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August 2019
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"Solo Aging"

As we grow older, our health changes - it is inevitable. Whether diagnosed with a physical or cognitive disease, over 80% of older adults will be diagnosed with at least one chronic condition by age 65.
Alone Does Not Always Mean Lonely
Loneliness has become a public health epidemic - 1 in 3 older adults report feeling lonely. But does lonely mean you are alone?

  • Alone is the state of isolation or solitude when an individual is outside the company of others.
  • Lonely describes the feeling of sadness or abandonment.

Senior isolation, both physical and mental, can cause serious health risks. Seniors who feel isolated have a 26-32% higher risk for early death.

Did you know
46% of Indiana counties are considered "rural" counties? Rural individuals make up 1/5 of the elderly population and are at the highest risk for requiring long-term care services and support.
Stages of Aging
Baby Boomers:
The stages of aging are the same whether you are aging together or aging alone - as is the preparedness. Starting the conversation today will have great benefit as your health changes over time. Putting your plan in writing then adjusting to your needs is exactly what Advance Care Planning is all about!
Did you know
20% of baby boomers don't have children & 27% age at home alone

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Meeting You Where You Are

When we say "Just Call Us" we mean it! Our trained Options Counselors are on the other end of the phone eager to help you in whatever capacity you may need. Our process is simple:

  • Just Call Us: During this basic phone referral we will ask you a series of questions that will help us understand your needs. Depending on the services you are seeking, you may need to answer questions regarding personal finances.

  • In-Home Visit: This is a more comprehensive, person-centered assessment concentrating on your Social Determinants of Health.

  • Options: Once the necessary information is complete, the next step is providing you with options appropriate for your needs based on program requirements.
  • The Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne launched a local study focusing on issues affecting women and girls. The study will investigate employment, education and training; personal safety; caregiving; healthcare and girls. AIHS COO Maureen Widner is on the caregiving committee. The importance of learning more about caregiving in our area is significant: in 2015, 43.5 million adults reported to being a caregiver, 60% of those adults were women.
  • Administrator and Assistant Secretary for Aging Lance Robertson addressed attendees at n4a's Annual Conference on July 29: "we need to integrate home & community-based services into healthcare...these new revenue streams are important as government funding remains flat at best...critical juncture...there are models of a single contracting entity: California, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Ohio... if you are not in the middle of the conversation, we are all at-risk." Robertson's slide show included "sustain and build momentum" referencing "network innovators" briefing HHS Deputy Secretary, March 2019. AIHS is pleased that our CEO Connie Benton Wolfe was one of the network innovators selected by Robertson to be at the table with Deputy Secretary Eric Hargan!


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