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August 2022

The Best of Summer is Yet to Come!

Read on to find out what’s fresh and hot this summer season at The Abode.


August Spotlight

Featured Artist

Joe Vickers

From childhood to his present day life, Joe Vickers has always doodled with markers and pens. Drawing from his love of the sea, surf, and waves, Vickers creates eye-catching coastal landscapes. What started as waves on paper has evolved into acrylic and gouache paintings. Ditching the traditional canvas about a decade ago, Vickers decided to go big with his artwork and transformed paper images into vibrantly colored paintings on wood panels. You can find prints of his work at The Abode, as well as books, stickers, and some coasters featuring his art. Follow his artwork at and on Instagram @joevickersart

Featured Product

Magnetic Bracelets

A popular and top-selling item of The Abode, these bijou bracelets boast beauty and affordability. Dress up any outfit with one of these shimmering bracelets that magnetically clasp together. Ditch the pesky lobster claw this summer and accessorize with these practical bracelets. Wear them with your everyday look or an elegant night out. They make a good gift and will pair well with other pieces of jewelry. Check them out on your next visit to The Abode and try one on for yourself!

Featured Showroom

The Floral Room

The name says it all! The Floral Room is one of the originals to the Ole Hanson designed home, and it features more than just flowers. You can find artwork, smell the array of essential oils and candles, and purchase a bundle of faux, dried, or real flowers. Crystals, geodes, and mala beads get a home in this room and elevate a tranquil experience to any garden or personal space. Decorate your home with some flowers and bring new energy in with some geological treasures!

What's New?

Montana's Heart

An octopus stuffed animal that supports and brings awareness to individuals with Down syndrome. These adorable octopuses come in different colors and sizes. Super soft and adorned with cute smiles, these sea critters will surely comfort you or the little ones in your life!

Inis Fragrance

Bring the ocean with you wherever you go with this bottled “Energy of the Sea” by Inis. Inspired by the seas off the coasts of Ireland, this unisex cologne features a refreshing wave of fragrance. Come by and smell this perfect summer scent. Also available in a lotion and hand cream.

Bumbleberry Farms

Uniquely blended honey creams in a variety of new flavors! This ethically sourced honey spread tastes delicious on toast, in sauces, or stirred in your coffee or tea. These honey spread flavors come in Sea Salt Caramel, Chocolate Raspberry, Lemon Vanilla, and Sweet Orange Cardamom.

What's Happening?

Going Solo Party on 8/18

Single and haven’t mingled in a while? We’re hosting a party to unite all singles in the local area! Become part of the solo squad while getting to know each other over beverages and hors d’oeuvres. We know how nerve-wracking it may feel to put yourself out there. That’s why we want to host a casual, no-strings-attached atmosphere while meeting other people in Orange County. The date begins at 6 p.m. on August 18th at The Abode. Let’s cheers with our solo cups to going solo!

*Enjoy 20% off during the event


Annie Sloan Workshop on 8/27

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® is a praised and specialized product we proudly carry at The Abode. Join us as we teach some of the basic to advanced techniques of painting furniture using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® on Saturday, August 27th from 1-4 p.m.

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Fully Present

We often forget the preciousness of time. We can lose money and earn it again, but lost time can never come back. Time feels like it can bend, speed up, slow down, or fly by. The illusion of time feels malleable and adaptable, but time brings changes as it continues on. With distractions at our fingertips, it has become easier to lose our grip on time. Our minds can live elsewhere while time slips from our hands. Learning to pause and notice the now has become an art to master, and master it we must. Go outside and leave the distractions at home. Live in the present and take hold of the now. 

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