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President Biden Moves to Eliminate Individual Health Insurance Options Except for Affordable Care Act plans:

For customers on Allstate (National General) or United Health Care that were effective since 2020, this applies to you.

In a recent statement President Biden stated anything but Affordable Care Act plans are

"junk insurance" and that people were "suckers" for purchasing these. For the record, we are NOT making political statements. However, I would be one of those "suckers" as my 3 year term plan provides better coverage than a comparable ACA plan at the price of $438 per month for my family rather than the ACA monthly premiums of $1650. The government is currently taking "comments" for 60 days concerning the cancellation of any of these plans. At the moment, the proposal is to limit the 3 year term plans allowed by President Trump to 3 months with eligibility of renewing for only 1 month. Then the federal government will mandate that your health insurance is cancelled. We will keep you updated as this proceeds. Right now we do not expect the rule to go into effect until 2024. We highly recommend renewing your coverage for a full 3 years January 1st to extend your 3 year time limit as long as possible as the proposed rule will not affect existing plans. For those who would like to make a comment, you can do so Here.

Wellmark Blue Cross Decreasing Premiums January 1st: Wellmark Blue Cross has requested a 7% DECREASE in premiums on Affordable Care Act plans for plan year 2024 for the Iowa Department of Insurance. We fully expect this to happen.

New ACA Health Insurance Carrier In Iowa: AM Better, which operates in many other states, will be offering Affordable Care Act insurance starting on January 1st 2024. Stay tuned for more information as we receive it.

Case Study on the Importance of Taking Charge of One's Own Health:

This short article by Dr. Peter Attia provides a real life example of the importance of being one's own health advocate. Enjoy! Read Here

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