Minutes from CCDS July Meeting
Hello Everyone,

Our last club meeting held on Wednesday, July 21, was well-attended and productive at Orleton Farm with everyone enjoying some tasty treats and conversation. The meeting gave us a chance to firm up last-minute details for the Orleton Driving Show coming up on August 12-15 and also make our plans for CCDS events for the remainder of 2021.

Count down to the show is on! The final plans are in place. Our show has become one of the best with its 4-day format offering a division for everyone with the combined test on Thursday and Friday and the pleasure show on Saturday and Sunday with Carl’s Car Cruise on Sunday.

We have rounded up the usual suspects for volunteer work. For anyone else who has not volunteered in the past, there is no better way to see the gorgeous Orleton Farm than to join in the show experience. Looking for a few more hands to spot obstacles on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (August 13-15). Please reach out to Laurie Danaher at LBDanaher@yahoo.com if you have a few free hours and would like to see some amazing horses in action--food and some CCDS swag included 😁

Since our Orleton Picnic Drive was so well-attended and such a hit with both CCDS and SDA members, we have decided to host another one before summer ends. We have scheduled our next drive for Saturday, August 28. We will keep the obstacles in place from the show. This will give anyone who maybe did not show yet another chance to enjoy the farm and all it has to offer for drivers. For those who come and did exhibit at the show, you will have a unique opportunity to sharpen your skills building on what you just learned from your show experience.

Harvey Waller/Laurie Danaher
Minutes from July Meeting
Minutes for July 21 Meeting

After some delicious treats and welcome conversation, Harvey called the meeting to order. Since my last minutes for the meeting on March 17, 2021, information has been received by email. It is on the website and there was no formal vote to accept it.

There are 85 show entries at this time with 4 more expected. Entries for the pleasure show and the combined test are counted separately. So there are not 90 individuals, but perhaps half of that since many enter both sections. Four show divisions have no entries: gigs, tandems, juniors, coaching.
 Due to Covid, no dues were billed in September 2020. For 2021 4 members paid and Debbie Manasse has 6 more that have paid. She also has the list of the membership. Dues have been traditionally billed in September with the Tub Parade notice to be paid by the following January 1. 
Helpful Driving Info
The Carriage Association of America (CAA) website hosts a blog with tons of helpful information on driving-related topics. Check out this one on harness care along with many other links you will see there:

Driving events in our region
September 9-15: Shelburne Farms Ride/Drive, Shelburne, VT. Contact: jeanharvey@SaltAccounting.com
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