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August Events
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Tuesday August 6

Nancy Grieshop Speaker
Destination ...Sanity

Nancy is a local social worker and author of a book about the devastation of drug addiction on an unsuspecting family.

As in any family, there is humor around the corner of nearly every crisis. And, when we permit it, joy eventually permeates the pain. Nancy will have you crying and laughing, alternately, and at times simultaneously. Come learn about her journey and how she has managed to make the most out of her life in spite of the hurdles.

11:30-1:00 p.m. Lunch and Program

$20 Members/ $23 Non Members

August 15

Launch your own Recycled CREATIVITY

With Marsha Pippenger, Manager,

Marsha is an artist and expert on the fine art of collage-- the ability to use paper vs paint.

Collage is an art form that was once regarded as one of the “low arts”; its origins are rooted in piece quilts, scrapbooks, and other traditionally feminine handicrafts. Elevated to the status of a fine art in the early part of the 20th century, collage still makes use of humble materials – discarded mail, fabric scraps, string, old wire, stamps, newspapers, found objects – as well as the materials of fine art – handmade papers, ink, paint, and the like.
 11:30-1:00 p.m. Lunch and Program

$20 Members/ $23 Non Members

Friday August 23


50th Anniversary of Ohio's Scenic River Act
Come learn more about the importance of this act--even today; and how you can help!

 Fifty years ago was a big step forward for conservation in the U.S. and Ohio.
In 1968, Ohio pioneered the river preservation movement in 1968 with the passage of the nation’s first scenic rivers act.
The Scenic Rivers Act protects our high-quality waterways and their river corridors for future generation. These acts established systems to protect streams and rivers as well as standards in which additional rivers may be identified and added to the list.

11:30-1:00 p.m. Lunch and Program

$20 Members/ $23 Non Members

Thursday August 29

Monthly Mix, Mingle & Celebration Bash

We will celebrate* anything and everything while enjoying great conversation and noshing on light breakfast treats.

10:30 a.m - 12:00 noon
Open House format
$15 members and non-members

*Let us know if you are celebrating something when you RSVP!

6 Nancy Grieshop Program 11:30
7 Book Lovers 11:30
14 Executive Committee Meeting 10:00
14 Travel Club Trip to Greenville
15 Marsha Pippenger- Artist 11:30
?? Exercising with Pat Tallman 11:00
21 WCDF Board Meeting 10:00
23 Hope Taft Program 11:30
29 Celebrate/Mix/Mingle Brunch 10:30

5 Collector's Capers-Souvenirs
6 Friday Night Game Night
10 J Goris Nova House Program 11:30
11 Executive Committee Meeting 10:00
12 Fleeta Tekamp Honor Tea 2:00
16 Dog Therapy Program 11:30
18 WCDF Board Meeting 10:00
24 Christ Murphy College Promise Program
29 Celebrate/Mix/Mingle Brunch 10:30
Attention All Dorothy Lane Shoppers!
D id you know that every time you shop at DLM amd scan your DLM Club Card, you could be helping the DWC?

Dorothy Lane Market's Good Neighbor Program allows you to select a 501(c)(3) organization. At the end of the year, DLM donates a pro-rated amount to that organization based on how many people linked their cards to it. This is a very easy way for us to earn $$ and support our mission.

Stop by the information desk at any DLM the next time you shop and ask them to link your card the The Woman's Club of Dayton Foundation.

For those of you who already participate, thank you for your support!