In the past couple of years, the volunteer rate in California has been steadily decreasing. Despite these statistics, our volunteers at CAVC have been continuously supporting and volunteering with us in different capacities.

Especially during COVID-19, our volunteers make sure that our Community Market is fully stocked. They continue to serve their community by ensuring everybody who shows up to the pantry is getting quality, nutritious food. Another way they serve is by making sure everyone who comes to CAVC is provided with basic necessities. Through these volunteers, CAVC has been able to serve close to 400 households on a weekly basis during the pandemic. They are truly the heart of our organization.

Here are some quotes from our volunteers.

“I like to help people that is why I have been a volunteer for community market for over 6 years” - Mari Bacajol(Oxnard community member)

“I like to help people and sometimes I need food and also help myself when I need food. I am not working and if other people need my help, I help them.” - Maria Zavaleta (Oxnard community member)
“I love to volunteer, me and my friends are missionaries and we love to help people, especially during these hard times in the world. We like to help people who need help regardless of who they are. It is something Jesus Christ would do and that is who we represent.” - Evan Lagerholm (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints)

During this time we are also looking for new creative ways of using our volunteers and will be informing the community more about this in the near future. If you would like to serve alongside with us, please contact Community Market Coordinator, Roseanne Hernandez at 805-816-5832 or email at We would love to get to know you and serve our community with you!