Volume II | August, 30 2019
The Importance of Church for a Community
In today’s world, people have obtained more information than the time before. Science and drug are going at its peak like no other time envisioned by man. We have greater streams and luxury ships, quicker PCs, and supportive medications for specific diseases now. 

Yet still, the positive role of a church in our lives continue to prosper. Churches in the life of the 21st-century devotee are basic since it fills a void in our hearts. How? Let just say that a vehicle needs fixing, it is conveyed to the technician shop to get fixed. Or let just say that somebody is ill, he or she has to be taken to a hospital or clinic to look for therapeutic consideration. Same as that, Developing Our World helps people to recognize that Church is the place individuals ought to go in the event that they need "inner peace" or maybe a “spiritual fix.” It is a place to receive the Gospel, the forgiveness of sins, and the salvation in Jesus Christ. The church is as important as a medical clinic.

At Developing Our World, we offer help, we donate, and we provide different strategic services which resolve the common problems faced by our society as part of our holistic approach. So, we trust that despite what is said about holy places, individuals expect that their life issues can be tended to in some design or structure. With all the pressure and troubles of their reality overloading their psyches, individuals need a place that gives Bible-based answers, a Biblical equipping, and a place that guides them as no other place can. 

Individuals need their physical, emotional and spiritual requirements to be taken care of. We are living in an insane reality today. We should give what we can to help each other. We need to give so we can strengthen our people, our surroundings, our community, and our world. 

We are living in risky and drastic times. Doing just a little can bring a better change in life. So, our team at “Developing Our World” encourage you to contribute in lifting up and building a Church. Doing so can help you and your community flourish. Directed little gatherings ought to be reified in holy places to be accessible to address the issues in every devotee's life. Regardless of the chapel measure, each church can give services and efforts for betterment. To the best of its facility, churches can give spiritual aid, services, administrations, advising and counsel to those in need.
The Role and Importance of Churches in Guatemala
Guatemala is home to some of the most historical churches but due to natural disasters many of these incurred severe damages. Churches are important for the struggling citizens of Guatemala as these help the people find closure through emotional and spiritual support. 

Guatemala Struggles to Provide its Youth Quality Education
The educational system of a country is what determines the future of the labor force. Developing Our World wants to contribute to that.

Developing Our World TM is Solving Guatemala’s Housing Problem
Housing Ministry
Guatemala has a housing deficit of 61%, which is the equivalent of 1.54 million people without homes. Developing Our World wants to change this reality building homes to families with scarce resources.