Middlesex Senior Cohousing Newsletter | August 2018

Middlesex Senior Cohousing -- Building the first senior cohousing community in New England!
Hello, friends--

Summertime, and the livin' is easy--unless you're a gardener! Since June we've been preserving the harvest, making jams (strawberry is big in our house), pickles, and chutney. Bowls of green beans, tomatoes, beets, eggplants, peppers, and garlic (and pitchers of zinnias) crowd our kitchen table -- all from our victory garden or farmers' market.

We invite you to get an icy drink, kick back, and check out our August newsletter. Here's what you'll find:

  • Our next introductory meeting, Sunday, August 26, at New View Cohousing in West Acton
  • Update on our land search
  • Living at Oakcreek Community (video)
  • Senior cohousing in the news
  • Northeast Regional Cohousing Conference, Sept. 21 - 23
  • Calendar of upcoming MSC events

Stay cool and enjoy the bounty of August!

--Mayhew and Victoria, MSC founders
Learn About Cohousing & MSC

Next Introductory Meeting
Sunday, August 26, 2018
1 pm - 3:30 pm
New View Cohousing in West Acton, Mass.

Come learn about senior cohousing and our project--a community approach to independent living!

The venue is New View cohousing, where you can see and experience first-hand an inter-generational cohousing community that's been thriving in West Acton since 1995.

What You Can Expect
  • A slideshow about cohousing and our project
  • Small facilitated conversation groups focused on what it takes to age successfully
  • Attendees who want to continue the conversation will be invited to an upcoming potluck
  • Find out how joining early gets you seniority in home selection and a discount on your home price!
Our Site Search Has Begun!
Our site search has begun! Matt Blackham, our new development partner, started looking for land in Maynard and Acton this month. This is a real milestone for us!

We're looking for about three acres of suitable, affordable land on which to build 20 -30 cottage-style dwellings with porches and gardens, a big vegetable garden, and a large common house.

If you haven't already, go to our website's homepage and take our Survey of Interest to find out if our future neighborhood might be just what you're looking for.
The Blackham Company is a community-focused real estate development, investment, and advisory firm founded in 2011 that has invested in, developed, or played a direct management role in over $250 million of real estate transactions in Massachusetts and South Carolina.
Living at Oakcreek Part II
In our July newsletter, we told you about Oakcreek Community in Stillwater, Oklahoma--it's one of the models we have in mind for our future community. And we shared their most recent newseletter, "Summertime at Oakcreek." This month we're sharing their video "Living at Oakcreek." Hear from Oakcreek residents what they love about living in a 55+ cohousing community.
Senior Cohousing in the News
From Communes to Cohousing
By Richard Seven - Spring, 2017
Somewhere along the line, it seems front porches gave way to back decks. Neighborhoods began to feel more like a collection of random people living next door to one another than a community where shared interests were often debated but always celebrated. Privacy trumped belonging.

But as you age, and as your kids and friends begin to scatter, chores get harder, and your social calendar grows sparse, you wonder: Now what? ....
Northeast Cohousing Summit--Coming Soon!
Northeast Cohousing Summit
September 21 - 23, 2018
Amherst, MA

We're registered and the hotel rooms are booked! It's just five weeks until our whole group heads out to Amherst for the Northeast Cohousing Summit!

This conference is a two-day crash course on everything you need to know to create a cohousing community. It's a unique opportunity to network with key players from the national and regional cohousing scene, and to tour existing cohousing neighborhoods in Massachusetts (10 are on offer).

Conference topics include:
  • Age-Friendly Cohousing Design
  • Affordable Cohousing: the Shared House Option
  • Singing in Community
  • A Taste of Dynamic Governance
  • Common House Design
  • Cooking & Eating Together in Cohousing
  • 5 Simple Tools for Relationships

If YOU are interested in learning about or living in cohousing, or in launching a cohousing project with some friends, don't miss the Northeast Cohousing Summit. To view the program, go to Northeast Regional Cohousing Conference

Catch up with us at these events -- see our website for details:

  • Aug. 11 - Farmers' Market, Carlisle
  • Aug. 26 - Introductory Meeting, New View Cohousing, West Acton
  • Sept. 27 - Introductory Meeting, Acton Senior Center
  • Oct. 20 - Introductory Meeting, Maynard Public Library

We'll also be scheduling follow-up potlucks for people who have attended our introductory meetings -- stay tuned!
About Our Project
We're looking for 3 to 5 acres of land on which to build a beautiful neighborhood of 20 - 30 cottage-style houses with porches and gardens clustered around a central pedestrian path and large common house with extensive amenities.

We're looking in Acton and Maynard, Mass., but we particularly like Maynard because its center is truly walkable. And a river (the Assabet) runs through it! Maynard has exceptional access to recreation and nature areas and an artsy, diverse and youthful vibe with increasingly robust services and cultural amenities (e.g., the coming Assabet Village Food Co-op). It also has progressive community leaders who are working to make Maynard a destination and a great place to live.

We are growing our group and looking for people like YOU
to join us in this exciting journey!