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All About Baby!

Oliver's Nannies is not only here to be your partner in childcare, we strive to be a resource for our families as well!

In this month's newsletter we have compiled a variety of information all about infancy! We interviewed a local sleep consultant to pick her brain on sleep training your little one. We have also put together a guide to all of the latest in baby tech. Last but not least, we shared some fun facts all about babies.

We hope you enjoy reading!

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April Russo, of Sleep Sister, is a NICU nurse who is a local Sleep Consultant as well! We were able to spend some time with April and learn more about sleep training and her services and we could not wait to share with you!

Let’s get started by learning a little more about you! Can you tell me about yourself and your services?

My name is April! I am a NICU + Research Nurse, and Certified Sleep Consultant. I own a company called Sleep Sister where my mission is to help families get more sleep and establish healthy sleep habits with their newborns through 4 years old! I offer a range of support from a question and answers call, virtual ongoing support packages, and also in-home support.

When and how do you recommend beginning a sleep program with babies?

It’s never too early to start implementing healthy sleep habits with your baby! I recommend starting to implement developmentally appropriate strategies even before your baby is born! There is so much you can do to start your baby’s healthy sleep habits even before starting formal sleep training at 4 months old!

What are your two favorite methods to use for sleep training babies?

Depending on the age and temperament of the child and also the level of comfort the parents feel with the method, I have a number of methods to choose from when writing a sleep plan. Of those methods, I find most success with the methods involving consistent and increasing intervals for parents to "check in" on their child. The most success I see is with families who consistently implement this for two weeks! The best tip I have for parents who desire better sleep for their child is to have a plan and be consistent with that plan!

How do you recommend working with a team of childcare providers? (i.e., parents, grandparents, nannies, daycare)

I encourage every caregiver to be on the same page about the care of the child including the sleep goals set for them. This way, there is consistency and that child will learn to know what to expect and when to expect it. When working with families with multiple caregivers, I like to have communication with everyone to ensure all are on board with the changes being made.

What is the best advice you give your families know throughout the process?

The best possible advice that I can give the families that I work with is to be consistent! Consistency is key when it comes to making any change especially when it comes to sleep for your child.

What are the biggest challenges to sleep training your child? When do you switch methods when faced with challenges?

The biggest challenge that parents face when sleep training their child is not knowing if they’re doing the right thing, leading to an inconsistent approach. That is where I come in! Having a medical background with years of experience working with infants and toddlers, I am able to support these families in feeling confident that what they’re doing is the best thing for their family!

Want to know more? Check out April's website here!

The Sleep Sister

Newborn Care

Coming home with a newborn can be hard with little sleep, new schedules, and getting to know your precious baby.

Need some help? Oliver's Nannies is here to provide any type of care you may need.

From a few hours to get some rest or even just take a shower, to overnight care, Oliver's Nannies has it all!

During the matching process, nannies are interviewed and questions on their specific infant skills. Everything from age appropriate engagement activities to safety topics such as feedings and safe sleep policies are reviewed!

Take a look at what one of our families had to say about their time using care both overnight and during the day with their newborn daughter:

"Of the myriad of services we tried during a health crisis that blindsided our family, Oliver's Nanny's did more than show up on time, every time. They did so while sending us professionals. they helped my family in a time of major crisis while navigating being first time parents at the same time."

Latest & Greatest Baby Gadgets

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For those parents looking to combine multiple devices, we have just the product for you!

The Hatch Baby Rest works as your child's nightlight and sound machine all in one!

There are so many wonderful features including customizable color, brightness and sound options. Another great feature is the time to rise setting which notifies children when it is time to wake up!

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With all of the cameras and monitors available for your family, it may be overwhelming to know which is best.

For easy accessibility, the Nanit camera allows for parents to watch over their little one right on their phone!

An added bonus? The Nanit also tracks your baby's sleep stats! This camera provides a time lapse of your baby's night.

You can also track their breathing for added peace of mind.

Find yours here!

Food Processor.jpg

If you're looking to prepare your infants food at home without using every pot and pan in the ktichen, the BEABA has you covered! You can blend, steam, reheat and defrost all in one easy to use appliance.

With the large capacity, you can even premake a number of meals for your children at once. Meal prep made easy, which is always a plus!

One other perk? It comes in a variety of color options if you are looking to match your kitchen decor!

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Did you know?

  • A baby is born with 300 bones! The extras fuse together as they grow culminating in the 206 bones we have as adults.
  • There are over 4 million babies born in the US each year!
  • At birth, a baby can instantly recognize the smell and voice of their mother!
  • Most babies in the US are born in the late summer and early fall months, with February being the slowest month for new births!!
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