AUGUST news & updates
AUGUST 2020 | Issue 45
From The Mayor's Corner:
I'll bet you've heard all you want about the virus and wearing masks, and probably more. Yeah, me too. However, it's like the national debt and not going away soon. So, what do we do? Here's some light hearted advice from Springfield's masking video contest winner, linked at the bottom of this note.

Springfield's contest winner says, "It's your duty to cover your snooty." It's time for more rhyme. You're just doing what's right in the fight . Just a hand to lend to protect a friend. Think of others and your sisters and brothers. It's not just about you but others, too. Slow the spread and put this virus to bed.

Okay, some of you agree and some don't. I get it. There are many opinions about this and I respect them all. Although not a cure to the COVID -19 virus epidemic, masking has been proven to be an effective deterrent to slow the spread. So, if we can't stop it, why not try to slow it?

Please think about the entire community, your family and friends, our businesses and churches and wear a mask. It's just the right thing to do. Thank you.

Rick Gardner,
Who are you masking for? Send, share, or tag us in a photo of you with your mask on and feature on our socials!

Wear the mask. Protect someone's Grandma."
Tag, share, reply to us with a picture of you wearing your mask and feature in our socials!
City Administrator Steve Childers:
 "I Mask For Family and Friends."
Christian County Health Department
Public Works
Action shot!
PW is working on the 3rd street water main extension and breaking rock in this photo!
Ozark residents, we are eagerly anticipating the completion of the new Riverside Bridge just like you guys! To help tide us all over, we were able to get some amazing drone footage  417 Drone Imaging  of the current Riverside Bridge construction in the video above!
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Ozark Police Department
Please join the Ozark Police Department in welcoming our two newest Police Officers: Officers Miranda Monroe and Riley Benton.

On Thursday July 9th, Officers Monroe and Benton graduated from the Drury University Law Enforcement Academy with their Class A Missouri Peace Officers Standards Training license.
It is the little things like this note that remind our staff of what a great community we serve. This letter came from a staff member at The Market House Cafe on the square on July 14. Thank you!

Parks and Recreation Department
Board of Aldermen Meeting
Face Mask Covering Ordinance on Agenda
The Ozark Community Center
Monday, August 10 @ 6:00PM
Finley River 5 and Tri
Saturday, August 29 @ 7:30AM
Ozark, Missouri