August News & Updates
Moving the North Country Forward - Business Input Needed !!
Dear Business Leader:
It’s time to plan our path forward. Each region across the state has been asked to prepare a regional economic recovery strategy in which our original plans and strategies are re-calibrated to reflect the new environment in which we find ourselves. We are working with our economic development colleagues across the North Country to analyze where we were, where we are, and where we should be. Then we need to develop a concise, actionable plan to get us back on track.
Your input is critical to this process. To that end, we ask you to complete a very brief survey to share your thoughts on the following questions:
1.     What are the immediate needs (next six months) and intermediate (next calendar year) for your business or industry to adapt to the new criteria required for staying open?
2.     What are the long-term needs (5 year) necessary to help weather future disruptions to the economy, or to fully recover from COVID impacts?
3.     What are specific policies that NYS could consider in order to address complexities related to immediate, intermediate, and long term needs?

Your answers to the above questions may address any number of areas necessary to support a healthy business climate, including: financing programs, technical assistance, transportation infrastructure, broadband accessibility & capacity, workforce development, childcare, etc.