August 2020
Pediatric Experts Offer Tips for Children’s Mental Health in Transition Back to School
Whether returning to a school building, online learning or a hybrid school environment, it is normal for children and adolescents to have some stress or anxiety about going back to school. This year, fears of getting sick, school safety protocols for COVID-19 or heightened tensions around racism may make the transition even more difficult.
Experts say very young children may have separation anxiety or general stress and concerns about being away from family and being in new environments with new people. For older children who have been communicating with teachers primarily through online learning or social media, face-to-face communication might feel uncomfortable at first. Experts say no matter the age of your child, the best thing you can do to help your child’s mental health as they go back to school this year is to start having conversations early and often.
Professionals Say Going Outdoors Can Help Mental Health During Pandemic
With the pandemic in full swing and fewer choices for fun, being outside has become a major source of entertainment. But more importantly, professionals say it makes a huge difference for mental health.

Just taking a 10 or 15 minute walk has a tremendous amount of benefits to our body, first just physically. It’s great for us and getting fresh air. But secondly exercise releases chemicals in our brain that help our mental health. That combined with exposure to sun, and even if it’s sunshine behind a cloudy day, sun produces vitamin in D in our bodies, and that is known as the sunshine vitamin. It improves our mental state.
Let's Talk About Grief - Training
We all experience grief differently and we also express grief in our own ways too,but by understanding your emotions, taking care of yourself, and seeking support when necessary, you will be able to heal. Kailey Bradley, LPCCC-S and clinical thanatologist is providing training's to provide an empathetic and engaging learning experience.
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September 27, 2020:4th Annual Suicide Prevention & Awareness Walk
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October 6, 2020: The MHRB Annual Dinner
Keynote Speaker - Ret. Lt., Steve Click

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