chair

August Diaconates
August 6th
Team Leader: Navarra
Serving: Navarra
Serving: Laura Gullion
Serving: Mary Fran Nelson
Serving: Dawn Ramey
Set Up & Clean Up: Navarra & Laura Gullion
Team Leader: Donna Adams
Serving: Carolyn Weedon
Serving: Sue Dismore
Serving: Linda Brammell
Serving: Richard Brammell
Set Up & Clean Up: Carolyn Weedon & Sue Dismore
August 13th
Team Leader: Navarra
Serving: Navarra
Serving: Laura Gullion
Serving: Mary Fran Nelson
Serving: Dawn Ramey
Set Up  Clean Up: Mary Fran Nelson & Dawn Ramey
Team Leader: Dave Schluttenhofer
Serving: Robin Sturgeon
Serving: Larry Sturgeon
Serving: Megan Eberhard
Serving: Stephen Eberhard
Set Up & Clean Up: Megan & Stephen Eberhard
August 20th
Team Leader: Navarra
Serving: Navarra
Serving: Laura Gullion
Serving: Mary Fran Nelson
Serving: Dawn Ramey
Set Up & Clean Up: Navarra & Laura Gullion
Team Leader: Kathy Stirlen
Serving: James Sanders
Serving: Denise Sanders
Serving: John Sanders
Serving: Josh Tully
Set Up & Clean Up: Josh Tully & James Sanders
Augsut 27th
Team Leader: Navarra
Serving: Navarra
Serving: Laura Gullion
Serving: Mary Fran Nelson
Serving: Dawn Ramey
Set Up & Clean Up: Mary Fran Nelson & Dawn Ramey
Team Leader: Floyd's
Serving: Floyd's 
Serving: Melanie Davis
Serving: Michael Davis
Serving: Juanita Hobaugh
Set Up & Clean Up: Floyd's & Juanita Hobaugh
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Lafayette, IN 47901